Stark’s Dun Scaith Survival Guide // Final Fantasy XIV


Hello Tanksters, Stark here and this is the guide for Dun Scaith. This is the new 24 player raid in patch 3.5 The Far Edge of Fate. This raid has five different bosses and many familiar mechanics. Yet there are a few that very often catch players off-guard, so do pay close attention to whatever is going on. The first boss is good old Deathgaze from Final Fantasy 6, now with extra Hollow. The boss flies around the ship during the fight, so you can?t pull it anywhere. However, it does auto-attack, so make sure a tank is keeping enmity on him.

Void Death spawns a large red AoE in the middle of the ship. This AoE pulls you in twice and if you remain inside, it will insta-kill you. Run away to the side as far as you can until it?s gone. Void Aero II marks several players for a permanent wind AoE. Drop these at the edge of the arena so they don?t stand in the way of anyone else. Just take care not to fall down the ship. Void Blizzard III is a Thordan-esque conal AoE with some gaps in between.

Just move inside the gaps to evade it. Void Aero III spawns a large wind AoE in the middle of the arena. This then knocks you back after a few seconds. Just run to the sides and stay centred so this doesn?t push you out the ship. From the second cast onwards, Deathgaze also moves to one end of the ship and prepares a strong column AoE. Note where he shows up at and go to the opposite side. Void Blizzard IV drops one or two ice meteors on the arena. Move away from the drop sites but immediately run towards them for cover to handle the next attack. Deathgaze immediately shows at the opposite side of the arena and knocks everyone back, pushing you out of the ship.

If you?re not against one of the ice blocks, you?re dead now. Doom puts, well, a Doom timer on two players from each party. Healers must cleanse this before the affected players die. Along with all this, Deathgaze has a soft enrage mechanic. During the entire fight, these black squares start covering the ship, one after the other. You can walk over them fine most of the time. However, when Deathgaze casts Void Death IV, the squares light up and eradicate anyone on them. Make sure you move out of them before this happens. Naturally, when all eight squares cover the ship, you will have nowhere else to escape to. Mechanics repeat until you all die. Just kidding. Next, you have a very unusual trash pull. On the first bit, you have these three Void Crystals, which will start casting Void Call at the same time. Destroy these as fast as you can. Those that you don?t destroy spawn adds when they finish casting, which you then must kill as well.

On the second bit, you have four Void Crystals, also summoning adds. However, you also have these Unblinking Eye adds on both sides, which cast gaze simultaneously to distract you. This is only a nuisance so I suggest downing the crystals first to reduce the amount of adds you must waste time with. The next boss is Ferdiad, the annoying jester from Amdapor, here to show you he means business. This quite a fun fight. Ferdiad cleaves so keep him facing away from the party. He also drops several blue scythes on the arena, which deal damage to anyone in their path. Just stay away from these as you go about your business. Jester?s Reap is a frontal cleave as well. Just move away as usual. Jongleur?s X is a decent tank buster. Still, nothing an Adlo and a cooldown won?t stop.

Blackbolt is stack attack on a player. Hug nicely for cover. Blackfire spawns several damage areas on the ground, which enlarge over time. Just stay away from them until they pop. Wormhole is an interesting mechanic. Four Atomos spawn around the arena, two red and two blue. Ferdiad then shoots a coloured projectile at one of these Atomos, also either red or blue. There are two things to consider here in a split second. First, when the ball goes into one Atomos, it will show up in front of the other Atomos of the same colour.

So, take note of what colour is the Atomos Ferdiad is tethering to. Second, Ferdiad shoots either a red donut or blue ball. When these spawn at the other Atomos, they will explode in a different way. The ice ball explodes in a circular AoE, while the fire donut explodes in a donut shaped AoE. Therefore, when Ferdiad runs wormhole, you need to look at the ball colour, the Atomos colour and make a split decision on where you must go to. So, if you see a blue ball going into an Atomos, look for the other Atomos of the same colour and move away from it. Likewise, if you see a red donut going into an Atomos, look for the Atomos of the same colour and move close it.

The other interesting mechanic is Debilitator. This debuffs everyone with either lowered water resistance or lowered fire resistance. Three sets of coloured spots also spawn in the arena. These decide what his follow up attack will be, either a massive fire attack or massive ice attack. The neat thing is you can switch these spots by running over them. What you want here is to switch all the spots to the opposite colour of your debuff to reduce the damage you take. Now this mechanic is where I?ve seen a lot of player messing up in the few runs I?ve done. This is probably due either to players not knowing what they?re doing or several players knowing what they?re doing and trying to fixing each other?s mistakes. It becomes very messy.

Therefore, I recommend marking these three areas with A, B, C before the fight begins and assigning one player per team to swap the spots, for example the off-healer. After a while, Ferdiad goes into his add phase. He summons several adds and Atomos and keeps swapping the adds around just to annoy you. He is a jester after all. Just burn the adds down, while paying attention to their gaze attacks.

These can be from adds far away from you so do look around to see what?s going on. Ferdiad also targets half of the arena for a cleave, so stay ready to move out at a moment?s notice. On the next phase, his Wormhole attack occasionally has two projectiles going into tow Atomos, at the same time. If you see at least one red donut, just find the matching Atomos and move to it. If you see two ice balls, you must find a safe spot in the arena away from the all the Atomos. Rinse and repeat until you?re done. The next semi-boss I guess, is the Shadowcourt Handmaiden. This is really a glorified Maidservant from Haukke Manor who probably got a pay raise from the Queen and a shiny new sword. Void Thunder IV deals damage to the main target, hopefully the main tank. Sweet Steel is your run-of-the-mill frontal cleave attack. Void Call summons an increasing number of Foobar adds to harass the party. These drop permanent poison pools on the arena after a while, so make mince jelly of them asap.

Void Fire IV targets several players for AoEs. Just move out of the way. Blood Sword is a decent tank buster. Pop cooldowns as usual. Blood Rain deals damage on the entire raid. Heal through as needed. Dark Mist inflicts terror on an area around it. Just don?t stay on it and unlike Haukke Manor, don?t bother stunning, it doesn?t work. Beguiling Mist seduces everyone for a few seconds and makes them walk to the boss, likely running over the poison pools. I?m told you can Silence this, but I haven?t confirmed it myself yet.

Anyway, this is less annoying than it looks, and you may skip it entirely with enough raid DPS. Mechanics repeat until you send this handmaiden off to find another job. The next boss is the Shadow Queen herself, Mrs Scathach, or something. You know what, I have no idea how to pronounce that. Let?s just call her queenie. Now several of queenie?s attacks here have ridiculous fast casts and telegraphs. They also stack vulnerability on every hit, so it?s important to evade them as much as possible. To do so, you?ll have to look at her stance and act accordingly. Which, for a tank or melee dps, is very hard to do if you?re running with all graphical effects turned on. Seriously, you almost can?t see anything if you?re standing close to her. Therefore, I do recommend you turn off at least other player?s attack effects in your settings panel, if not the whole shebang. It can make a world of difference if you need to stay at melee range. Thirty Thorns deals a flurry of slashes to the main tank, followed by a dragoon style AoE around the boss.

If you?re at melee range, pay attention to those flurries before she jumps and move out of the way. If you can even see what?s going on, that is. Thirty Arrows spawns a blue AoE marker on the arena. Several column AoEs then come out of it, with very fast telegraphs. Move away from the initial AoE spot so you have a better view of where to move next. For Shadespin, queenie grows her wings large and high. She then unleashes conal AoEs with fast telegraphs where the wings are. Note the position of her wings and move a safe spot on the diagonal between them.

Thirty Sickles deals damage and knocks back everyone around the queen. I have noticed no way to predict this one but at least it doesn?t inflict vulnerability. Most importantly, when she jumps somewhere in the arena, do not follow her. Instead, move away from her, so queenie doesn?t catch you in her follow up AoE. And most importantly even, when the ground goes dark red and you see the message ?Shadows gather on the floor?, stop everything you?re doing. Just unselect the boss, don?t attack, don?t move and wait for the effect to pass. If you keep attacking, these creepy little hands grab on to you and will keep dealing damage for a few seconds. This, coupled with a few vulnerability stacks, deals a ton of damage very fast and is the single biggest cause of wipes I?ve seen here in the few runs I?ve done.

Especially when queenie follows with Thirty Souls, which deals raid-wide damage, just to see you were paying attention. At some point, a Connla add will meteor drop onto the arena. Keep this add away from the queen to avoid buffing her and kill it before it casts Full Swing. Also, lookout for Ozma balls. Queenie will target a player with a prey marker. If you?re it, run along an edge of the arena to bait the Ozma balls away from the raid. Shadetrust targets a player for a heavy hitting column AoE. Look at her stance and move away from where she is aiming for. Shadow limbs will spawn and tether to players. These chase players very quickly but you can petrify them by just looking at them if you?re tethered. Just keep looking at your tethered hand until the raid kills it or it will kill you.

At some point, queenie moves on the center to charge her ultimate and several adds spawn around the arena. There?s nothing remarkable about these except perhaps the annoying Chimera that spawns at the end. As usual with Chimeras, lookout for their voice attacks, and move into the appropriate range, lest you end up frozen. Still, the adds are just here to distract you from the meteor circles all around you. As usual, each meteor circle needs at least one player to stand in them and take the pain to avert them exploding on the whole raid. After queenie runs her ultimate, you will face more of the same, while having to handle meteor circles as well. If you?re tanking, keep her in the centre during this phase if you can. This way, tanks and melee can share the damage of the big central meteor, while other players can take care of the smaller ones at the edge.

Thirty Cries now targets the main tank for shareable damage. If you?re a tank or melee, stack up with the main tank in the meteor circle to share damage from the everything. Mechanics now repeat, with an increased frequency of red floors. They can pop on every other attack now, so do pay attention or you can wipe very fast during this phase. The next boss is Diabolos himself, lord of the void. This fight isn?t nearly as messy as the one with queenie though. In fact, if you defeated queenie without wiping, this one will be a piece of cake. I recommend marking the arena with A, B, C for left, center and right to make things ever easier. Otherwise, chaos works just as fine. Nightmare is gaze attack on the raid. I don?t think I need to tell you what to do here. Ultimate Terror is a donut AoE around the boss. Just move close to him or far away. Two Deathgates spawn in the arena, which then proceed to spawn more adds. Finish off these Deathgates asap before they finish casting. Ruinous Omen is Diabolos? trademark gravity attack.

Just stack up and heal through. Night Terror targets a player for shareable damage. Stack up and heal through as well. After a while, Diabolos will go off for the Dragon Ball moment of this raid. While that Goku wanna-be charges up his spirit bomb, a giant portal spawns in the middle of the arena. You need to attack and defeat this portal several times to push the gravity bomb back. In the meantime, more Deathgates will spawn in the arena, just to make sure you?re paying attention. Whack these off asap and return to trashing the big portal along with Diabolos himself.

Once you?re done here, you?re ready to face the final boss, Diabolos Hollow. This boss is mostly more of the same as regular Diabolos, except this time, his abilities carry the name of Hollow Something. Still, you can handle them the same way as before. Just pay attention to queenie?s abilities too. Namely, you will see? Shadetrust? Ozma balls?. Meteors? And the creepy red floor. Most importantly for tanks, his attacks now hit like a flying ton of bricks. Seriously, the boss now crits like a raving madman. Even his normal attacks hit like a tank buster. This is especially true for Hollow Camisado, his actual tank buster. Awareness, that ability you probably took out of your toolbar back in 2.0, is your very dear friend here. That and whatever cooldown if you have at hand, and as he runs this very often. Hollow Night is a completely new mechanic. This is a combination of gaze and stack attack. To handle this, you must stack with the targeted player, while facing away from him. Pavor Inanis deals raid-wide damage.

Heal through as needed. Blindside is a regular stack attack. You know what to do. Eventually, three gates spawn in the arena, one Diabolical Gate and two more Deathgates. Destroy the Deathgates asap as usual. For the Diabolical Gate, several players must go through it and kill the Shadow Dahak inside. I suggest electing an alliance for this task beforehand. After a while, Diabolos goes off to charge Hollow Omen. Again, this is the same as before, with a different name. Stack up, shield and heal through. Earthshakers then target three players for column attacks. This is the same as Sephirot Extreme. If you?re it, move away from the center and away from each other so other players can see you. If you?re not it, move in an angle between these players to evade this. Now, the most annoying mechanic is probably the little red balls of doom that fly around the arena. These hit like an angry bird and it?s very easy to die and take others with you if you run into them.

I recommend the off-tanks mop these up at the edges while everyone else stay far away from them. They do disappear on their own once they reach the other side. If you got all this, the rest is rinse and repeat. That?s it for Dun Scaith, one very cool raid indeed. Thanks for watching and let me know if you have any questions in the comments below. Next on the list is Zurvan Extreme. Until then, take care and see you next time..

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