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Forsaken World Botany Maps?by barelylegalsin

Here are the Full Botany Maps I wanted to share with everyone who is wondering where to find certain plants. Sleeping Jungle is finished as far as plant maps are concerned, but we are still missing some plant locations so please give us a hand and compare your map with these ones. There may be a few plant locations missing, so if you want to share their locations reply to this thread with the following info:

Plant Type:
Location: (Coordinates)

Or you can copy one of my maps and add a dot (of another color to specify) where the missing plant is, or even submit your own map from in-game. I hope this is a helpful tool for everyone new or old.

Added:?Added specifics on Dream Kelp locations found around Jadegloss Lake, these can be found at the bottom of the thread.

Kalaires Plains

Wild Rose?(Level 1)

Lavender?(Level 1)

Violet Kelp?(Level 2)

Sea of Oblivion

Date Palm?(Level 2)

Parchment Grass?(Level 2)

Violet Kelp?(Level 2)

Cactus?(Level 3)

Desert Rose?(Level 4)

Golden Vine?(Level 3)

Hyacinth?(Level 3)

Sleeping Lotus?(Level 3)

Lunagrant Woodlands

Agrimony?(Level 4)

Violet Rose
?(Level 4)

Windsong Mum?(Level 4)

Golden Lily?(Level 4)

Rosemary?(Level 4)

Moth Orchid?(Level 4)

Gloomy Forest

Specter Lotus?(level 5)

Blood Vine?(Level 5)

Silver Lotus?(Level 5)

Nocturnal Jade?(Level 5)

Violet Clover?(Level 5)

Hazed Wilderness

Frostblade Grass?(Level 6)

Highland Moss?(Level 5)

Nocturnal Jade?(Level 5)

Violet Clover?(Level 5)

Silver Lotus?(Level 5)

Dreamland Petals?(Level 6)

Sleeping Jungle

Jungle Moss?(Level 6)

Dream Kelp***?(Level 6)

Illyfue?s Blessing?(Level 7)

Twin Top?(Level 7)

Catacombs Vine
?(Level 6) (Level 7)

Snake?s Core?(Level 7)

Flare Lotus?(Level 7)

Dew Grass?(Level 7)

Blue Agave?(Level 6)

Dreamland Petals?(Level 6)

Green Berry?(Level 6)

Cocoa?(Level 6)

Peace Lily*?(Level 1)

Flaming Lotus**?(Level 3)

*Peace Lilys can be found in the Fort Rotulor instance along the walls, usually in corners as a green glow on the floor.

**Flaming Lotus can be found in the Lost Lighthouse instance along the edges of the water encompassing the lighthouse itself.

***Dream Kelp is found underwater, more specifically if you teleport to Jadegloss Lake and head north-east from the teleport stone you will fine a small hole in the wall of a large mound not far away, enter it and dive into the water then follow the dots on the map. In the underwater area is also a green teleport which will take you to another area that has more Dream Kelp (map not provided for this area).


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