Watch This First! | Final Fantasy XIV New Adventurer Guides


What?s up everyone? Alex here! Welcome to my series of New Adventurer guides for Final Fantasy XIV! This might sound like it?s coming from left-field, so this video will talk about why I?m making these and who the target audience is. But first, let me give you a little bit of a background! For the past few years now, Final Fantasy XIV?s population has increased rapidly, thanks to the positive word of mouth the MMO has been generating. Back when I used to stream games in 2015, I was known as someone who could explain Final Fantasy XIV?s various nuances by discussing things in a way that players, unfamiliar with the MMO genre, would be able to understand. It?s in this spirit that I?ve decided to pursue making videos about it, to help new adventurers acclimate themselves with the workings of Final Fantasy XIV. But one of the perils of creating guides like these, when you?ve only played the highest levels of the game as of late, is that it wouldn?t do much good if I were unable to experience what new players had to go through today.

It?s because of this that alongside creating these guides, I will be replaying through the entirety of Final Fantasy XIV from beginning to the current end, applying the knowledge I?ve learned over the years, in the hopes of being able to help new adventurers learn the intricacies of the game. And that?s about the only assumption I?ll be making about you – that you?ve never played an MMO before, and that you?re here because you?re entertaining the idea of playing – and learning – Final Fantasy XIV. That being said, I?ll also be posting supplementary material that should help teach you some fundamental ideas about the game and, maybe, convince you to try other content as well! My goal for these guides is for you to be able to find the answers to the questions you have quickly and to not spend too much time watching so that you can spend more time playing! For those who have been long time subscribers to the channel, don?t worry! One of the best things about Final Fantasy XIV is that you?re able to play other games alongside it, so you?ll still be getting the same great videos you?ve come to know and love on the channel! I hope this clarifies why I?m making these videos and what that means for the rest of the channel.

This series has been years in the making, and I hope that if you find these guides helpful, that you?ll share this video with your friends who may be interested in joining you on your adventures! I?d also encourage you to post any questions you may have in the comments below or on any of the videos in this series! Many new players scour the comments to see if their own questions are addressed, so ask away! And finally, I encourage you to download the free trial if you?re really curious about Final Fantasy XIV! It?s available on PS4, PC, and Mac, and it?s free to play all the way up until level 35! And don?t worry if you get it on a different platform than your friends, as FFXIV supports cross-play! The links to all of these – as well as more information about the game – can be found in the description of this video! Thanks for watching, and see you in Eorzea!

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