Final Fantasy XIV: Updated Eureka Armor Guide


Good day, everyone! Having covered Stormblood’s relic weapons this time we’ll be going into greater detail about the armor sets that can be obtained in Eureka. Firstly, we have the Anemos set. An augmented version of the artifact armor that boasts higher item level, five materia slots and most importantly, the ability to receive dyes. A full set consisting of five pieces will require a grand total of 750 Anemos Crystals and an astonishing 3000 Protean Crystals obtained by participating in Notorious Monster FATEs and Gerolt’s crystal exchange, respectively.

In total, you may expect anywhere between 1500 to 2000 Anemos Crystals to be required depending on your luck with the exchange rate. Outside of collecting it for glamour purposes it’s important to mention that the Anemos set is not required to obtain the second, and more popular set the Elemental Armor. Also known as the Pyros set the Elemental Armor becomes accessible once players have discovered at least 50 unique Logos Actions at which point, a full set may be purchased from the Expedition Artisan for 200 Pyros Crystals. You will find a comprehensive list of Logos Actions and their recipes in the video description and should you have difficulty obtaining a particular type keep in mind that Logograms are tradable and may be purchased from the marketboard if you so desire. Upon reaching Hydatos it’s possible to enhance the set by discovering all possible 56 Logos Actions and collecting a modest 190 Hydatos Crystals. The Expedition Artisan will then offer to upgrade the Elemental Armor to +1 raising its item level to 390 and granting it a distinct glow based on the job that wears it which, let’s be honest, is what you’re all here for.

And lastly it’s possible to further enhance the Elemental Armor to +2 by collecting Eurekan Fragments found in the Baldesion Arsenal. Other than gaining elemental bonuses the set remains identical to +1 but should you see yourself spending more time in Eureka you will find this investment to be very much worth the price..

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