Hey everyone! welcome to my video this is the seventh one on this series with budget builds for easy to get arena bonus heroes this time we have three Ethlyn from the last tempest trial Garon from the last grand hero battle and the free hero Fjorm i already did one of these for Fjorm, you can find it here, or on the playlist i’ll link in the description so Ethlyn is a cavalry healer, and you really shouldnt use her for arena she has bad attack and defense, good speed, and awful resistance healers are pretty cool, i really like them, and they can be really strong too but with the current arena scoring system, you’ll always be at a disadvantage using them also, there’s only 2 copies of her available, so her ceiling is pretty low if you still want to use her, she doesn’t need a lot of investment.

As she already comes with an almost full build in a budget you can keep all her skills, and just give her a nice buff for the C skill both of the weapon refinements are good, with the dazzling effect she can work as a debuffer while the wrathful effect is great if you can buff Ethlyn’s attack and speed stats for the seal slot you can give her attack or speed +3 for an offensive build or just another buffing skill for a more supportive build Garon is an infantry red dragon he has decent attack, defense and resistance, and awful speed he comes with the legendary Breath of Blight, with a pretty interesting effect, but not very reliable he also comes with Dragon fang, distant defense, and planic ploy distant defense is a pretty good skill, but i don’t really like it without a distant counter effect i think i like garon as a sort of mixed tank i’d give him fury for the A skill, or close defense if you have a spare one quick riposte for the B skill, to compensate for Garon’s awful speed panic ploy is fine for the C skill, and close defense for the seal slot i’d swap his special for bonfire or ignis, and just give him reposition for the assist slot alternatively, you can give him a more offensive build with brazen attack/defense on the A slot, vantage for the B slot get him heavy blade for the seal slot, and keep dragon fang for the special this one is pretty fun, but you’ll have to get him to low HP before he gets going and those are the heroes for this week by the way, last week i made a builds video for Selena, these are more complete and expensive builds you can check it out here, or in the playlist i linked in the description That was it for the video! thank you so much for watching please consider subscribing, liking and sharing.

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