Stark’s The Lost City of Amdapor (Hard) Tanking Guide // Final Fantasy XIV


Hello tanksters, Stark here and this is the tanking guide for the Lost City of Amdapor Hard Mode. This is a level 60 dungeon where you return once again to Diabolos’s old home. Except this time a new hidden evil awaits you instead. Like the Antitower, this dungeon isn’t very speed runnable as you have many blockers along the way. Therefore, sit back, take it easy and enjoy the ride.

Speaking of blockers, at the very end of first mob segment you will see a stack of unfortunate eggs blocking your way. AS DPSers attack these eggs to unblock your path, several overgrown butterflies will come to attack your party. Pull these as they come to keep things under control. The first boss is an overgrown mutant hornet who spends way too much life on psychedelic drugs.

There are only a couple of mechanics to deal with here. Neuro Squama spawns a clone at each player?s location that charges a wide frontal cone AoE and inflicts vulnerability. Turn away from the boss and other players until the clone spawns so you completely evade this attack. Still, get ready to move out of the way fast if another player forgets to drop their clone right. Psycho Squama is a large rear AoE, you can ignore this one as tank. Toxic Squama spawns a poison orb that tethers to a player and creates a poison pool when it reaches him. The player must run away from the orb until it disappears. This doesn’t target the tank so you can ignore this as well. Rinse and repeat until you’re done.

On the next area, you can make use of the beams of light to weaken the mobs, so drag the lot into them. The second boss is a very boulderly king of the jungle. Considering what it is made of, it makes you wonder how it can fly. Then again, it’s not like anything can surprise you in this game anymore. This boss also only has a couple of mechanics to deal with. Ancient Holy drops an arcane sphere while the boss flies about for a while. This sphere then charges up holy and explodes, usually wiping out the party. To avoid that, focus your attacks on the sphere to destroy it or at least mitigate the damage. Ancient Aero drops a wind orb on the ground, while Ancient Stone drops an earth orb. Players must run into these to the take the pain before the orbs explode and deal party wide damage instead. However, do pay attention to Ancient Libra. This puts a Wind or Earth resistance debuff on party members. Therefore, only run into wind orbs if you don’t have the wind debuff, and vice versa with the earth debuff.

Before the next turn of Ancient Holy, a couple of adds will also spawn to distract you. Entertain the lot while your party takes care of the sphere. Rinse and repeat and off you go. The next mob section has some surprise magic pots waiting for you but nothing that will pose any trouble. I’m even surprised you can’t throw elixirs at these fellows for some secret reward. The final boss is what happens when a classical Wagner disc gets possessed by an angry Valkyrie from hell. Keep goddess Athena here facing away from the party at all times. First, she will use Regen and create an area that heals her. You need to pull her away from this area to stop the regen effect. She’ll then cast Cure IV. The party can stand right under the boss to reduce the health she recovers. Cure III will just heal her, nothing you can do about this.

Defeat the boss once and phase two begins. In this phase, all the healing spells will have an additional attack effect. Regen will also deal damage if you stand in the circle. Just drag her out as you did before. Cure IV will now deal heavy distance based damage centred on her. As tank, don’t bother running, instead pop a heavy cooldown and hold your ground. Cure III will now target two players for a decent splash damage attack. Spread out to avoid hitting other party members.

Defeat her again and the third phase begins. Decoy now summons an add that follows a target player and interrupts him. DPSers must kill this fellow asap. The boss will now switch between heal and attack modes at will, as you can see via the Reverse status. Deal with any attack as you did in the previous phases. Mechanics repeat until one of you wins. And that’s it for The Lost City of Amdapor Hard Mode. Nothing like a good stroll around ancient sculptures that want to kill you. As always, thanks for watching and feel free to leave a like if you found this useful.

Next, it’s time to dance with the fiend of the warring triad in the Containment Bay S1T7. Until then, happy tanking and see you next time..