Hello tanksters, Stark here and I’m here to show you how to tank Alexander, The Arm of father. This is the third raid in the Alexander series, also known as A3. This raid opens with a school of walking fish and sea shells, out of all things. Then again, considering what the main boss is, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more appropriate welcome to this raid. Anyway, you know the drill, drag the lot to the end and burn them all down. The main boss of this place is what happens when aqua man pumps down way more blue ice vodka than he can handle. Yet, unlike the drunken boxer wanna-be down the club, this watery fella carries a serious punch. This fight is broken up into four phases and on each of these, Mr. Bubbles here will mighty morph into a new form and use completely different mechanics. The first three phases will repeat until you kick him hard enough to push him into the fourth phase. In the first phase, Mr. Bubbles will retain his Rocky Balboa form. This form is straightforward to tank, just keep him facing away from the party to contain its cleave attack and let your teamsters do their thing.

There are two party mechanics to look out for in case you’re off-tanking. Protean Wave is a conal AoE in multiple directions, just move out of the way as it pops. Sluice marks 4 players for instant AoE splash damage and also drops further AoEs circles where they stand. Spread out to mitigate splash damage to the party. On the second phase, Mr. Bubbles turns into Mr. Slippery Hand. As main tank, again, keep it facing away from the party to contain its cleave attack. As off-tank pay attention to when Mr. Slippery splits in two. Immediately grab the new hand and likelywise keep it facing away from the party to contain its cleave attack.

On the third phase, the slippery jazz duo turns into a litteral poop-storm, for lack of a better PG rated word. In this phase, both tanks have to hold their own weight. The tank mechanic in his form relates to the teathers that attach to random players. Grab these asap and move away from the party as they deal a ridiculous amount of splash damage and will tend to kill anyone who’s not a tank. You also have to deal with the polarity mechanic. Two random players will get a mark with a plus or minus and an electrical looking tether between them.

Unless you skipped early science class to play Final Fantasy VII, you’ll know that different charges attract each other while equal charges repel away. Therefore, check both yours and your partners signs. If they are the same, stack together near the boss. If they are different, move away from each other. After a couple of seconds, the teathers will either knock you back or pull you in and you don’t want to end up outside the arena.

Now if you’re not busy with anything else, by all means help your team clear all the poop coming out of that storm. Each add that makes it onto the edge will go boom and deal heavy raid damage, not to mention a ridiculous cleaning bill. After sometime of poop storming, the boss will revert to his rocky balboa form and cycle the previous phases until he has roughly a third hp left. At this point he’ll go into his rambo form, which is kind of a really pissed off rocky balboa form.

In addition to a mix of previous mechanics, he opens the phase with three AoE water puddles you want to stay away from. At this point you want to focus on evaporating this fellow as fast as possible. He does have a hard enrage and if you’ve seen all the rambo movies, you just know you don’t want to be the guy flicking that switch. And that’s it for Alexander The Arm of the Father. Thank you for watching and feel free to thumbs up if you found this useful. Next, you’ll be Mandervilling with the Manipulator in Alexander the Burden of the Father. Until the next, happy tanking and see you next time. .

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