Hey guys, Stark here and this is the survival guide for Alexander The Cuff of the Son. This is the sixth raid in the Alexander series, also known as A6. This raid is a gauntlet against four gobbie Combaticons, each with their own distinct set of skills. It is also a training ground for you to survive A8 later in the series, but I won’t spoil that just yet. The first boss is totally not Blast Off, the selfish bot. Tank this one at the edge of the arena, to make mechanics easier to deal with. There are only two mechanics for this one. First, Blaster spawns mines randomly around the arena. Avoid these at all costs. As tank, pull Blaster around the edge if you need to make room for your team. Second, Blaster marks some players and then spawns blue shadows of himself on them, dealing splash damage along with it. These then rush in the direction they are facing. To deal with this, try to drop these at the other end of the arena, but still spread out a bit to avoid any splash damage on the drop.

This makes it easier for other players to see all the shadows at once. The second Boss is totally not Brawl, the violent bot. As tank, keep this fellow facing away from the party. As everyone else, stack behind him to deal better with mechanics. The main mechanic here relates to Brawl’s different attacks. You need to pay attention to his form when he charges an attack and react accordingly. When Brawl shows a drill in one arm, he targets a random player for splash damage. He does not mark the player very obviously, so it’s better for everyone to spread out to mitigate damage.

Stack up again immediately after this attack. A laser canon in one arm means a weak tank buster is incoming. As tank, pop a cooldown and eat this one up. Laser canons on both arms, means lethal damage incoming. As tank, immediately turn Brawler towards your party to share the damage with everyone. This attack is why everyone needs to stack behind Brawler unless you’re evading a drill. In addition to these attacks, Brawler will keep stacking a vulnerability debuff on the current main tank. Tanks must swap after three or four stacks to keep incoming damage under control and let the stacks cool off. However, if you are running this very over-geared you may survive more stacks. The third boss is totally not Swindle, the con bot. Again, there are two mechanics to deal with here in alternate fashion. First, Swindle puts a height vulnerability debuff on everyone. This is either a high debuff with a purple icon or a low debuff with a red icon. At the same time, the panels on the floor either raise up or lower down. The debuff makes you vulnerable to a follow-up attack if you are on the same elevation it says.

Therefore, if you have the high purple debuff, move to a lowered panel straight away. Likewise, if you have a low red debuff, move to a high panel. If you don’t do this, Swindle will hit you with a massive amount of damage and stack a vulnerability debuff to boot. He then follows up with a heavy AoE just to check if you were paying attention. After this he targets a random player with an orb marker, which deals heavy damage a few seconds later. To avoid this, look at the number of orbs on top of the player. The same number of players need to be inside the circle to cancel this attack. Tanks don’t need to swap on this one, but if the main tank messes up the panel mechanic, the off-tank can take over to reduce incoming damage. Finally, the fourth boss is totally not Vortex, the unhinged bot. Tank this boss at the edge of the arena to deal with his constant knockbacks. This boss has several recurring mechanics that everyone needs to pay attention to. First, the boss puts a blue marker on a player and then spawns some lava puddles on the arena.

As main tank, pull the boss around the edge if your team needs some space. He regularly knocks back everyone, so make sure you don’t have your back facing a puddle. He then targets several players for an icy splash damage attack. The trick here is for at least one player to overlap with the water gush in order to freeze the water. This new ice pillar is the only protection you have against Ultra Flash, an insta-kill line of sight attack. As soon as you see this, run behind the ice pillar until the attack goes off. It is a very quick cast. Tanks, you will notice Vortexer also stacks vulnerability debuffs as the fight goes on. You therefore need to tank swap at two or three stacks, perhaps more if you’re very over-geared. Mechanics repeat until either of you wins. And that’s it for Alexander Combatigobbies. Totally nothing to do with the Transformers, of course. Anyway, thanks for watching and feel free to leave a like if you found this useful. Next, it’s time for a gobbie free-for-all battle to the death in Alexander Ultimate Cage Fight. See you next time.


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