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Final Fantasy XIV: Updated Eureka Weapons Guide


Good day, everyone! And welcome to a brand new chapter in the relic saga. this time featuring the Eureka Weapons introduced in Stormblood! The process of obtaining and strengthening your relic weapon in Stormblood takes place in the Forbidden Land of Eureka a massive continent broken into four major regions each ravaged by the elements. It will be up to us to conquer all challenges this untamed land has to offer as we set out to build the most powerful relic yet.

Our journey begins in Eureka Anemos. Here, players will be tasked with participating in Notorious Monster FATEs to collect Anemos Crystals, a local type of currency. By speaking to Gerolt Anemos Crystals can then be exchanged for Protean Crystals the primary material necessary to forge and enhance your relic weapon. A grand total of 1,300 Protean Crystals will be required across all steps an amount players will usually have by the time they reach Lv. 20. For the final step Gerolt will also require Pazuzu Feathers, rewarded for reaching Lv. 19 and participating in the battle against the voidsent Pazuzu. Alternatively it is also possible to obtain these feathers in exchange for crystals by speaking to the Bird Watcher NPC at the main encampment. As we leave Anemos behind we set sail for the icy region of Eureka Pagos. Similarly to Anemos players will be tasked with collecting 500 Pagos Crystals from Notorious Monster FATEs but this is where the formula changes.

Upon reaching Lv. 25 Gerolt will furnish players with an Eurekan Kettle capable of collecting aether from defeated enemies indicated by a gauge in the duty list. The amount of aether collected is directly tied to the experience gained and thus potions of harmony and elemental buffs will further increase aether collection. By visiting the Crystal Forge it is then possible to convert the accumulated aether into Frosted Protean Crystals 31 of which will be necessary across all relic steps. And lastly, Gerolt will also require a handful of Louhi’s Crystals rewarded for participating in the battle against Louhi or exchanged at the Bird Watcher NPC for Pagos Crystals. From ice to fire, we proceed to our next destination Eureka Pyros.

Much like previously players will be tasked with accumulating 650 Pyros Crystals from the many FATEs that populate the scorching region. In addition defeating enemies, completing FATEs and saving Happy Bunnies will occasionally reward players with a new type of crafting material the Logograms. Logograms can be traded between players and come in many different types. Once appraised by Drake they can be utilized at the Manipulator to craft powerful Logos Actions.

Players will be tasked with discovering at least 30 unique Actions before Gerolt enhances our relic any further. Recipes are far too many to list here but you will find a list of resources in the video description. The final step will also require five of Penthesilea’s Flames obtained by participating in the battle against Panthesilea or exchanged at the Bird Watcher NPC for Pyros Crystals. At this point Gerolt will further enhance our Eurekan Kettle to collect aether in this region much like how it behaved in Pagos but this time producing Smoldering Protean Crystals instead. By visiting the workstation at the main encampment these Crystals can then be utilized to enhance our relic with random substats. As this step is technically optional and has the potential to take a significant amount of time we will be moving forward in the interest of raising our relic’s item level but worry not it is possible to return and optimize the substats at a later point. Having conquered all previous regions we arrive at our final destination Eureka Hydatos. Just like before players will be tasked with collecting Hydatos Crystals from Notorious Monster FATEs present across the region.

And finally by reaching Lv. 59 and battling against the Provenance Watcher for his Scales we can upgrade our relic to the highest possible item level of 405. You may now choose to return to Eureka Pyros to enhance your relic’s substats or undertake a new type of challenge by assaulting Eureka’s 56-player dungeon the Baldesion Arsenal. By raiding its coffers it is possible to collect Eurekan Fragments a new type of material utilized to imbue elemental bonuses to your relic increasing your combat efficiency throughout all of Eureka. The Baldesion Arsenal does not take kindly to visitors. Hard work and coordination across multiple parties will be required to overcome this challenge but should you succeed… you will be greatly rewarded!.

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