Matoya’s Relict Dungeon Guide – FFXIV


Hi everyone welcome to the visual guide for matoya’s relict. This is the newest dungeon, made available by the main scenario questline and final fantasy xiv, futures rewritten. Overcoming this dungeon may feel like a peat of strength as they surely didn’t water down any of the new mechanics. Luckily, for you, this guide will keep your head out of the clouds and help you bring home the bacon. My name is misstek and i’ll be your dungeon guide. The structure of this dungeon is quite different from what you may be used to, and players will be teleporting to specific areas to handle what each froggy requires of them. In this first area, the group will face off against a number of earthy mobs be sure to dodge aoes as necessary, killing each group until you reach the first boss.

The aptly named mudman hard rock, will hit the primary target for high damage, be sure to cool down and heal as necessary. Petrified pete will spawn four circles around the room that should be avoided. These will leave behind puddles and form a peat ball inside of them. When the boss casts pete pelt, all players will be tethered to each peat ball, which will soon quickly roll in their direction dealing damage based on proximity on the outer rim of the arena. You’Ll notice form to handle all of this. Each player will need to move in front of a sinkhole and force their tethered. Peat balls to roll through them and land inside of the sinkhole doing so will cause the balls to disappear and the tethers to break. If you do this incorrectly or at the wrong angle, the ball will continue rolling into you dealing massive damage until you die or you sink it. Brittle breccia has the boss turning towards a random player and casting a sequential aoe cone in that direction. Players will have to dodge each section as it grows. Stone age will deal high group wide damage, shield and heal as necessary for the next round of peep balls you’ll notice, some of the sinkholes are blocked by mud men.

Should you lead your people to these? Instead? They’Ll, throw the ball with excess force towards the tethered player, as such players will need to be extra careful when positioning their peat balls to sink into the proper holes. Lastly, falling rock will target a random player with the stack up marker huddle up together to share that damage. These mechanics will repeat until the mud man dries out in the next area of the dungeon, we’re faced with aquatic dangers outside of the same old aoe attacks to dodge there’s, nothing too fishy going on here, so take the time to enjoy the cool layout of this Part, the second boss is nixie crash smash will cause four icicles to spawn around the platform and tether to the primary target before hitting them with crack. This will also deal damage to anyone standing in line with the tethers, and since you can’t seem to pull them off the tank, it’s best to avoid excess damage and move away up next shower power will activate three of the four pipes on one side of the Arena players will need to quickly identify which one isn’t lit up and move into that lane to avoid the incoming deluge. Eventually, the boss will leap away and form a cloud platform above the arena.

A number of unfinished nixies will spawn up there and begin to cast singing in the rain. A number of water spouts will also form on the platform below that players will be able to use to get knocked up onto the cloud platform once there. They can quickly. Destroy each unfinished nixie before their casts, go off the platform below will explode and then players will be returned to the ground during the next shower power. Players will also need to spread out some aoe circle attacks within the safe lane. These aoe circles will now overlap with the mechanics you’ve seen so far make sure to spread these apart. Players will also need to watch for these water spouts they’re much wider than their initial appearance when they explode so give them space.

All of these mechanics will repeat until the boss is down. The third section of the dungeon is probably the coolest looking area in the entire game. Players will deal with fiery mobs this time, make sure you dodge all of the aoes kill the big guy and get ready for the final encounter. Tenderloin will deal high group wide damage, shield and heal through this, as necessary. Huff and puff will knock back all players in the direction of the arrows you’ll notice. A safe spot form on the platform and players can use the knockback to their advantage here, as the room-wide donut attack goes off immediately after the knockback meet mallet will target a side of the platform, and the boss will soon leap to this marker and deal proximity Based damage move away from this area at this point, barbecue will create a death stone directly in front of the boss and she’ll start sucking all players towards it.

A number of aoe attacks will also target the platform during this time to handle all of this players. Should start on the opposite wall to porcy, so they’ll have plenty of room to dodge aoes as the suck zone increases in intensity. Anyone caught in the barbecue zone at the end of all of this will immediately die so be very careful. Minced meat will target the primary target for high damage, use, cooldowns and heal through it as necessary. Eventually, the boss will disappear and a cave sprite will spawn. This sprite must be destroyed before the boss’s magic gauge is charged to full. When the sprite dies.

All players will be knocked up and you’ll be able to see porksy casting a knockback in the air identify which direction the knockback is coming from and then use it to your advantage to avoid the roomwide donut attack, open flame will target all players with circle aoes That should not be overlapped at this point. All of these mechanics will repeat until the boss is down. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know up next we’ll head into eden’s promise, as always thanks for watching till next time.

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