Hello guys, Suikan4ya here and welcome to my guide to the Pool of Tribute Extreme. This fight has a total of three phases so let’s start with the first phase. Start the fight making the boss face away from the group, in our case the boss is facing north, while our group usually stays behind. The first attack that Susano gonna use is a minor Tank Buster, It does around 20 to 30K of damage and has no cast time. The next mechanic is Churning, Susano will mark four player with the churning status, by the time that the mark goes off the player marked with it must not in be doing any kind of the action, just make sure you are still before the mark on your head is about to disappear. If you fail in doing this, the player marked with churning will receive a massive damage and will get one thunder debuff status. Usually it’s not enough to cause a wipe, but better safe than sorry.

The next mechanic is brightstorm Susano will mark one player that will be knocked back and right after a massive AOE will appear on the arena, the only safe place is a small line on the ground between Susanoo and the player that was hit by the red mark. The player who head the red mark will next be marketed with shared damage and must come back to the group before the market goes off or he will die The next attack is Risen Kaikyo followed by churning, Susano will create five pools under five players, the players must leave the area in order to avoid death or damage with another Thunder stack debuff.

Susano will also cast churning in four players again, after those four players leave the pool area, they just have to stay still so that they wont to be hit by the churching. Again if the player with churning status is doing any kind of the action he will one more time we receive high damage and another thunder stack debuff the next part is similar with the brightstorm mechanic, but with a thunder cloud included, the brightstorm part works as the same as before, the difference is that a thundercloud will spawn close to the arena It can appear anywhere around it And it will create a line AOE that will target the same player with the red mark on his head, the best way to complete this mechanic is to have the player with the red mark be knocked back to the right position so that the AoE will not hit the other players in the group for example, if the thundercloud appears on the north or south side make the red marked player position himself on Susano’s right or left side, but if the thundercloud appears on the east or west side make the player stay behind the boss.

This way, your group can avoid be hit by the Thunder AoE and keep progressing the fight. After concluding this part, Susano will enter his second phase. In this phase, a white mark will appear close to the center of the arena and one of the tankers must take it so that if he can defend against Susano’s attack, during this time four energy balls will appear in four different positions, all the four balls will move to the center where the players are and if it hits the player that is not a tanker it will cause high damage and most likely cause his death, what can probably bring the group to a wipe, the way to prevent this is having the offtank take the energy balls before they come close to the group.

The energy balls will always appear in the same sequence, first on the Northeast, then southeast, then Southwest and finally Northwest, remember assign one healer to heal the group and the other healer to heal the offtank that’s being hit by the energy balls. Now the tank who took the first sword strike will have physical defence debuff, because this the tanks will need to swap positions for the second sword strike, after swap positions just do the same thing as before and you’ll be fine to start this phase three. Before phase three starts, Susano will hit the center of the arena causing high damage. Pop up your group defence cooldowns and heal everyone after. The center now has a hole crossing the entire arena, if a player stays inside for too long he will die, but the players can still cross this hole as long as they don’t stay inside for too long, and this hole has an important position for the following mechanics.

Phase 3 starts with a tank buster followed by defense debuff. The tank buster has now a cast time and the tanks will need to pop up their defence cooldowns in order to survive it. The tanks will need to swap positions after the tank Buster, or the tank with the defense debuff will receive high damage for every normal attack from Susano. The next machanic is levinbolt followed by electrocution, Susano will mark a player with thunder, because the arena is wet this player must go to the other side of the arena so that after the thunder, that we will not hit the whole group with electrocution. This mechanic will repeat four times with four different players except the main tank. Now, Susano will use Ukehi, this is a simple AoE damage attack just use your group AoE heals and you should be fine. The next mechanic is another brightstorm with thunder cloud, same thing as before be aware of the position of the thundercloud and position a red mark player in the position needed for it.

Right after Susano will cast another tank buster, so make sure to pop up your defense cooldowns and swap tanks after it. Now Susano will reapeat the Thunder and Ukehi mechanics, just do the same as before and you should be fine. Ukehi reapeats now but this time with three hits instead of two. Just make sure you heal everyone up. In the next mechanic, Susano will imprison one player just as the same as the normal mode, the only difference is that now you have one more prison than before, Susano will also cast a tank buster followed by the same waterpools of the first phase. Avoid the water pools and be prepared to swap tanks. Now, Susano will use the same thunder mechanic as before, the only difference is that the players marked by thunder marks will not be able to move so instead of one player cross the arena, the whole group except by the player with thunder marks must go to the other side of the arena to avoid electrocution.

The next mechanic is another brightstorm but without the Thunderclouds instead you gonna have churning status, to easily pass this part, just have the players with churning status stack in the same line as the red mark player ahead of time so that they will not need to move and just wait for the player with the share damage to come back to them. Right after the share damage, Susano will cast another waterpools, so be ready to move. After another tank buster and one more swap the thunder marks mechanic happens again, same thing as before, move the whole group away from the side of the arena with the player marked now you’re going to find another Ukehi and another watherpools followed by churning status. The only difference is that after the churning status goes off more five waterpools will appear right after. Avoid the water pools, wait for churning status goes off and avoid the waterpools again. And that’s it, from now on the mechanics will basically repeat themselves. congratulations for your kill and I hope this guide was useful and I also hope you guys didn’t mind my horrible accent. Anyway see you next time!!!

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