Forsaken World Abbreviations List


Forsaken World Abbreviations List?by Falchoir

-FW-specific abbreviations:

AC: Ancestral Catacombs, level 65 gear instance

ACV: Advanced Creekbank Valley, a version of CV open to 50+

AH: Auction House. Can also refer to Angelic Harmony, a powerful, rare, and much sought-after priest skill.

ANC: Advanced Nightmare Carnival. A version of NC open to 40+. Awards Game Coins, which can be traded for skill scrolls.

AoS: Arena of Souls, level 40 gear instance

AS: Aeon Spire, level 75 gear instance

ASHM: Aeon Spire Hard Mode. Special version of AS in which you skip to the final boss (on steroids).

Azures: Azureclouds, mana gems

Bloods: Bloodstones, HP gems

CF: Campfire. Guild base event that?s like condensed afk training- sit in an area for 30 minutes and get great exp. Any level can attend, I think.

CoW: Chamber of Wind, level 65-69 fissure

CV: Creekbank Valley, a level 30+ instance for pet catching.

CV:IP: Creekbank Valley, Immortal Pool. Version of CV open to 70+

DO: Dragon Orders, a type of bounty/kill quest that awards Soul Power points and exp. Open to 60+. May also be used with the name of a type of monster: Bloodpact (levels 60-69?), ARMs (70-74), Dervishes (75-79), Goblins (80).

Dusk Town: Defend Dusk Town, an instance open to 60+. (Awards?)

EC: Emperor?s Canyon, level 20 gear instance

EE: Eagle-Eye. Accuracy gem

Exo: Exorcism. Guild base event that gives massive exp. Levels 30+ can attend. There should be a guide somewhere on the forums?

FH: Freedom Harbor

F K: Fort Khoaway. Special instance every Monday that gives skill scrolls, skill items, etc for higher-levels.

FP: Forgotten Prison, level 70 gear instance?aka hell for squishies

FR: Fort Rotulor, level 10 gear instance

GBQ: Guild base quest

GFC: Ghostfang Castle, a 70+ (?) instance that awards runes. Must have 80 Dedication to enter (for lead or all?)

GL: Glistening Lowlands. A once-a-day instance open to levels 40+ that awards one gembox to levels 40-59, two gemboxes to 60+. Best done within a certain level range, as mobs and boss scale to level.

GoS: Gauntlet of Storms.?aka that place where everyone dies.?75+ gear instance that drops purple (epic) gear.

GT: God?s Trial. Instance that gives huge exp, open only at certain times of day.

GS: Goldsparks, crit chance gems

HoA: Hall of Aspen, level 70-74 fissure

LCS: LCS Daybreaker, a fissure-like instance open to 55+ (I think). It is timed in that you must defeat all mobs and bosses before the ship is destroyed. Like GL, it is advisable to go with a party within your level range.

LH: Lost Lighthouse, level 30 gear instance

mFR, mEC, mLH, mAoS, etc: Mentored instances, in which high-levels assist lower-levels with low-level instances in exchange for mentor points and glory points, which can be exchanged for rewards.

MGT: God?s Trial, mentor mode. Not to be confused with the other mentor instances, which need recruit scrolls, MGT is a version of GT that matches some lower-levels (50-) with higher levels. In this version, lower-levels have the opportunity to collect Divined Glory gems for extra exp, gain more experience from killing mobs, and regen health throughout.

MM: Marksman

NC: Nightmare Carnival, an instance composed entirely of minigames that awards Game Tokens, which can be traded for gold coins or weapons.

NFC: Nightfall Citadel, level 60+ area

NMQ or NQ: Nightmare Queen Alanna. A 60+ guild event that involves summoning and defeating a boss.

OAC: Outer Ancestral Catacombs, level 60 gear instance

Prot: Protector

R7, R3, etc: Designates a realm.

Rages: Ragefires, attack gems

Rift or IR: The Immortal Rift. Guild vs. guild event that takes place every Saturday night. (Now referred to as Territory Wars)

SI: Self-invite. Basically, a way to join someone?s party without them having to directly invite you- to SI, right-click a person?s name in chat and select the ?Join Party? or ?Invite? option.

Sin: Assassin

Shatters: Shattershards, crit damage gems

SoL: Shrine of Light, level 75+ fissure

Solars: Solarflares, defense gems

SoO: Sea of Oblivion, level 20+ area

ToG: Tomb of Glory, level 30-39 fissure

ToK: Tomb of Kings, level 75+ gear instance

TR: Trade run. Sometimes called GTR, guild trade run, when done for a guild.

TW: Territory Wars (see Rift)

Vamp: Vampire

Wades: Wade?s Fishing Hole, a 60+ (?) instance. (Rewards?)

War: Warrior

WC: Wraith Castle. There are two floors. First floor is the 40-49 fissure, second is the 50-59 fissure. May also be abbreviated WC1 or WC2. Some people may also use this for Welkins, so double-check with them.

Welkins: Welkins Castle, level 50 gear instance

WP: Water Prison, level 60-64 fissure

WW: Waterwheel Emergency. Event every Saturday that gives big exp- can be soloed, but best done in groups.

3v3 or 6v6: Refers to the different modes of Arena, which is player vs player and available in level brackets to levels 45+.

For those new to MMOS,

-General MMO abbreviations:

AoE: Area of effect- either a spell that heals multiple friendlies or damages multiple enemies. Also refers to classes that specialize in AoE damage, like mages and burst marksmen.

BOGO: Buy one, get one (free). Refers to various timed offers in the Boutique, where a player will receive an extra reward for purchasing a given item.

BRB: Be right back

BRT: Be right there

C/O: Current offer (for an auction)

CSer, CSing, etc: Cashshopper/cashshopping- using real world money to gain something in the game. Can range from buying fashion/advanced mounts in the Boutique, to buying Star Crystals/gems en masse to refine gear, to buying Mercury Statuettes and other Boutique items and selling them for in-game gold.

DC: Disconnect

DoT: Damage over time

DPS: Damage per second- also refers to any class whose main purpose is dealing damage.

G2G: Good to go/Got to go

HoT: Heal over time

LFG/LFP: Looking for group/party

LFM: Looking for more- sometimes with the specific number needed, i.e. LF1M, LF2M, etc

Mobs: Random monsters

PK: Player kill- when a player kills another player, often without permission

PvE: Player vs. Environment. Refers to game activities that don?t involve fighting other players- e.g. killing monsters, running instances, general questing, etc. A PvE server is one in which you cannot be attacked by other players without giving permission to be attacked, such as if someone challenges you to a duel and you accept. (Servers: Lionheart, Storm, Illyfue)

PvP: Player vs. Player. Refers to activities which involve fighting other players- e.g. arena, duels, guild wars, etc. A PvP server is one in which you can be attacked at any time by other players once you are outside a designated ?safe zone.? (Servers: Eyrda, Nyos)

PUG: Pick-up group- refers to random groups from que/world chat

QQ: Crying/complaining/whining

RPK: Random player killing- when a player goes around killing other players for the hell of it.

SMH: Shake my head/So much hate

Tank: The party member who absorbs the attacks of enemies, leaving other, squishier members free to attack without harm. Often a protector or warrior, sometimes a blood vampire.

WC: Wrong chat or world chat, depending on context

WTB: Want to buy- also can be phrased as B>

WTS: Want to sell- also can be phrased as S>

WTT: Want to trade

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