Hello tanksters, Stark here and this is the tanking guide for The Void Ark. This is a 24-player raid where you will help a swashbuckling band of sky pirates explore a wandering ghost air ship. This raid is here for the funsies and unless most people are running for the first time, it will not pose much of a challenge. There are five bosses in this raid, separated by the usual mob groups. These mobs are as easy as they get and with 15 DPSers in the raid group, you handle them all in the same way. Group them all up and burn them all down. The first boss is Cetus, a flying manta-ray demon of some kind. This is a good opportunity to decide who’ll main tank. As per convention in experienced parties, this tends to be first tank who decides to pull the boss. “You Pull You Tank” as the rule goes. However, in very messy parties where all tanks go at the same time, you can also let the tank with the greatest enmity on the boss stay as main tank. In other words, as tank, if Cetus is ignoring you, consider yourself off-tanking for the rest of the raid.

Let’s look at mechanics then. As main tank, try to keep the boss facing away from the raid as best you can. This helps contain its various frontal AoEs. Cetus will frequently Body Slam an area of the arena so either move away if you’re there or go after it if you’re tanking. Immersion will spawn several persistent damage pools on the arena, avoid these if you can. Electric Swipe targets players behind him for an AoE, just move away from this or stay at its side. Symbiosis summons some additional adds to harass the party. As off-tank, you know what to do here. At 65% health, Cetus flies away for a bit while leaving its adds to do its dirty work. The boss chases a marked player while bombarding the arena until you finish off all the adds, so pay attention to everyone’s whereabouts. When all the adds are gone, Cetus will Body Slam the group and charge Electric Whorl, an arena wide AoE. Move within the boss’ targeting circle to evade this. From this phase onwards, Cetus also uses Expulsion, a wide AoE around itself.

Be ready to move out once you see this coming. At one third health, Cetus flies off to the center of the arena and raises a barrier around itself. Cetus then pulls some players inside the barrier while pushing everyone else outside. Regardless of where you end up on, go help kill all the adds you see as fast as possible. You have a limited time to do so or Cetus will wipe the floor with you. Rinse and repeat until you’re done here.

The next fight is on the Forward Port Ventilator. This room has three buttons in opposing areas, and each party needs to take one area. It’s a good idea to mark the areas with A, B, C so each party knows where they can gather. As you engage, multiple adds will spawn around each area. Take care of these as they show up, prioritizing the Pagan Knots.

The longer these Knots live, the more void taint they will put into the air in this room. And that’s what the big button on the floor of each area is there for. When the taint in the air gathers too much, a player can stand in one of the buttons to flush the air down the vents. However, you need to wait until the static on the button goes away or it will just hurt you instead. As always, keep those Morbols facing away from the party at all times. Rinse and repeat once more and move on to the next one. And this is the Sawtooth and Irminsul duo. This fight requires one tank on Sawtooth and one on Irminsul. The third tank can help with any extra adds as they spawn. If you’re on Sawtooth duty, pull this big fellow to the edge of the arena and keep it facing outside. This and evading AoEs is all you must do for most of the fight. If you’re on Irminsul duty, likewise as well. The main mechanic in this fight happens when Sawtooth digs his head into the ground.

Various patches of earth in the arena will rumble and then Sawtooth will try to consume whoever is on them. If you’re off-tanking help kill or move any adds before the boss consumes them. Also, move yourself from the shifting earth patches or the boss will eat you as well. If the boss eats you up, you will lose control of your character and return as a plant zombie, who will then try to zombify other players as well. Also, for each player or add consumed, the bosses gain strength towards their hard enrage. If they have enough of their fill, the entire raid will wipe and you’ll have to start over. At various points, Sawtooth will shoot poison glue projectiles at marked players. When they hit, they bind together all players in the target area in green goo. If you are free, help free those players by running into the green goo stripes that bind them.

Halfway through the fight, Sawtooth will charge Shockwave Stomp, and instant wipe attack. Everyone without exception must run behind Irminsul to evade this attack. After this one, get back into your positions and finish off the bosses. The next mob area does benefit from ABC markers for the different teams. The mobs don’t pose much of a threat but it makes pulling adds easier as they will keep spawning while the fight goes on. The fourth boss, believe it or not, is Ursula the witch from the Little Mermaid movie. Seriously, you cannot tell me it does not look exactly her. If you want you can mark this room with A,B,C on the west, south and east sides. The convention I’ve seen is to have one party or Ursula’s left, one on her right and one right behind her, usually the party of the main tank.

Of course, this can vary, depending on how newbie the raid is. Ursula has a ton of nasty mechanics and you need to pay attention to the lot of them. The permanent bleeding stack makes everyone’s health keep dropping during this fight so remember you also have crutch healing skills if your healers are having trouble. Corrosive Bile throws a poop load of poop in a certain direction. You see this, you immediately run out of the way, or it will make an outright mess of you. Ursula will also randomly target a player and drop a huge puddle of goo on the floor. Because of this, avoid standing on the raised platforms to make one of the following mechanics easier. Flailing Tentacles stomps everyone in the arena with some severely unwashed arms. Stand between Ursula’s creepy tentacles to avoid this attack.

Idol of Impurity spawns 4 towers around the arena, which increase the bleeding stacks to 5 and eventually overwhelm the healers. They also explode after a while, dealing raid wide damage. This is where the team markers can show their usefulness. You need to destroy these very fast, so to make it efficient, help your team destroy the one near your own party, then proceed to help destroy the one behind the main tank. This helps minimize overall movement around the arena.

Bile Below turns the entire arena into one big pool of exploding goo. The only safe spots are the four square platforms around the edges, excluding the ones covered in goo, so go take shelter in one of them. At around half health, Ursula with charge Void Pact. This opens portals around the arena that keep spawning slime adds. The boss will then try to consume these adds plus anyone near them using a frontal Beckon AoE. Each add will give the boss a stacking damage buff so the raid must kill these adds asap, or at least move them out of the boss’s AoE. After this phase, Ursula will perform a massive raid wide attack, powered by any adds she has consumed. If there’s a good moment to pop some defensive cooldowns, this is it. From this point and until the end, Ursula will now keep casting Black Lung, along with all previous mechanics. This increases the bleeding stack, acting as a soft enrage, and also spawns red orbs around the arena. Players must pick all these orbs up before they explode and bind the whole raid. Now kill Ursula as fast as possible and move on the next one.

The last boss is Knuckles the Echidna. Nah, just kidding. This boss comes straight from the World of Darkness in Final Fantasy III, but I guess the World of Darkness raid was already way too full for its own good. Now considering the poop storm you’ve just been through; this boss is a piece of cake. Start by marking the arena with A,B,C as usual, with markers in the west, north and east edges. As main tank, pull the boss to the north edge and keep it facing away from the party. Abyssal Reaper is a circular AoE but it doesn’t hit for much, so don’t bother moving. Echidna will occasionally jump in the air and a stack marker will follow a random player. Do what the marker asks of you and stack up to share the pain of the attack. Petrifaction is the important one. This gaze attack petrifies you on the spot but you can easily avoid it but looking the other way until it finishes charging. At two points in the fight, the echidna will collapse and break into three smaller bosses.

These will tether together and stack up on defence so you need to pull them all apart. Luckily for you, each one of them holds automatic aggro on one of the tanks, so all you must do is run over to your party’s way marker. You don’t even have to provoke it. In this form, each mini boss uses Flame Wreath, a massive damage fire AoE, however you can stun this one outright. After you finish off all three, gather about for shields against its powerful super attack. The next phases are more of the same, with an increasing number of AoEs and some adds to boot. Echidna will eventually summon two bloodguards to the area to harass the party. As off-tank, go take these on but pay attention of Echidna’s Petrifaction attack as it may catch you off-guard while you’re targeting the add. What will be obvious is Sickle Slash, an outer side AoE with a safe spot in the center.

Anyway, the rest is self-explanatory, just keep avoiding the everything and finish off the boss. And that’s it for the Void Ark. A bit long of a raid but very tolerant of player performance. As always, thanks for watching and feel free to drop a like if you found this useful. Next, you will learn how to walk upside down in the creepingly beautiful Antitower.

Until then, happy tanking and see you next time. .

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