Hello Tanksters, Stark here and this is the tanking guide for Sephirot in the Containment Bay S1T7. This is a level 60 trial where you will fight the first of the Warring Triad, Sephirot the fiend. Not to confuse with the other undead badass with a haircut even longer than his ten-foot katana. This is fight is split in two phases, with repeating mechanics in each phase. It’s also quite easy to tank overall, as even though Sephie has no telegraphs, his moves are still very obvious if you just pay some attention. As main tank, start by dragging Sephie to the edge of the arena and keep him facing away from the party. Let’s take look at all recurring mechanics.

Sephie starts by marking a player with a stack marker. Unless you’re main tanking, stack up where that player is to share the pain from Sephie’s stomp. You can go in as main tank, but it doesn’t make much of a difference. He then charges one arm for a tank buster. Pop a heavy cooldown here to mitigate that damage. Next, he marks six players for a splash damage attack. As main tank, hold your ground, otherwise spread out to mitigate party wide damage. When Sephie turns to a player and charges all his arms, immediately get behind him. He then unleashes an arena wide attack and you don’t want to be in his way when he does so. These mechanics repeat until he has roughly 60% health. He then summons several Binah and Cochma adds. These don’t hurt enough to warrant special measures, so just pack them up and burn them down. After you wipe the floor with them, Sephie begins phase two with a light show worthy of Final Fantasy VIII’s ending.

This phase is a little different and you can’t really tank Sephie anymore. In addition, you can fall off the platform here. Sephie starts by pounding the floor three times. When you see the blue circle telegraphs, stand near them in the center of the arena, but not on the inside of the telegraph. These will knock you back from where they land and you don’t want to fall off the platform. Sephie then marks two players for a beam attack. These players can move towards the edges of the arena, one on each side, while all other players try to stay away from them. He then summons several adds, including one Storm of Words add. Pick these up as usual, though DPSers must focus on the Storm of Words first.

If this one charges up Revelation, it outright wipes the party. In addition, when it dies, it drops off a mini tornado, which you need to survive the next attack. Finish off the adds and Sephie will stack his arms on the edge of the arena. When you see the stack the marker on the mini tornado, go stack on it, otherwise you can kiss your boots goodbye. If you survive this, Sephie then charges a heavy beam running through the center of the arena. Spread out to avoid taking massive damage. Finally, he charges up two pillars for a heavy party wide attack.

Two players can go in these and take the pain on their own to protect the party. As tank, that means you. All these mechanics now repeat until either of you wins. And that’s it for the Containment Bay S1T7. And after that music theme on phase two, if you’re not shouting “Sephirot!” as your family looks at you with a perplexed face, well, there’s nothing I can do for you. Anyway, next, you will return to Alexander for some more gobbie butt bashing in The Fist of Son. Until then, happy tanking and see you next time. .

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