Zepla: Uh, why do these people have crowns? Why don’t I have a crown? What in the seven hells is going on here?! Mae: Oh, you haven’t heard? It’s for the new mentorship program. If you meet certain requirements, you can actually become a mentor and help new players learn the game. I’m actually thinking of becoming a mentor myself, but I’m just not sure if – …Zepla? Zep… Zepla: This stupid achievement is the only thing standing between me and my crown. Only 190 more kills for my crown! Then I’ll get the respect I deserve. Should I become a mentor? Being a teacher would be so much responsibility. Am I really capable of providing new players with such guidance? Perhaps I should learn more about the game before becoming one.

Who is it? It is I, Zepla Din, Her Excellency Queen Madame! Mae: Oh, for Nophica’s sake… Well, what do you think? The crown, I mean. It’s nice, yeah? I feel like you’re missing the point. Zep: I don’t follow. Mae: Oh, forget it. At least you’re a tank. I’m sure that’s always welcome in the Mentor Roulette. Zepla: Mentor wha? You don’t even know what I’m talking about, do you?! What about novice chat? Have you even SPOKEN to a novice? Novice cha….

OH! You must mean that green wall of text? Boy, that was really getting annoying! I put it in a separate tab so I don’t have to look at it anymore. Of all the selfish and irresponsible things! You see something shiny and you just HAVE to have it – it doesn’t matter what it means! What if a novice actually needs your help? What if they think all mentors are like you? Oh geez, they probably are…


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