Hello Tanksters, Stark here and this is the guide for The Great Gubal Library Hard Mode. This time, Midnight Dew needs your help extracting a magical tome from Gubal’s forbidden vaults. And what better way to gain further insight on dark magics that diving head first into a building full of haunted books? Just as Xelphatol, this dungeon is mass pull galore. The first trash section has tons of mobs but poses little threat. Pull everything and their mothers and make them some coffee.

Of doom. You may still want to stun this High Baboulas fella, as it casts some annoyingly large AoEs. The first boss is clearly not happy you kicked his arse back at Amdapor. Twice. He’s now getting that same arse you kicked out of the book to come and get you. Tank this boss somewhere where it’s easy to see the entire arena. This makes the fight a piece of cake. Frightful Roar is a circular AoE around the boss, just to see if you’re paying attention. Folio brings down some angry books of doom, of course, to come and educate you on the forces of gravity. There are different patterns of these but they all follow the same principles. On the first pattern, a battlecruiser sized tome drops in the middle of the arena.

On the second pattern, you get the middle tome plus two tomes at the far edges of the arena. The far tomes then smack everyone back to the middle. Gather at the safe spot to evade this. On the third pattern, you get various tomes coming down at the long edges. These then smack everyone in the order they came down. Evade these by standing in the ones that fell last, then move to a safe spot when the newer ones smack themselves to bits. As tank, the second mass pull of the next area is a good occasion to use your god mode cooldown, if you haven’t use it yet. There’s a ton of trash here, and the time you take on the next boss is usually enough to let it recharge.

That boss, by the way, is Living Liquid’s long lost sibling, the Human Torch. Oh wait, that’s Fantastic 4. Anyway, if you’ve done A3, this fella will put you to sleep. As tank, keep it facing away from the party to contain its cleaving attacks. Like the liquid fella, this fiery dude cycles through three different forms. In all forms, he uses Bibliocide, which deals average party-wide damage. Health through this as needed. In humanoid form, he casts Sea of Flames, an Ifrit-like AoE under a random player.

Run away from this as usual. He also casts Slosh. This targets a player for a lunge, also dealing damage to anyone in its path. Make sure no other players are sitting along the red line, twiddling their thumbs. In tornado form, Bibliocide also sets the edge of the arena on fire. Watch your step before you get roasted. Ferrofluid marks everyone with a plus or minus sign and tethers you to the tornado, which also has a plus or minus sign. Like a magnet, it then pulls in everyone with a different sign from the boss or repels everyone with the same sign. Therefore, if have the same sign as the boss, stay close to it, and if you have a different sign move away to the edge.

Otherwise, you end up in the fire and you know how laundry bills rake up these days. In hand form, the boss marks everyone with either a red sun or a blue moon symbol. Two platforms with those symbols also light up in the arena. Match your symbol with the platform to keep that laundry bill low. Rinse and repeat until he goes off for a cold shower.

The last trash section is one very long pull. As tank, make sure you have your god mode cooldown ready for this one, it will make things a lot easier. Pull the lot and abuse your cooldowns, but pay attention to the statues at the end. They will spawn more mobs while you’re keeping the trash busy. As tank, I have wiped here a couple of times by failing to pull in the spawning mobs, who, of course, will go straight for the healer’s hat. Before you go rough up the final boss, you just need to have a quick chat with his bouncer here. He throws some magic hammers at you and screams a lot for some reason but is otherwise harmless. Now the final boss is surprisingly fun. Not to mention it’s an owl on a flying chair. Now this boss owns it, you have wings but why bother flying when you can make your chair fly for you? Now tank this fella anywhere and prepare to get some proper education. Check Out calls forth a ton of library books in preparation for the following mechanics.

These books create different effect areas around the arena. You must use them properly to counter all the attacks the boss throws at you. From his flying chair. I know, I just can’t get over it. On the Properties of Quakes deals heavy earth damage to the entire party. Run to one of the windy effect areas to gain a float status and nullify all damage. On the Properties of Tornados deals heavy wind damage to the entire party. Run to one of the black effect areas to gain a heavy status and nullify all damage as well.

On the Properties of Imps, as you’d imagine, turns you into an Imp and stacks a lightning resistance down debuff to boot. Run to one of the greenish effect areas to go back to normal. On the Properties of Thunder III always follows this and deals splash lightning damage to everyone. Spread out and make sure you have gone back to normal from Imp status. On the Properties of Darkness II deals some damage to the entire party. You cannot evade this one, just heal it through. This dancing around repeats until about 50% health. The boss then retreats to call forth everyone’s favourite badass monster, a meteor-calling Behemoth. As meteor-calling Behemoths do, it will, of course, call forth a huge meteor onto the arena. Luckily for you, a couple of smaller rocks also drop just before the impact. Stand behind these to survive the huge boulder, if possible next to everyone else, so you can keep DPSing the boss down.

And don’t ask how a giant rock gets through the roof of a giant library with no visible damage. This is Final Fantasy after all, so less questioning, more wiping. And that’s it for the Great Gubal Library Hard Mode. Whoever said reading wasn’t fun never came to Gubal. That, or they never left. Thanks for watching and let me know if you have any questions in the comments below. Next, it’s time to manderville with a goddess driving a giant rolling head, because video games. See you next time. .

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