Stormblood Primal Guide: Byakko Extreme


Good day everyone, and welcome to The Jade Stoa (Extreme) where we’ll be quelling the primal rage of Byakko of the Four Lords in his empowered incarnation! Similar to the other primals Byakko’s mechanics are best explained separately as many of them will repeat throughout the different phases under different circumstances. In addition placing down three waymarks in an equidistant triangle around the arena will greatly assist with positioning for many of Byakko’s mechanics and is highly encouraged. Upon engaging Byakko healers should first be wary of Storm Pulse a party-wide attack that deals moderate damage and will occur multiple times in succession later on in the fight. In the meantime the main tank should keep an eye out for Heavenly Strike a hard-hitting tankbuster that must be mitigated accordingly and kept away from the other players.

The first signature mechanic of this trial comes in the form of State of Shock where Byakko will restrain the highest enmity target and slam them at the stack marker shortly after. This set of events will occur twice. However, due to the vulnerability that gets applied each stack marker must be occupied by different players. To satisfy this condition one healer and two DPS are normally assigned to each marker beforehand and tanks must be sure to swap each time the other has been restrained. The second signature ability of Byakko comes in the form of Unrelenting Anguish a bullet hell mechanic where players will be tasked with avoiding slow-moving projectiles. At the same time three players – a tank, a healer and a DPS will be marked with Ominous Wind a volatile red barrier that will explode should they come in contact with one another. To avoid collapsing together these marked players should gravitate towards their respective waymark as this mechanic begins. Normally A for tanks, B for healers, and C for DPS. After a moderate delay Byakko will summon his companion Hakutei who should be picked up by the off-tank faced away from the party and focused down as quickly as possible.

At the same time two players – a healer and a DPS will be marked and begin dropping void puddles after a short delay. As before these players should gravitate toward their respective waymarks to keep the center of the arena clear. Upon nearing half health Hakutei will launch to the skies creating a proximity damage marker on the off-tank who should remain distant from the other players. Meanwhile the rest of the party should collapse inside the safe zone created by Byakko’s Distant Clap and be ready to avoid Hakutei’s wide attack that follows shortly after. Upon returning Hakutei will take the center stage to begin casting The Roar of Thunder a DPS check that deals damage based on how much health he has left once the cast ends. At the same time several energy orbs will spawn around the arena that should be collected by the party. A task normally assigned to healers before they reach Hakutei. Once the cast completes Byakko will unleash his primal fury on the party leading us into the next phase. Byakko: Behold! Fury given form! The freefall segment remains largely the same in Extreme mode containing only slightly more complex orb patterns which can still be maneuvered around relatively easily.

Upon landing, however proper mitigation will be required to withstand Byakko’s ultimate attack as the party rallies to enter the final phase of the trial. Byakko: To ashes with you! Byakko: Impressive! Very well, I shall bring all to bear! Upon re-engaging the boss Byakko will repeat many of his previous mechanics albeit in different combinations alongside a handful of new abilities. Among them, we have Hundredfold Havoc a progressive line AoE mechanic that slowly moves outward split into two different sets. One of the many ways to clear this mechanic is to simply wait for the first set to strike twice and move in before the second set begins. Up next, we have Sweep the Leg a mechanic that is also present in Normal mode but is not telegraphed in Extreme. Sweep the Leg will always follow State of Shock the double party stack mechanic but players should always keep a close eye on Byakko’s cast bar to avoid being caught by surprise.

And finally, we have Gale Force. This mechanic will also target three players a tank, a healer and a DPS and mark them with circle AoEs. These players must quickly travel to their respective waymarks as each Gale Force will create a growing tempest that if overlapped with another will explode and deal significant damage to the party. Lastly, it’s important to mention that Byakko will summon Hakutei a second time during this phase. In addition to the same puddle markers Hakutei should still be picked up by the off-tank and faced away from the other players. However, it’s possible for the party to focus their attention solely on Byakko and forego Hakutei’s DPS check by using a tank Limit Break III and healer mitigation to survive The Roar of Thunder as its cast nears completion. Keep in mind that while this strategy is largely favored in Party Finder groups it also relies on few to no duplicate jobs to guarantee a full Limit Break bar. Without it, Hakutei should be dealt with the same way he was in the first phase. At this point you have seen all the mechanics this trial has to offer with Byakko repeating his previous mechanics until the party quells his primal rage.

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