How to Red Mage ? FFXIV Stormblood RDM Guide


What’s good. It’s Fevir. Today we don the Red Coat.. and go over one of Stormblood’s latest classes, the iconic Red Mage. Job Overview The Red Mage is a fan favorite in Final Fantasy, utilizing both white and black schools ofmagic all while mixing it up with a bit of swordplay. Within Final Fantasy XIV they are reborn as a damage dealing ranged spell caster.. with mechanics and abilities that at least enable the fantasy.. and of course.. the hat. Overall, the Red Mage might be the easiest and most forgiving job released yet- not so much because it is simple to execute- but because the rotation is incredibly intuitive; mistakes don’t hurt too much; and they deal with movement the best of any other caster. Core Mechanics The red mage is defined by 2 separate mechanics. The first is Double Cast. This is a buff that is received after you hard cast any spell that will make the next spell you cast instant. The second mechanic, is the visual element on the interface, the mana gauge. As the Red Mage spells you cast will build up Black and White Mana- indicated by the colored and white bars on this element- and through the choices of spells you cast..

Your task is to maintain a rough balance between the two. The gem at the top of the element will change color to let you know if you fall out of balance.. and if that is the case.. imposes a penalty. This mana is used as a resource to fuel some of your heavy hitting abilities. Single Target Rotation We’re going to tackle how to play a Red Mage in steps. This is because at the very core of this class is balancing mana; understand that it will sound much more complicated than in practice.

For this reason.. we’ll break off the abilities into sets. First, we’ll deal with our main mana builders. Jolt, VerAero and VerThunder. These are all direct damage spells, that respectively generate a small amount of both white and black mana, a medium amount of white mana and a medium amount of black mana. VerAero and VerThunder both have very long cast times and should almost never be hard casted. In fact.. being a Red Mage is largely about weaving other spells to earn the Double Cast in order to get off VerAero and VerThunder instantly. If these were your only abilities.. your rotation would look like.. Jolt.. into either VerAero or VerThunder. Jolt.. into either VerAero or VerThunder.. repeat. Of course.. keep in mind you are looking to balance mana.. so you would flip flop between which Ver spell you cast. Spells with the tag Ver- are decision making spells- where you choo se..

Generally, the spell to generate mana of the type you have the least of to keep your mana balanced. But- the Red Mage obviously has more than 3 spells. We’ll expand here with another 3 abilities. Impact, VerStone and VerFire. Which similar to before, are direct damage spells, that respectively generate a small amount of both white and black mana, a medium amount of white mana and a medium amount of black mana. I like to arrange these spells on my bar as a second tier above the first spells.. as it gives a visual representation of the upcoming priority system. The quirk with these spells.. is that they are greyed out and not castable unless a buff.. a proc.. is triggered from one of the first 3 spells we had mentioned.. tied to same school of magic. So Jolt procs Impact, VerAero procs VerStone.. and VerThunder procs VerFire.

Jolts proc happens 100% of the time.. but the Ver Procs only happen 50% of the time. The way these spells figure into the rotation- is they directly replace Jolt.. as the spell used to generate Double Cast. With a priority given to the Ver procs over Impact. So.. in practice. Cast Jolt.. this procs both Impact and Double Cast. Use Double Cast on say.. VerAero. If VerAero procs it’s 50% to activate VerStone.. you use that, otherwise you use Impact.. which procs Double Cast.. where you would then cast VerThunder. When casting VerThunder.. if that procs it’s 50% to active VerFire.. you use that.. and repeat.. on and on. Keeping in mind that you are trying to maintain balance of your mana… and as a proc based class- you don’t want to waste procs.

Luckily the duration of these are 30 seconds.. but you don’t want to cast abilities that can give you a proc that you already have.. if that makes sense. The final piece.. are our mana spenders. This is where the swordplay comes in. We have 3 moves- usable only in melee range.. Riposte, Zerchhau and Redoublement that should only be used as a set.. and as a set cost 80 of both mana. What makes this slightly more dynamic is you have a choice of finisher- VerHoly of VerFlare. One aspected to white mana; the other to black mana.. where you can cast either after your melee combo.. but there is a right choice based on your mana balance. If your white mana is higher you cast VerFlare if Black Mana is higher, VerHoly. Choosing the right one will cause it’s ability to generate a proc to bump from 20% to 100%. What this means in general is that you want to maintain a rough balance of mana.

You want it close.. but not even.. and also you don’t want to let your mana to cap at 100/100 else it gets forced into balance. You also have a number of oGCDs and Cooldowns.. listed on the screen now.. use these.. on cooldown. We’ll go over them in a bit. So.. build mana up to 80, spend it… repeat. Multi Target Rotation. The AoE rotation for a Red Mage is less dynamic. For enemy packs of 3 or larger- we have a spell Scatter which becomes our go-to. This generates a small amount of both types of mana.. and we spam it over and over. We also have an Aoe centric Spender Moulinet.. which costs 30 of each mana type to be worth using.. so you spam scatter and Moulinet to prevent capping. It’s worth noting that at exactly 3 enemies.. you could instead weave casted Scatters.. with Dual casted VerAeros or VerThunders. Minor increase in mana generation.. and possibly optimal if there is an enemy with a much larger health pool. The difference is neglible though. oGCDs & Cooldowns The Red Mage comes equipped with quite a few tricks.

Among the most boring are Fleche and Contre Sixte.. with both do damage- one geared to single target the other AoE. Both can just be used as they come up. A word of advice.. is to use these off the GCD abilities.. after you instant cast a spell.. so that the animation doesn’t delay your rotation at all. Red Mages also have two mobility skills that are off the GCD, Corps-a-Corps and Displacement. One charges in and deals damage, and one hops backs and deals damage. You’ll see a lot of Red Mages use this to go from range to melee to use their combo than hop back out.

I find that because we can move freely after every Double Cast for 2 and half seconds.. that positioning.. isn’t really a struggle for us.. so as you get comfortable.. transition these to just be damage spells.. or earmark them for specific fight mechanics. Our remaining tricks are cooldowns. We have embolden which is a personal and group damage buff.. magic to us, physical for others. For us.. we want to cast it mid-way through our melee combo so that it impacts our heaviest hitting abilities.. in a group.. you may want to coordiniate for their DPS timings. Manafication.. doubles our current Black and White mana and also refreshes our 2 mobility skills. As you can do simple math.. this means optimally you want to use this between 40-50 mana and with your mobility skills on cooldown.. and finally Acceleration. Acceleration causes the next 50% Ver proc.. to be 100%. This gives some forced stability and with a short cooldown should just be used whenever it’s up. Role Actions & Utility Outside of the benefits of the group damage buff Embolden..

Red Mages are another DPS class that has access to Raise. This is incredibly potent for a Red Mage as we can use our innate Double Cast in order to use it instantly.. and it feels good to singlehandedly stabilize an almost wipe in a dungeon. On top of this, we have access to VerCure- which allows us to pump out a reasonable amount of healing if shit hits the fan. Through Role Actions, I only consider 3 to be mandatory. Lucid Dreaming.. which largely we use only for the MP regeneration. We tend not to have many MP problems unless we Raise and Cure through a fight.. which leads into our second Role Action… Mana Shift. If we aren’t going to use that Mana.. I’m sure a healer or someone else would love it.. and third.. Diversion. Red Mages require a bit of restraight when it comes to agro.. as you front load so much damage. In about a 2 second cast.. that deals 240 or 270 potency.. you follow it up instantly with a 300 potency spell and then a 300 or 420, sometimes both, off the GCD spell..

Leading to around 1000 potency all at once.. Diversion will keep your tank happen.. and you alive. Swiftcast.. has it’s place, but because of Double Cast has a bit of a reduced value. It can be helpful for movement.. or fishing for a specific pro.. or to balance mana quickly if you goof. Opener The opener can be influenced by procs.. and I’ll label a specific Ver Spell.. but know they are interchangable Acceleration and a pre-casted VerThunder > VerAero > Fleche & Contre Sixte > VerFire > Corps-a-Corps > VerStone or Impact > Displacement > Proc or Jolt > VerThunder/VerAero to balance > Manafication > Corps-a-Corps > Melee Combo (Potion, Embolden, Displacement) VerFinisher.

. . . And with that.. this long winded guide is complete. Until next time… this is Fevir. Peace..

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