Hello Tanksters, Stark here and this is the guide for the Containment Bay P1T6 also known as Sophia Normal Mode. Not that you need a guide for this one. Sophia Normal is a bit like Sephirot Normal, in that almost every attack is absurdly obvious. Even the ones that aren’t that obvious are very easy to guess after you see them a couple of times. The only real threat here is falling off the platform on phase three and even that won’t necessarily mean a wipe. Still, if you want to obsessively avoid any surprise, by all means, keep watching. You will fight Sophia on a golden platform with two big scales of justice on the long sides. During phase one you will have rails around the arena but after a point, the rails will come off and you can fall off if you don’t react in time to some mechanics. Also, most attacks stack vulnerability debuffs on you, so you really wanna try to avoid the everything.

Tank Sophia wherever you want to begin with, it doesn’t matter that much. As main tank, just keep her facing away from the party to contain any frontal attacks. Let’s look at recurring abilities. Thunder II is a frontal cone attack on the main tank. Just move away as usual. Aero II targets a small circular area around the boss. Move away as well. Thunder III targets a massive area around the boss with a safe spot in Sophia’s target circle. You can either move inside or move even further away. At some point, the boss will say daughter something something wisdom. A Haukke Manor sized head then spawns at an edge of the arena and will shoot everyone with a large ion canon attack.

Move away from the line of fire and don’t stop moving until you reach the edge as the attack can hit you from miles away. Quasar marks two spots for meteor drops. During the first phase, just move away from these drop spots as far away as you can. Sophia then disappears and pops up somewhere in the arena to charge a lunge attack. Your best bet is to move to the center of the arena so it’s easier to then move away in whatever direction you need to go. She then returns and hits the party with an instant AoE. Just heal through this one as needed. Push Sophia into phase two and she will cast Cloudy Heavens and cover herself in a shield.

She also debuffs everyone with Eternal Doom. This kills everyone after a minute, unless you kill the three adds that spawn in the arena before that. The Second Demiurge is the annoying one as it casts a gaze attack that inflicts confusion on everyone. To contain this, one tank can pull it to the side to make it easier for DPSers to burn them down. The Third Demiurge will spawn a lingering ice puddle that gives you frostbite, so avoid it if you can.

After this, the fight moves on to phase three. Sophia will bump the platform twice, making you slide from side to side and the take down the railings. From now on you must deal with that same mechanic, but without anything to avert you falling off the platform. The way you do that is by looking at the number of yellow tethers going from Sophia onto each scale. The one with the highest number of tethers is the one Sophia calls upon.

Therefore, you want to get to the opposite side of the platform as fast as you can. The other main mechanic is these white and black circles that spawn around four players. You must pair yours with the opposite colour before they pop or justice will be served. Sophia will continue to use previous AoEs and mechanics during this phase, sometimes in combination with each other. You must especially pay attention to Quasar and Scales and move to the best corner to handle both mechanics. Near the end, Sophia will summon another Demiurge add. This can be any of the Demiurge adds you’ve seen and it will start casting its signature attack immediately. Pay attention to this just in case you get the Second Demiurge so you turn your back in time. Otherwise you can choose to the burn down the add or finish off Sophia while someone keeps the add busy. And that’s it for Sophia Normal. See, I said you didn’t need a guide, didn’t I? Anyway, thanks for watching and let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.

Next, it’s time to mash some heavy metal in Alexander the Eyes of the Creator. See you next time. .

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