Stark’s Alexander The Fist of the Father Tanking Guide // Final Fantasy XIV


Hello tanksters, I’m Stark and I’m here to show you how to tank Alexander The Fist of the Father. This is the fist raid of the Alexander series, also known as A1. This one is very straightforward to tank and depending on how overgeared your party is you can blaze through it in one go. The raid opening pits you against Faust, a mini boss who somehow thinks he stands a chance against the lot of you. As main tank, just keep him on you and let the party do their work.

As off-tank you can choose to pick up the adds that spawn out of hiegene sake and bring them over for AoE. But depending on how overgeared your main tank is, he may just grab the lot altogether. The actual boss is the big and mighty Oppressor but don’t let the name fool you, as he’s quite the pushover.

As main tank keep this fella on the north side of the arena, facing away from the party. He’ll throw various AoEs to distract you, just manderville around them and hold your ground. Now there are some funky mechanics going on with the falling bombs but as tank you don’t have to worry about them. About a minute and a half into the fight, you will hear an alarm sound and a second Oppressor 0.5 will come into the room. As main tank you can either let the off-tank take the main oppressor from you while you take on the new oppressor. Or, you can drag your oppressor to the north side while the off-tank provokes the second oppressor. Either way you do it, make sure you end up with the oppressors split between the north side and the south side. Also, remember which oppressor you’re tanking as you will need to retarget them throughout the fight. Several times during the fight, both oppressors will stop and bugger off upwards.

At this point, stack up in the center of the arena and lookout for the big AoE telegraphs. Then move to the edge farther away from the AoEs. After the oppressors come crashing down, head over to yours, retarget and get back to where you were before. Now the whole point of this fight is kill both oppressors with only a few seconds between kills. So you see your Oppressor keeping more or less health that other, help your party by balancing your own attacks accordingly. Anyway, all these mechanics will repeat until either of you wins.

And that’s it for Alexander the Fist of the Father. Thanks for watching and feel free to leave a like if you found this useful. Next you’ll be kicking even more gobbie bottom in Alexander the Cuff of the Father. Until then, happy tanking and see you next time..

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