Hello tanksters, Stark here and this is the guide for Alexander The Eyes of the Creator Normal Mode. This is the ninth raid in the Alexander series, also known as A9. The intro of this raid pits you against Faust Z, yet another Faust gob whose whole task is to see if you’re ready for the incoming fight. His cleave hits like a ton of bricks but you can split it on both tanks like you see here.

You can also have one over geared tank soaking everything with cooldowns while the other helps burn him down. Once you smash this fella’s helmet into his own spike, you get to fight the actual Boss, Refurbisher 0. Now the whole point of this raid is to not let the Refurbisher rebuild his own body. During different phases, various inactive adds will spawn around the arena. If you don’t do anything about them, the refurbisher will then suck these in and use them to rebuilt itself. If he rebuilds all his body parts, he will hit everyone even harder than Faust Z back there, and you will probably wipe. Now let’s get back to the beginning and look at how to handle this fight one step at a time. If you’re main tanking, you’ve got the easiest job in this fight. Keep still on the south-west side, wake the boss up, keep enmity on him and keep from falling asleep.

That’s most of it for you. Now if you’re off-tanking, you have some work ahead of you. Stockpile is the first ability the boss uses and you will see this one often afterwards. This picks up all the adds lying about and absorbs them into the main body. The boss uses the first set to rebuild his right arm and start battling you. Immediately afterwards, several inactive adds spawn again, as well as two generators. One of the square platforms also starts glowing and will burn any player or add on it after a few seconds. The boss eventually uses stockpile again to absorb these junk adds and grow stronger. The way to deal with this then, is for the off-tank to pick one generator up and drop it on the adds which are not on the glowing platform. Avoid getting in front of the boss while you do this as any hit will make you drop the generator. You only need one generator for all the adds, just make sure you drop right in the middle of all of them. The adds then wake up and tether to whoever woke them up, so bring them over asap to the glowing platform.

DPSers can then burn these down as fast as possible. Note that you don’t need to wake up any adds already on a glowing platform. These will burn up just fine once the platform fills up with lava. Also note that if the adds get burned before dying, they will explode, and severely damage and debuff the entire party. After the first set of adds, the boss marks a couple of players for a scrap pile drop. These don’t hurt anything but they do protect you against Scrap Burst afterwards.

Drop them near the boss and close to each other so other players can take cover as well. Note that, as main tank, you get your own drop, so there’s no need to move. After this, you have another set of adds to deal with. Again, you only need one generator, and make sure you drop it in the middle of all the adds. Then drag them to glowing platform again and burn them down. A second scrap burst comes immediately after this so remember to take cover. Afterwards the boss uses Scrapline. This is a 270 degrees AoE with a safe spot at the back.

As main tank, you can take this to the face with some cooldowns just fine. As anyone else, stay behind the boss to evade it. Immediately after Scrapline, a full-metal Faust meteor drops in the north-east platform where most players tend to be. This Faust then tethers to the boss and grants him extremely high resistance to damage. The north-east platform also starts glowing for a lava burn.

At this point, everyone must run to the south-east corner where the main tank is. This is to bait Faust away from the glowing platform. If this Faust gets burned before you kill him, he explodes for massive damage and you wipe right there. As off-tank, keep him facing away from the party and pull him out of any glowing platform until the party kills him. From here onwards, mechanics will repeat, but with more glowing platforms and spawning adds. As main tank, rotate the boss around as needed so there is always a safe spot behind him. You don’t want Scrapline hitting the party without them having anywhere to take cover. That’s it for Alexander the Eyes of the Creator. Thanks for watching and let me know if you have any questions in the comments below. Next, it’s time to play catch with a trap-loving gobbie in Alexander the Breath of the Creator.

See you next time. .

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