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Titan (Hard Mode / Brutal) Guide – Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn (#07)



Hello: everyone Today we’re back on Final Fantasy XIV, A Realm Reboirn against Titan Hard mode, Maybe the video that was asked the most on A Realm Reborn, Since it’s really a powerful enemy. I did this fight with a guilde, because unfortunatly I’ve tried a lot doing it in the search systems, but it wasn’t possible. So i shouldn’t tell you to do it with it, But if you still want to try look very closely to this video or even other video available on Internet, But this fight will also ask a level of stuff. I know lot of people ragequit, because of that. I wont tell you: you have to get a Relic or thing like that for this fight, But i saw more than once people with AF and some armor level 30 coming at this fight.

It’S just not possible to do it with it. I think some level – 50 armors and some DarkLight Stuff With a Ifrit Weapon are the least for this fight At the moment not much new compared to the normal version. That’S why i haven’t started to talk about what’s happening on the screen, But you probably noticed that i wrotte on the screen the ability order, he’ll use during that phase, Because Titan will use the same ability order each time. It’S something really important to know. He just jumped which mean we get to the next phase.

The 3rd phase, But it’ll be the first phase where he has a lot of Ability He’s, starting by Landslide i’ll writte, both french and english name on the screen. We’Ll talk about this ability later look what’s happening on the screen. We call this attack bombs, He’ll, make bomb pop on the field, there’s diferent kind of Bomb. This one is the Cercle Bomb. It’S really important to look where the first bomb has appear and everyone has to go hide on the middle bomb, Since it’s the last bomb that pop the Bomb will explose in the order they appeared.

So we must stay near the last bomb, the middle one and run at the place where the first bomb has exploded. He just used the Rock ability where someone will get stuck in a rock We’ll need to break it to set our member free. Just like the normal version of the fight, i made a video on it He’s about to ruse again the Bomb attack, but this time he’ll use the 2nd kind of bomb which might be the easiest one. It’S the X bomb where the bomb will appear and make a X it’s the easiest one. We just need to go at one of the free part of the X and at that time not only we wont get his by his attack, But we’ll also continue to hit him if our position is good. So it’s not interupting the fight. Here we get at a very important part: the heart phase, it’s a DPS Race. His first attack will be the rock he’ll use it again, a 2nd time during the fight, but be careful. We should only set free, the first Rock, Because most of the time when we try to set free, the 2nd Rock, we wont get enough time to destroy the heart And if that’s the case, we all get OneShot by his big attack.

This time we haven’t needed. The Limit break but don’t be afraid to use it if you need it, Even increasing the Limit break at the begining of the batttle to get a better limit break. I saw a lot of people in the search party not bothering with it, because for them The “ TrueGamer” don’t need it. Ok, i might do a little too much, But tell yourself it’s better, not to be a TrueGamer and kill Titan and being one and still be stuck at him. So here we get on the 5th and last phase of the battle, which is the hardest in the fight He get a first Atack Moutain Buster, It’s a Cone AoE that should only hit the tank. If your position are good, You can also see his attack. Plume was increased, I think it’s 7 area now that’ll be hit And you can have more than 1 plume at the same spot. That’S why position are very important. We’Ll get back to this later.

Here you saw the 3rd kind of bomb, which is the line one And in the 5th phase, it’ll be followed by a Landslide, so be really careful. The middle line always pop first. So we have to wait on the last line that pop And when the first line explode, we have to get there really fast. We really need to be careful since there’s only 3 explosion, So it’s the hardest to avoid He jkust used Rock and Landslide. We need to be really careful in this phase. As you can see, his attack are much faster now Here again Plume. As i said earlier, the position are really important. The purpose is to be all around the arena and keep the middle free, so a plume never pop there. So when the plume pop all around the area, everyone just has to go to the middle of the area to avoid them And there can be more than one pume at the same spot.

So if 2 people are at the same position, there’s 2 plume And it’ll do twice damage UHe’s using again the rock i think, you’re starting to know the ability rotation. Now It’s very important because once we know what we’ll be his next attack, We can start evading them before they appear He’s using the Stomp. Now a ability i haven’t talked about. Yet It’s a attack. That’S not really important at the begining of the fight. It’S when titan hit the ground And everyone get damage, But near the end it start to do a lot of damage. It can go up to 5 hit per stomp and can go up to 800 damag epoint. So if you do the math, it can go at about 4000 damage point on everyone, which is huge more than a HP Bar from a DD. It can be really hard for healer. He just did his Line Bomb attack and unfortunatly. I got hit trying to evade the landslide At this mement.

The fight started to become really stressing because we lost one of our healre And, as i said earlier, some of his attacvk such has the stomp does a lot of damage. I must admit i thought at this moment “, I think it’s over”, I wont tell you if he’ll die or not i’ll, let you the surprise p. One of the advantage we had was that bard get a special ability for the last 20 % of the mob, which will increase the DPS, and since we had 3 Bard, it might helped a lot too The Bomb phase in X. It’S going to help a lot. I think because at least nobody get hit during that phase, The glissement too. This is good for our current situation, So here it’s tme for me to use the Limit Break level 3 from the Monk. I’M really happy because i think it’s the first time i’m showing it to you in video, But since we’re stuck while we’re using it i’m getting hit by a plume, It did some damage not too huge.

I know monk can get a lot higher, But unfortunatly at that time i still had the ifrit weapon, But now with the relic, it should be much better. I hop you liked this video on Titan HM, Like the video. If you liked Share it Favorite Comment And Subscribe Good day, everyone See you alater

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