Hey guys, Stark here and this is the survival guide for Alexander the Fist of the Son. This is the fifth raid in the Alexander series, also known as A5. This one is quite easy overall with only a few repeating mechanics. The raid intro starts with not one but two Fausts at the same time, one for each tank. This phase is a straight on DPS check just to see if you’re paying attention. You need to wipe the floor with them before one mean Big Daddy escapes from Rapture to spoil your soup. If you don’t, well, I’ll let you see what happens. The actual raid is against a steroid addicted gobbie, and you’ll see what I mean by that in a bit. First, a note on the arena. There are four massive syringes around the arena, probably left by whatever little sister the big daddy back there was protecting. However, only two of these matter, the red syringe and the purple syringe. There’s also a tower thing in the center of the arena, with a purple circle around it.

You can run over this circle to active those syringes, which then drop red and purple puddles where they are. Running over the purple puddle turns you into a bird, while running over the red puddle turns you into a gorilla. Now keep those zoological shenanigans in mind and let’s look at the fight. As main tank, start by pulling the boss into one of the northern corners. Either corner works, it doesn’t make much difference. The boss will then gorge on his franken-juice and start pounding you to the ground. His punches apply a concussion debuff stack that stuns you at four stacks and makes you very vulnerable to damage. He then lifts his arm and charges a massive tank buster. As off-tank, show that you are paying attention and provoke the boss from the main tank at this point. As healer, pay attention to whether the off-tank is paying attention and get ready to recover the main tank if the boss hits him with this. If the off-tank was paying attention and took the hit, as soon as the main tank wakes up, he can provoke back the boss and keep him in the corner.

After a while the boss will burn out his steroids and come back to regular angry gobbie size. He will then mark a player with a red arrow. This drops a large puddle of goo where you stand, so go drop this away from the party. He will then spawn a smart bomb on the arena, which causes massive raid damage when it goes off. This is where the red syringe comes into play. To survive this bomb, a player needs to walk by the tower to active the syringes and then walk into the red puddle to turn into a gorilla. As gorilla, you can now push that bomb to the opposite corner of where the party is, to minimize damage. After a while of pounding, the boss gorges on his pills again and charges up Boost.

This is where the other syringe comes into play. As soon as you see this, everyone must active the syringes and then run into the purple puddle. This will turn you into a bird and allow you survive the boss’s ground-pounding fits of rage. While in bird form, you can use the first ability to deal a laughable amount of damage to the boss and the second ability to revert to whatever you were before. After this narrow escape, some adds will spawn in the arena. As off-tank, go pick these up and keep them facing away from the party as they have a very nasty cleave.

You’ve now seen every recurring mechanic in this raid. These mechanics repeat with more bombs, more adds and more poison puddles until either of you wins. And that’s it for Alexander Bioshock. Thanks for watching and feel free to leave a like if you found this useful. Next, it’s time to brawl with the Combatigobbies in Alexander the Cuff of the Son. See you next time. .

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