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Stormblood Gathering Guide: Collectables and Red Scrips



Good day everyone! Today we’ll be having a closer look at how to efficiently level your gathering classes with collectables in the new Stormblood expansion. In addition to being an excellent source of experience collectables also provide Red Scrips a type of currency necessary for purchasing tomes of folklore. For this reason, leveling through collectables provides much higher value for your time as opposed to levequests which I would recommend saving for your crafting classes instead. Before we get started it’s important to first go over the optimal rotation used for leveling also known as the Red Scrip rotation. It begins with Discerning Eye into Methodical Appraisal followed by another Discerning Eye into Methodical Appraisal and finished with a Single Mind into Methodical Appraisal. A simple, yet extremely efficient rotation that consistently yields 3 collectables before factoring in any node-specific bonuses. It’s important to clarify that while 600 GP is sufficient to execute this rotation additional GP is highly desirable to help raise your gathering chances. In addition, be mindful that appraisals raise collectability based on your Perception attribute and if the amount is not adequate the rotation will not reach the necessary 450 collectability.

That being said this shouldn’t be a problem if you keep your equipment up to date and it’s always possible to use food buffs or meld cheap materia to help raise your attributes. In any case be sure pay a visit to Kurogai in Kugane for affordable GP and Gathering food or the Steppe Cook in Reunion if you need GP and Perception instead.

Now, let’s get started with the collection proper. Unspoiled nodes provide the most valuable collectables and in Stormblood, it’s possible to visit all relevant nodes for both Mining and Botany, in sequence starting at Lv. 61. With regards to timers, I strongly recommend utilizing a tracking website such as the excellent Garland Bell which you’ll find a link for in the video description to notify you when unspoiled nodes become available. For Miners, the day begins with Raw Triphane at the Fringes, in slot 6 followed by Raw Star Spinel at the Ruby Sea, in slot 8. Once you have reached Lv. 66 a new unspoiled node becomes available at the Azim Steppe, containing Raw Azurite in slot 7. Now, for Botanists, the day begins with Beech Branches at the Fringes, in slot 3 followed by Bamboo Shoot at Yanxia, in slot 8. Similarly to Miners, a third unspoiled node becomes available upon reaching Lv. 66 containing Lotus Root, also at Yanxia, in slot 7.

Rotating between all six nodes is entirely possible with a little help from cordials. If you are unable to craft or purchase them in the marketboard remember that you can always exchange them for Grand Company Seals in your respective Grand Company. And unlike Heavensward unspoiled nodes in Stormblood remain active for up to six minutes allowing you to regenerate a significant amount of GP in between. When all is said and done simply return to the House of Splendors in Rhalgr’s Reach to exchange your collectables. By the time you reach Lv. 70 you should have amassed enough Red Scrips to afford all tomes of folklore allowing you to gather the most exotic items Stormblood has to offer..

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