Hi guys, Stark here and this is the Survival Guide for Alexander the Burden of the Son. This is the eight raid in the Alexander series, also known as A8. This raid pits you yet again against the Combatigobbies in several different forms. As such, this raid is tons of fun as you must deal with a ton of different mechanics at the same time. The raid starts with Onslaughter, totally nothing to do with the Transformer’s Onslaught. This is the combatigobbie’s boss man, a toy manipulator boasting several mechanics to deal with. You can tank this fellow right where it is, not need to move it about. The boss opens with Mega Beam, a flashy column AoE targeting a player. The boss locks position after targeting, so everyone can safely move out of the way before it fires. Then comes Perpetual Ray, a multi-step tank buster. This starts by applying a vulnerability debuff on the main tank, following up with several heavy hits.

An overgeared tank can survive this on his own with some self-heals. However, it’s best for the off-tank to provoke the boss right after the debuff lands and before the follow up hits. Swapping like this reduces healer pressure overall and makes everyone happy. Execution summons four steam regulator orbs around the arena. DPSers must burn these quickly before they un-regulate your party with severe debuffs. Discoid summons several glowing spheres of doom that tether to players and follow them around. If these spheres hit their target player, not even 911 will save them. You handle this by running away from you own glowing sphere of doom while running into other player’s spheres for some light damage instead. In addition to all these skills, the boss does have the usual random AoEs on everyone. You know the drill, dodge the lot as you go, after a while you will see them all coming.

After you defeat Onslaughter, you get a surprise visit from the Combatigobbie gang. These come in two pairs and repeat their own trademark mechanics until you defeat them. You have done A6 by now, so you know the drill. First, Brawler and Vortexer show up to spoil your noodles. Tank these two where they are, one tank on each. You don’t need to bring them over, though some players like to do that. As before, Brawler uses his single and double hand death punch on the tank. And as before, turn this fellow to the party when he goes for a double death punch attack. Because of this, it’s best if the whole party focuses on Brawler first, while stacking behind his back, just like on A6. As far as I’ve seen, this is where everyone always messes up, but keep on it and you’ll get it right. In the meantime, Vortexer goes on his routine of knockbacks and puddles of lava and ice.

Drop these puddles away from the party and the gobbies as best you can. Both tanks may need to relocate their gobbies, depending on where those puddles land and how many players right out ignore them. When you defeat Brawler and Vortexer, Swindler and Blaster come to their help. As before, you know the routine. Swindler runs its funky height attack along with its red and purple debuffs. This is the same as A6. If you get a purple debuff, move to a low panel. If you get a red debuff, move to a high panel. Swindler also targets a player with the annoying white orbs, and as before, the same number of people must stay inside the white circle to cancel the AoE. You know by now that Swindler comes very high on the annoyance scale so destroy this fellow first with a vengeance. In the meantime, Blaster goes on with his mirage and bomb drop.

You know the drill too, drop the mirages where people can see them and avoid the bombs. Now what if I tell you, this was all a warm-up? That’s right, once you finish off all combatigobbies, the actual fight begins. Enter Brute Justice, totally not related to Bruticus at all. No sir-eee. Now this fight is on a hard enrage timer, so DPSers, do optimise and try not to die too often. Above all, avoid getting in front of the boss as pretty much everything he does is a cleave attack. Brutie here runs over a very stable routine of mechanics, one after the other, as far as I’ve seen. And as far I’ve seen, you will die over and over unless you pay some attention here. Let’s go over all mechanics one by one. Double Rocket Punch is a heavy yet shareable tank buster. However, do not share this with the party. It’s best for the off-tank to come around and stack with the main-tank to share the pain of this one. Remember, you don’t want the boss facing the party at any time. Brutie then sends out two volleys of rockets to both the main tank and someone else on the party.

He immediately follows this up with a massive flamethrower attack on the tank and targets a player with a stack marker for another volley. Organized parties tend to rotate around Brutie in the same direction at the same time to both evade the AoEs and the flamethrower and stay together for the stack attack. Random parties tend to just die often as you can see. Healers, keep you MP up, you are going to need it for a lot of rezzing. The boss then turns to the party for Apocalyptic Ray, a sustained column AoE. Wherever you are, get behind the boss or prepare to get a ton of vulnerability stacks on you. Super Jump then targets a player for a stomp attack.

It targets whoever is farther away from the boss when he starts casting, but chances are you won’t notice who this is, even if it’s you. Therefore, the safer option is for everyone to spread out around the arena to minimize any splash damage. The boss does have other instant party-wide attacks, just heal through these accordingly. At different points, Brutie will fly off and crash down in the center of the arena.

Move away from the center to reduce damage taken from this. Afterwards, he will split up back into the combatigobbies, which will run their routines on you, one after the other. You cannot target them while they do this, so you must pay attention and handle every single mechanic as it comes. First, come Blaster and Vortexer, dropping lava puddles and bombs on the arena. Evade these until Brawler jumps in then get in front of him to share his Double Cannon attack. Then Swindler and Onslaugher come into the fray, with Swindler running his height panel routine while Onslaughter charges up his Mega Beam.

You know what to do so do it well. If you survive this onslaught, the combatigobbies merge again into Brutie and the fight continues. All mechanics repeat until either of you wins, most likely the enrage timer. And that’s it for Alexander, Defender of the Universe. Not even Voltron can hold a candle to this one. Next, you will be doing the manderville on a floating castle in Sohr Khai. Thanks for watching and see you next time. .

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