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Forgotten Elements Online Quest Complete Guide


Forgotten Elements Online Quest Complete Guide by Cetra

This is a walkthrough to help guide you through the world of Forgotten Elements. It is designed both to be easily understood by players as well as clear up some of the quest descriptions within the game. This is the basic layout of how the quests are displayed:

1) Chain NPC ? Tells you which npc begins this ?chain? of quests. (e.g. B3 = Chain B, Quest 3)
2) Quest Name (followed by chain code) ? This will be the in-game name of the quest, matching the one that is listed in your quest log.
3) Quest Objective ? This is the goal, or requirements needed to be met in order to solve the quest.
4) Quest Location ? This is the particular map where you can find the requirements for completing the quest.
5) Quest Route ? This will show which maps needed to be traveled in order to reach the ?Quest Location?.
6) Quest Reward ? This tells you the amount of Experience, Gold, and (if possible) Item that will be received upon completion.

I have included pictures to help locate the beginnings and endings of quests for your convenience.

A1. Grandfather?s Axe

A2. The Strange Stone

B1. Collecting Spider Legs

C1. Returning Pearl

D1. Missing Dala

D2. Defeat the Evil

D3. Good News


D4. Visiting Telumin


E1. Scattered Crops


F1. Magic Drink

G1. Missed Brother


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