Hello Tanksters, Stark here and this is the guide for Zurvan Normal mode. Not that you need a guide for this one either. This is the new primal in patch The Far Edge of Fate, but it lacks any new primal mechanics to speak of. If you have completed all the content up until now, nothing here will surprise you. Start by turning Zurvan away from the party. This contains his wide cleave attacks. Zurvan then starts dropping sections of platform away while spawning fire circles under random players. As main tank, keep Zurvan turned away as possible as you move to another platform. As everyone else, just stack behind Zurvan to bait the fire circles and then move out of the way when they pop. Keep this going until Zurvan transports you to another arena for phase two.

Soar runs red column AoEs in different directions. These columns also spawn Zurvan clones at the edge of the arena where they end. The clones then run their own red column AoEs while marking one or more players with a large tracking AoE that leaves a lava pool behind. Drop these at the edge and avoid overlapping them with other players as much as possible. Demonic Dive immediately follows, targeting a player for sharable damage. Stack back in the center to handle this. Wave Cannon is a large column AoE targeting a random player. Just move out of the way when you see this coming. Keep this going and Zurvan goes off to power his Ultimate while his adds keep you busy. As usual. The first set of three adds have no apparent mechanics to speak of. Pack up and burn down. On the second set of two adds, one add will keep harassing the party with meteors.

Focus on this add first to reduce the overall annoyance level. The third set of three adds follows the same pattern. Pack them up while focusing your burn down on the casting add. Mop these up and Zurvan shows you how envious of Odin he is, before moving on to phase three. This phase is more of the same, with some Liquid Flame mechanics on top. Tyrfing is a tank buster in the form of multiple slashes followed by a fire attack. This is akin to Holy Bladedance in Thordan and hits like a semi-truck on a freeway. As tank, be generous with cooldowns and self-heals for this one.

Broken Seal spawns several fire and ice meteor circles. By now, you have noticed the boss has marked everyone with a fire or an ice debuff. Take note of your colour and move to the respective meteor circle. At least one player of the same colour must get in each circle to avert this attack. Going in the wrong circle doesn’t help and makes you take more damage instead. Ciclicle is an arena-wide AoE with a safe spot near the boss. Just move there to evade this. Southern Cross spawns ice pools under several players. The boss still uses Soar, albeit with more lava pool markers. Spread out while the boss runs these so you have a better chance of keeping the lava pools from each other. Biting Halberd is an arena-wide AoE with a safe spot behind his back.

Just move right behind him. Tail End is a circular AoE around the boss. Just move to the outside edge. Mechanics repeat until you send this demon back to the underworld. And that’s it for Zurvan Normal mode. Thanks for watch and let me know if you have any questions in the comments below. Next on the list is Dun Scaith, the new 24-player raid in 3.5.

Until then, take care and see you next time. .

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