Good day everyone, and welcome to Sigmascape V(Savage). The first high-end instance of the new Omega raid …featuring The Phantom Train! This encounter follows a strict timeline of mechanics with many of the Phantom Train’s abilities being combined in different ways and repeating over the course of the fight. Upon engaging it’s important to note that the main tank will become chained with Connectivity a persistent mechanic that deals more damage the farther away they are. Shortly after the Phantom Train will encumber players by limiting the space available on the platform with stationary ghost boxes just like in Normal mode. In Savage mode, however, these will not be removed automatically. Instead, players must carefully place their Saintly Beams near the ghosts to eliminate them. It is recommended to remove any boxes that spawn within melee range. However, any others should be left standing as they will be required to clear subsequent mechanics. Diabolic Whistle is a ghost-summoning mechanic with three different variations. Let’s go over them in order of appearance.

Firstly, we have the knockback where a singular ghost will attempt to push the party out of the platform after a brief delay. Any players without knockback prevention such as Surecast and Arm’s Length must make use of the remaining ghost boxes to avoid being pushed out. Secondly, we have the ghost march. A returning mechanic from Normal mode where slow moving ghosts will cross the platform from both sides.

And lastly, we have the tether variation. Another returning mechanic where players must kite their ghosts and eliminate them with Saintly Beam. The main tank should always keep an eye out for Doom Strike a single-target magical tankbuster that must be mitigated accordingly. During Head On, the Phantom Train will prepare to ram the platform knocking back and dealing damage to players based on proximity. This mechanic is often combined with Diabolic Wind where each marked player should claim a different corner to avoid overlapping damage following the knockback. The main tank, however must remain within reasonable proximity due to the Connectivity mechanic and compensate with a strong cooldown. Acid Rain is a party-wide attack that deals moderate damage but is particularly dangerous as it often occurs after Head On and has the potential to finish off low health players. Diabolic Headlamp is another returning mechanic. In Savage mode, however this attack must be shared at, or near the center of the arena as it is accompanied by a strong knockback.

And lastly, we also have Diabolic Light. A delayed proximity marker that targets two players normally the main tank and a healer. This serves as a tank swap mechanic as the main tank will not be able to drop his proximity marker at the back of the platform while they are chained with Connectivity. Nearing the mark players will enter the transition phase which remains largely similar to Normal mode except for the ghost march. Here, each player must claim a ghost according to their job role. Starting with tanks and healers on the large and small ghosts of the first wave respectively followed by DPS on the remaining ghosts of the second wave. While inside tanks will be tasked with surviving a hard-hitting tank buster healers must dispel and heal themselves and DPS must kill their ghosts before they enrage. Upon returning the Phantom Train will repeat all previous mechanics albeit in different combinations with some being more troublesome than others. Among them we have the knockback variation of Diabolic Whistle into Diabolic Headlamp.

As before players must position themselves to avoid being pushed off the arena but also quickly converge in the center afterwards to withstand the second knockback that follows. Lastly it’s important to manage any excess ghost boxes on the platform as the lack of space can be problematic when certain mechanics are executed especially during the more chaotic final portion of the fight. .

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