Hey guys, Stark here and this is the Survival Guide for Alexander: The Arm of the Son. This is the seventh raid in the Alexander series, also known as A7. This one is my definite favourite up to now, as there are tons of fun stuff for everyone to do. Not to mention one badass cute kitten, who turns into the very bane of your life. And who can resist that? Anyway, the fight takes place in a spiked arena and holds several surprises for you. Whatever you do, stay away from the spikes, as they apply vulnerability and bleeding debuffs on you, making you take even more damage from everything else.

This raid is one long phase against the gobbie equivalent of Socrates on a spider battle tank with many escalating mechanics as you go on. Start by electing who will main and off-tank as tank jobs matter a bit in this raid. Of all three tank jobs, the Paladin is the best suited for off-tanking on this one. And that’s because of both its on global cooldown Stun ability and its Cover ability. These make it far easier to handle some mechanics later in the raid. Once you decide that, as main tank, pull the boss onto the edge of the circular platform, just before the spikes and face it away from the party. Let’s look at all recurring mechanics. Sizzlebeam marks a player with a blue arrow and then shoots a heavy laser at them along with everyone on the way. If you have the arrow, move to the side of the boss so you avoid hitting other players.

The boss frequently targets players for some very large hammer of doom AoEs. If you see them on you, try to evade them away from the party, so less players need to move around. Sizzlespark deals heavy damage on the entire party. Uplander Doom is the important one for tanks. This stacks vulnerability debuffs on the main tank while continuously dealing heavy damage. If the main tank is having trouble, as off-tank, you can provoke the boss off at three stacks to share the pain of this attack. However, if you’re off-tanking as Paladin, you can be a nice guy, and use Cover on the main tank to redirect the stacks to you, along with Sentinel or Hallowed Ground. This avoids a surprise swap and reduces stress on healers. You’ve now seen all the common mechanics, so it’s time for the special ones. First, we have cage fights! At several points, evil gobbie Socrates will charge Zoomdoom and mark a player with prey. He will then fly off to pick that player up, along with anyone around him and will then drop them in one of the cages on the corners of the arena.

Each of these pose a specific challenge, which either you or the party must overcome in a different way. The fist pick up targets a DPS player and drops him on a red cage. If you are him, stay still and don’t do anything at all or you will die fast. Instead, the remaining DPS players must destroy the padlock on the cage to free you. The second pick up targets another DPS player and drops him on a purple cage. Here, you must kill an Alarum before it finishes casting. Otherwise you will die, and the Alarum will happily come out to join the party. The third pick up targets the off-tank and drops him on a cold white cage. You need to stay in the center so you don’t freeze your behind and kill the add. The add will knock you back so stay in the center as much you can. Finally, the fourth pick up targets a healer.

You must look for the poison gas gush and stand on it until the cage opens. Now, above all, make sure you don’t get picked up along with someone else. The number of adds and mechanics increase with the number of players in the cage, so you may not have time to escape before you die. Now while that fast thinker on a tank is busy caging players, two Panzer Dolls and one Sturm Doll will spawn in the arena. Burn these down as fast as possible. The Sturm Doll has a very nasty cast, called Kugelblitz, or however you pronounce this in gobbie. As tank, make sure you stun it as soon as you see it, or your party will pay the price and your healers will facepalm. The second special mechanic is when Shanoa, the cutest cat from hell you will ever see, graces you with its presence. The spikes on the arena will also lower now, so you’re free to move about. As off-tank, and especially if you’re running as Paladin, keep a constant eye on this kitten.

He will run a couple of times around the arena and spawn the most hellish of all raid attacks ever conceived. A very pink and very cute True Heart of Doom that races to the boss. Don’t let it fool you though, this is the bane of your life. Stun it as soon as you can, and burn it down as fast as possible. If you’re off-tanking as Paladin, keep it stun-locked for as long as you can. If this cute heart from hell reaches the boss, it will power him up and make him go wild on the party.

You may survive one heart but it’s very likely you will wipe on the next ones. Next, come the big-arse cannon balls of gobbie doom. These huge hunks of round metal will roll through the arena, dealing heavy damage on whoever is suicidal enough to stay in their path. The last mechanic you need to deal with are the doom bombs of uplander boom. These tether to multiple players and inflict heavy damage when they go off. You need to spread these around, so if you’ve got one, run to one of the corners in the arena.

Make sure you go to the far end as you don’t want to be on the spikes when the bombs go off. And there you go, you’ve now seen everything. Mechanics repeat until one of you wins, most likely the cat. As you can see, it’s loads of fun. Go crazy in a cage, chase the cat, escape the cannon balls and all the other nonsense, there’s plenty of fun here for whole family. And that’s it for Alexander Ultimate Cage Fight. Thanks for watching and feel free to leave a like if you found this useful. Next, you will meet the Combatigobbies’ bruising boss in Alexander The Burden of the Son. See you next time. .

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