Stark’s Sohm Al (Hard) Survival Guide // Final Fantasy XIV


Hello Tanksters, Stark here and this is the guide for Sohm Al Hard Mode. This is the new extra dungeon in patch 3.5 The Far Edge of Fate. As in most hard modes, the mobs here are quite weak and ripe for the mass pull. And if you don?t see the irony in that, there?s nothing I can do for you. The first boss is literally a bulb on a moving piece of rock. Go figure. Inflammable Fumes deals party wide damage. Heal through it as it comes. Spore Sac drops several spores around the arena. The boss follows up with Inflammable Fumes again, triggering the spores to blow. Excretion deals damage to a player and debuffs him with heavy. Healers clear this out as it comes. The second cast of Spore Sac drops a large spore somewhere in the arena. The AoE from this one affects the whole arena, so move away from it. Mechanics repeat with more large spores to cater for as you go. The second mob segment features a mass worm ambush. Still, nothing you can?t handle with some cooldowns and good heals. The second boss is very similar to the Stone Vigil Hard Mode?s final boss.

None of his attacks have a telegraph or a cast bar and all place infirmity, but you can evade most of them by reacting to his stance. A charging arm signals a frontal cleave attack. Evade this by moving to the sides or behind his back. A raging scream deals party wide damage. Heal through this as it comes. A charging tail signals an area attack around the boss. Move away from this fella to evade this. A charging shoulder signals a rush in whatever direction he?s facing. Again, just don?t stand in front of him and you?ll be fine. A charging breath signals a fireball attack on a random player.

However, a charging breath when his back goes blue signals a lasting flamethrower attack. Same as before, keep doing the Manderville. Sometimes the boss?s cleave drops a windy effect on the ground. Stay away from this as it explodes after a few seconds. That?s it for this fella, rinse and repeat. On the third mob segment you will see these little blood of the mountain blobs. They start casting some very decent AoEs on the whole party when they shine, so do stun them out of existence when you have the chance. The final boss makes you wish you had Sub-Zeros? help. Now as this isn?t Mortal Kombat, you?ll just have to beat this Scorpion down using more traditional means.

Molten Silk is one of two different AoEs. One targets an area around the boss with a safe spot on the back. The boss often follows this up with a mirrored attack, just to see if you?re paying attention. The other one targets a mid-range area, with a safe spot near the boss. Flying Press targets a player for a decent splash damage attack. Move away from other players if you?re it. This also spawns permanent lava pools on the arena and makes existing ones grow bigger. Deadly Thrust is a hefty tank buster. As tank, don?t save your cooldowns.

Hiss summons several scorpions around the boss. The red ones start casting a ground attack that spawns another lava pool. Kill these asap and stun them too if you can. Realm Shaker is a circular AoE around the boss. Just move out of the way. And that?s all of the scorpion?s attacks. The main challenge here is to kill the scorpion before you run out of space to evade his AoEs. Rinse and repeat and you?re done with this one.

That?s it for Sohm Al Mortal Kombal Mode. Thanks for watching and let me know if you have any questions in the comments below. Next on the list is Zurvan Normal mode. Until then, take care and see you next time..

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