Hello Tanksters, I’m Stark and I’m here to show you how to tank Ravana in Thok ast Thok Extreme Mode. This is a level 60 trial where you once again get to bask in grand epicness incarnated, this time even more epic than ever before. Now just like the hard mode, this fight is as complicated as it is entirely predictable. The whole thing is nothing but a long chain of mechanics, in the very same order, where nothing is left to the gods of chance. Yes, you may find yourself messing up again and again and again, and especially on the very last phase, which can be very frustrating. But I guarantee you, that after a while of wiping, you’ll get so used to this fight, that you’ll have to make an effort to get hit with anything at all.

Anyway, let’s get down to business. Before you do anything, mark the arena with A, B and C on three quadrants and leave an empty spot on the last quadrant. We’ll call them empty spot quadrant D. This will be useful for some of the mechanics later on. Just like in hard mode, Ravana has a soft enrage always pumping, so the longer you take to kill him, the more phases you have to go through and the closer you get to his hard enrage. This fight has about eight repeatable phases but as tank you won’t need to remember them by number. Instead it’s easier to focus on the specific attack Ravana charges between phases and remember the mechanics that will follow. Regardless of phase, there are two attacks you need to pay constant attention to and you may remeber them from hard mode.

These are Blinding Blade and Tapasya, both instant casts, and you need to handle them differenly here. Blinding Blade is a frontal tank buster. If you’re playing off-tank and you know it’s coming, go share this one with the current main tank if you can. You don’t need to swap Ravana, just stay in front of the attack and share the pain with your tank mate. Otherwise, the main tank can just turn Ravana towards the entire party when Blinding Blade is coming, which I find it easier to do myself. Tapasya is a sequence of slahes on the main tank. Immediately after the first hit, run behind Ravana to avoid the follow ups, then get back into position.

Blinding Blade and Tapasya always play in the same sequence in alternate fashion so you will know which one is coming next. You must also pay attention to the “Seeing Whatever Abilities”. At various points, Ravana will use The Seeing Right, The Seeing Left or The Seeing Wings. These will deflect attacks from three of four sides, depending on the cast. You can ignore the Seeing Wings, but for either the Seeting Left or Seeing Right you must stop attacking for a few seconds and wait for status on Ravana to wear off. These above mechanics will repeat throughout the fight so if you get them right you’re halfway there. Now let’s get down to the phases themselves. The whole fight is a sequence of Liberation charges followed up by a series of repeated mechanics. The key is in remebering those charges and what comes after them. As main tank you can start by keeping Ravana facing the party until he casts Blinding Blade for the first time. You can also turn him around immediately and eat the tank buster, along with the off-tank if he’s paying attention.

The Blinding Blade and Tapasya cycle starts here so now you know which one will come next. Keep paying attention to The Seeing Whatever and hold your attacks if appropriate. The first charge and sequence of mechanics is Prelude to Liberation. This attack covers most of the arena. Keep attacking until its charged halfway then run to the edge of the arena to get out of the way. This is followed with a bunch of stripes on the ground you must avoid.

Then with a bunch of purple AoE markers over four players. Players must spread out around the arena so that no one gets hit with more than one AoE tops. Ravana then comes down and starts the second charge, Liberation. This will deal heavy damage everywhere, except right behind his back, so go and stack there. Ravana’s clones then come crashing down at the edge, preparing for multiple rushes. Stay in the center for cover and look at the crash sequence, then position yourself to run around the arena just behind the rushing clones.

Ravana then comes down again and restarts his attacks. Tapasya will now be first in the Blinding Blade / Tapasya cycle so start with Ravana turned away from the party. A third of the way in during this phase, a number of Ganas will showing up. Your party must kill these as fast as possible as they will power up Ravana’s ultimate attack. As main tank, try to keep Ravana facing away from party members engaging these ganas so they don’t get hit with Blinding Blade or Tapasya. If you see either coming, pop a cooldown of two and just take the pain. The off tank can also help share the pain here. After a while Ravana will use his ultimate attack and depending on the number of ganas you didn’t kill him time, he will inflict vulnerability and deal extra damage to party.

Depending on how overgeared you are, you may survive of couple of these attacks but the vulnerability debuffs can make the rest of the fight very hard on healers. After his ultimate, Ravana charges his Pillars of Heaven attack. You must move to a protected edge of the arena to avoid falling down. Afterwards, stack on Ravana to share the pain of Laughing Rose. Ravana will then mark a random player with prey, a really obvious red marker. This player must pass prey to the main tank as fast as possible. Ravana will then repeatadly cast a large air boom AoE at the main tank, assuming he now has the prey marker. At the same time, five purple spheres of doom will spawn and tether to random players, while Ravana casts a massive frontal AoE. You handle this as main tank by staying very close to Ravana’s targtetting circle until the purple balls of domm spawn so you avoid them spawning right on top of you.

Then as soon as they do, you move away from Ravana to avoid the AoE. However, as you do, Ravana will cast more sonic boom AoEs at you, so the convention here is for the entire party to rotate clock-wise at the same time. This way, you to bait the sonic booms, allowing your party to run away from the purple balls of doom while staying behind Ravana. After all this nonsense, Ravana starts charging Swift Liberation. At around 70% of the cast, Ravana will mark three players with a sword icon and then lunge at them in the order of the number of swords on the icon. The trick is to minimize multiple hits at all costs.

You do this by having each marked player move to one of the letter markers in order as well. So the player with sword moves to A, the player with two swords moved to B and so on. If you don’t have a sword on you, go to the C or D spots and wait there until Ravana starts charging. Now when Ravana lunges at you, take note of what direction he’s coming from. As soon as he hits you the first time, immediately run in the direction he came, so you can avoid the second hit. If you didn’t get marked with a sword, you should now move from C or D to the center as soon as the lunge to player on A completes. As if this lot isn’t enough, immediately after you get some huge purple AoE markers yet again plus some red fire stripes of doom on the floor.

Spread out as much as you can without running over the stripes so everyone only gets hit with one purple AoE at most. Now did you think that was it? Nope, the hardest one is still to come, Final Liberation. What you have here is rushes, purple AoEs, an eye AoE and a push back AoE one after the other. Now there are different ways to handle this one, depending on whether you or your tank buddy are paladins. Ravana will first mark two players with a prey icon. If either of you is a paladin, try to grab one of the markers by running over the marked player and then go to spot A. The other marked player, doesn’t matter who he is, should come along near you. Everyone else should spread out around the other spots in the arena. As Ravana finishes casting, use Hallowed Ground and cast Cover on the other player.

The point here is to completely mitigate all the lethal damage from those rushes. Now, if you don’t have a paladin in your party, then it gets messy. You handle this by having the two preyed players at both A and C and everyone else at B and D. Then after Ravana runs the first lunge, the preyed player in A and C switches place and prey with someone in B or D.

This way Ravana only rushes at each player once. After all this mess, you have anoher eye AoE followed by another pushback AoE. Run to a wall on the last one so you don’t fall down. Now if you survive this with everyone alive, the rest is easy peasy. Ravana will now start repeating mechanics over three more phases that aren’t really worth mentioning as they’re just of the same. However if you don’t kill him until this ends, he will hard enrage and wipe the floor with the lot of you. And that’s it for Ravana Extreme. I know, I know, it looks very messy, but trust me, after enough wiping you’ll know this fight like the back of your hand. Thank you for watching and feel free to leave a like if you found this useful.

Next you’ll be kicking gobbie bottom in Alexander The Fist of the Father. Until then, happy tanking and and see you next time. .

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