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Forge of Empires Beginner’s Tips


Forge of Empires Beginner?s Tips by sysbobby

* You need Forge Points (shown on the upper-mid of game screen) to proceed research.
* Forge Points stack up by 1 point every 1 hour.
* You can buy Forge Points not only with Diamonds but also with gold. The price goes up by 50 gold every time you buy.

* You can check Battle History, change profile&city; name&avatar; image, and check how many goods you have by clicking the Town Hall.
* All buildings have to be connected with road to function ? all roads have to be connected to the Town Hall
* You don?t have to connect decorations with roads ? place decorations where you can?t connect roads
* Using the space wisely means building roads as less as possible
* If your provided happiness exceed approximately 140% of happiness demand, the productivity of all buildings go up to 120%
* You can move and relocate anything in your town, including the Town Hall ? but cannot rotate them
* Demand for happiness = Total population
* The reason to have population = for military units, buildings construction, and gold
* There?s no city wall (but yes in the near future, I hope)
* 3?2 size buildings are awesome for space efficiency ? but there are only few types

* You don?t have to conquer a land with resources to produce goods made of them ? they just provide more goods so not a requirement
* Town Hall produces 500 gold every 24 hours
* Expensive houses do not always mean they?re better in gold production ? calculate before you build
* Different types of houses have different times for gold production ? some produce 160 gold every 4hours, some produce 13 gold every 15 min.
* 5 minute supply production relatively provides you the most ? but remember you have to click every 5 minutes.
* If your provided happiness exceed approximately 140% of happiness demand, the productivity of all buildings go up to 120%
* Check how many goods you have and how many will be required in the near future ? sell goods buildings ASAP if have more stocks than necessary

* You don?t have to research everything ? check if it?s required for higher tiers
* Researches that require Diamonds are additional space expansions
* The exterior of your Town Hall changes when you finish any research (1) in the next era

* Melee units fight back when attacked ? but they can do so only once before a new turn arrives for that unit
* You can use above rule strategically ? attack an enemy with full-health units and finish it with your almost-dead unit. Then you lose no one.
* Conquering a land does not mean you can establish another town ? you just get a bonus or resource provided by that land
* Your Defending units do not die when your neighbors attack you ? but your units die when YOU attack neighbors
* You can heal your military units by waiting for few hours or spending Diamonds

* You can turn off music/sound ? or both of them
* You can Zoom in/out by moving mouse scroll
* You need Adobe Flash to play this game


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