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Stark’s The Antitower Tanking Guide // Final Fantasy XIV



Hello tanksters, Stark here and this is the tanking guide for the Antitower. This is a relaxing level 60 dungeon where you will train in the long lost art of walking upside down. This one is very straightforward and chances are you won?t have any problems, even if you go into it blind. In addition, you cannot speed run this dungeon as there are tons of blockers along the way.

Therefore, just sit back, enjoy the music and take it easy. The first boss is Kermit the frog in a birthday hat. Tank Kermit wherever you want, it doesn?t matter. Kermit frequently casts Water Bomb, a pair of large circular AoEs, evade these as usual. He also starts singing at some point, inflicting damage on a cone in front of him with his strident voice. This is not telegraphed, so pay attention to his behaviour. At several points, Kermit will disengage and head to the center of the arena for a very dubious karaoke performance.

He will then spawn a few orbs, turn two players into frogs and call a few adds. Move away from the orbs and help kill the adds as fast possible to cancel the frog debuff on your party mates. After this, he will hit you with Toy Hammer which causes Concussion and stuns you for a while. The healer can dispel this one if he?s paying attention. Mechanics repeat until you send Karaoke Kermit here back to Sesame Street. The blockers in the next mob section are several closet portals that will spawn adds as you fight. Pay attention to these as you hold the mobs so they don?t go attacking your party. The second boss is a massive boulder with a top knot haircut. Or maybe it?s a spriggan on a flying rock, I can never tell. Whatever that thing is, keep the boss facing away from the party to contain its frontal AoE. Throughout the fight, flying Ziggy will summon three other flying boulders onto the arena. These will then charge an ever growing AoE on the entire platform.

DPSers must pound these boulders as fast as possible to stop the AoEs from covering the entire space. In the meantime, drag Ziggy there to a safe spot so you don?t get hit by the AoEs. After the rocks release the AoEs, they will fall to the ground and Ziggy will target a player for two powerful shots. That player must run behind a boulder to cover himself from damage. On the next turns, flying Ziggy will also summon extra adds. However, don?t bother pulling these if they are far away, as they won?t even survive long enough to come to you. That?s all there is to this boss. Rinse and repeat until you?re done. The next mob section contains yet more spawning adds, so just pay attention to where they come from. Otherwise, there?s nothing to worry about. The final boss is what happens when Chuckie?s Bride meets Duracell. However, unlike its mega powerful incarnation in Final Fantasy IV, this Calcabrina is a quite the pushover. The fight starts with several Calca and Brina dolls dancing about the arena and spamming AoEs at the party.

You can?t tank them so just help kill them. The dolls then merge into Calcabrina itself and the actual fight begins. This fight has a few recurring mechanics. Terrifying Glance targets a player with a red marker, followed by a gaze attack that confuses any player caught in front of the boss. Like any gaze attack, avoid this by facing away it. Knockout is heavy hitting tank buster. Pop a cooldown to mitigate this or heal yourself afterwards. Brace reflects attacks from all sides apart from the front. As tank, you can ignore this, but DPSers need to come in front her to continue dumping damage. Dollhouse will transform two random players into Calca and Brina dolls, putting a bleeding debuff on them, while the boss itself starts pounding the arena. Everyone who?s still in control of themselves must attack the dolls to release players from their creepy prison.

Mechanics repeat until either of you wins. That?s it for the Antitower. A very relaxing, if a bit creepy dungeon. As always, thanks for watching and feel free to leave a like if you found this useful. Next, you will revisit the ruins of a forgotten temple in Lost City of Amdapor Hard Mode. Until then, happy tanking and see you next time..

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