Hello Tanksters, Stark here and this is the guide for Alexander, The Heart of the Creator. This is the eleventh raid in the Alexander series also known as A11. This raid is Manderville galore, as you must dance around everything thrown at you. On the upside, once you know what to look for, you’ll master this tango lesson with a leg behind your back. Now the adds here do pack a serious punch. They all spam you with heavy hitting flamethrower attacks one after the other that affect a large area. The good news is, you can stun these so don’t hold back on that stun button. The raid boss is what happens when a gobbie binge watches waaay too much anime.

Seriously, this guy looks like he comes straight out of Gundam. Or, more accurately, from Cruise Chaser Blassty, an old RPG made by Square back in the 1986 for Japanese computers. Incidentally, this was also the first video game that Nobuo Uematsu ever wrote music for. But enough about real-life lore, let’s get on with smashing his head up his exhaust pipes. For most of the fight, tank the boss at one edge of the arena and facing away from the rest of the party. This makes it easier for everyone to handle mechanics. Photon brings four players to their knees with one HP. Nothing you can do about this, just heal through it. Immediately after the first Photon, an EDD add spawns in the arena.

As off-tank, pick this add up before it murders one of your party-mates. The party must destroy this add ASAP or it will explode for massive damage. Spin Crusher targets the main tank for a frontal cone AoE. Just move out of the way as it comes. The same goes for Right Laser Sword and Left Laser Sword. Keep the Manderville going. Optical Sight runs one of four different AoE patterns. The first one tracks five players for a splash AoE. Spread out to avoid unnecessary damage. The second one targets almost the entire arena for a heavy hitting AoE. Move right to the edge to evade this. The third one targets a player with prey for three heavy hitting meteors. Healers must shield and heal this player before and during these drops or they will die. Finally, the fourth one runs a series of very fast circular AoEs around the arena in a clockwise manner, with the last one in the center. The easy way to dodge these is to move to the center and then move into the space freed by one of the side blasts once they go off.

GA-100 targets the off-tank for a very heavy splash AoE. The marker is obvious but don’t wait for it to start running. Move to opposite side of the arena of where everyone else is, turn on your tank stance and pop a cooldown. This hits you like a ton of bricks. At different points, two oversized metal canisters fall somewhere on the arena. During this time, the boss will usually cast Propeller Wind. This confuses everyone not under cover, so run behind one of the canisters as soon as you see it coming. You may have to use sprint to get there on time, as this is a very tight cast. After a while the metal canisters will explode for heavy damage on the entire party. Half way through the fight, Chaser moves into the middle of the arena, turns into a cruiser and prepares to end you once and for all.

To avoid certain death, use the Open Duct points to jump on top of the boss. He then goes off for a stroll and comes back to destroy the arena in one go. Once he’s done with that, he gets back down and so must you by pressing the active time button that pops up. This makes you jump away from the large AoE at the center of the arena. Otherwise, you can die here as well. The second phase is a bit more predictable than the first, however a border of deadly electricity now surrounds the arena. The boss starts with Limit Cut. This grants him immunity while he summons four large orbs around the arena. The party must destroy these orbs ASAP, as they power the incoming attack, Eternal Darkness. You must still deal with all common mechanics during phase. Optical Sight now also summons several untargetable adds that shoot lasers at everyone. After a few seconds, Eternal Darkness pops, dealing damage proportional to the number of orbs left. This also puts a bleeding debuff on everyone. After a few common mechanics, the boss uses Limit Cut again.

He then moves to the center to charge a lunge attack while spawning a Plasma Shield in front of him. You must attack this shield from the front of the boss to destroy it. Right after you destroy the shield or regardless after a few seconds, then boss then rushes the main tank with Blassty Charge. Gotta love those references. Everyone must get out of the way of the main tank and let him take it to the face. Near the end another EDD add will spawn, just to make sure you’re paying attention. And that’s it for Alexander the Heart of the Creator. Just keep on Mandervilling and you’ll get this guy in no time. Thanks for watching and let me know if you have any questions in the comments below. Next, it’s time to finally fight Alexander inside Alexander while he summons Alexander, just because we can.

See you next time. .

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