Stormblood Primal Guide: Susano Extreme


Good day everyone and welcome to the Pool of Tribute (Extreme) where we’ll be fighting against Susano in his empowered incarnation made possible by the powerful melody of the Wandering Minstrel. Susano: Let the revels… Begin! The mechanics of this trial are best explained in their respective order of appearance from engaging the boss, through his transition, to the climactic ending. Susano will slowly introduce his abilities to players throughout the phases and begin combining them as the fight progresses. It will be up to the players to anticipate his combos and position themselves accordingly. Upon engaging Susano, it’s important to ensure he is facing away from the rest of the party at all times as he often performs a frontal cleave attack that hits for a significant amount of damage.

The first mechanic players will have to deal with is Churning a short duration debuff that lands on four party members. Affected players must not perform any actions as the debuff runs out indicated by the spinning dice above their heads, or they will be heavily penalized. This includes moving, auto-attacking, executing weapon skills, or casting spells. Susano will also combine this mechanic with Rasen Kaikyo spawning several danger zones underneath players that trigger after a short time. Party members affected by Churning must quickly reposition themselves or risk being struck by both mechanics. The second major mechanic of Susano comes in the form of Yata Mirror an ability that marks a random party member, knocks them back and forms a thin safety line between the marked player and the boss. While Yata Mirror seems harmless by itself the challenge comes when it is combined with one of two possible follow-up abilities both of which also target the marked player. Firstly, Brightstorm – a party-stacking mechanic. The afflicted player must quickly travel back through the safety line and join the rest of the party in order to avoid certain death.

And secondly, Thunderhead. This mechanic forms an additional danger zone between the marked player and a Thundercloud that spawns in a random location around the arena. This specific combination of mechanics is especially dangerous as it has the potential to cover the only safe zone available to the party. The marked player must quickly locate the Thundercloud and avoid having it line up with the safe zone. As the fight progresses, Susano will enter his transition phase where he will attempt to eliminate the party in a single strike using his Divine Sword.

Susano: Wild and pure, and forever free! During this transition, it falls to the main tank to engage in the first Active Time Maneuver. Holding the sword in place, while the DPS and healers attempt to break it before the time runs out. At the same time, the off tank will be tasked with collecting four orbs that spawn around the edges of the arena starting in the northeastern corner and continuing clockwise. After fending off Susano’s first strike, the process will repeat one more time and both tanks must swap duties, due to the slashing penalty applied by blocking the sword. Show Susano you’re happy to partake in the revel and get ready to enter the final phase of the trial. Susano: Rejoice! Upon re-engaging the boss, Susano will introduce Stormsplitter a cleaving tank buster attack that applies a slashing penalty, forcing a tank swap. Stormsplitter will occur for the remainder of the encounter and tanks must be ready to provoke roughly every minute.

In this phase, Susano will also mark four party members in sequence with Levinbolt indicated by the purple marker above their heads and striking them with lightning after a short time. For this mechanic, afflicted players must use the crevice left behind by Susano’s sword to their advantage dropping their respective Levinbolts on empty sides of the arena to avoid damaging other players. At a later point, an alternate version of this mechanic – or Static Levin, will also appear stunning the marked players and restricting their movement forcing the rest of the party to move to the opposite side of the arena instead. Preventing excess damage from Levinbolts is necessary due to the follow-up mechanic – Ukehi which deals significant damage to all party members and cannot be avoided. The final mechanic of this encounter makes a return from normal mode – the Sealed Gate. Susano will mark a random, non-tank party member and trap them inside a gaol.

But unlike normal mode, the player is shuffled at a much faster speed and is often difficult to keep track of. There are two ways to identify the correct target. Firstly, and most commonly used the trapped player can simply mark his own gaol as his camera will also move during the shuffling. Secondly, the correct target will always appear last in the enmity list allowing the party to locate the trapped player in case marking doesn’t occur in time. Be mindful of your positioning throughout the mechanics and anticipate Susano’s abilities by keeping a sharp eye on your surroundings. Once you reach this point, it becomes a matter of making small adjustments to your strategy. Oblige the Lord of the Revel in his dance of mechanics and victory will be yours. Susano: Hahahahahahahahahaha! T’was a memorable dance indeed!.

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