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Forsaken World Defend Dusk Town Guide


Forsaken World Defend Dusk Town Instance Guide?by Kamjahere


? Players need to 60+
? Parties need to consist of 3 or more players at the entrance.

Instance Rewards:

? Massive amounts of soul power (480-580 per mob)
? DDT Instance 2: Mount Wolvenbite ? Acheron Founder & Bone Gnasher Pet Souls

When (Instance Availability):

? DDT Spawns randomly within the first 40 minutes of every server hour.

Once up, the NPC remains for 20 minutes. If they disappear while still inside the instance, you don?t get kicked out of it? basically, once in, you stay in.

? Instance event gives you 1 hour to complete, though it never takes that long, and once the boss is dead, you get 8 minutes to use a mantra and summon a Blood Lord. (The type of Lord depends on the mantra used).

Where (Location):

The Npc is Named Cordos, so if you aren?t sure where to go just fly around and look for the blue dot on the mini map.
Cordos is random on every realm so if you find him in one location on one, there is no guarantee that he will be there on another. (He can be found anywhere in Oeste/Nightfall/Crystal Valley/Crystal Rift) I mostly find him near the Chamber of Embrace and Ghost Fang Castle.
Update: Lionheart Fortress has 5 spawn locations within short distance of the trackstone. It is guaranteed that you will find Cordos here if you are short on time.

Instance Variants:

There are two versions of DDT. I am still trying to find out of the NPC location is constant for the instance version you get or not. Will update when I know.

? DDT Instance 1: Dusk Town

This version is hosted in the burned out ruins of Dusk Town. Players are teleported into the town gate arch space. The mobs spawn in waves around the town.

Either the entire party can split up and kill/pull, or the main party can stay in the middle while a player runs around and pulls the mobs in.
The area is fairly small, and the instance is pretty rapid overall.
When the Sanguine Lord is killed is when the mantras can be used.

? DDT Instance 2: Mount Wolvenbite

You load into this instance on the path and hill leading to the cave mouth.
First wave of mobs are bats. The bats don?t all spawn in a cluster and someone will either have to follow the path straight along and around the blind curve, or else someone with AOE can follow the higher path and aoe them from above.
If you miss too many then the next wave doesn?t spawn.

Follow the mobs as they spawn ? will lead you around the path you?re meant to go.

Bats, Bloodstained Hunters, Bloodrose Revenants, Acheron Founder, Bone Gnasher.
The Bone Gnasher drops a pet soul as well as the Acheron Founders.

Once the Bone Gnasher boss is dead, the mantras can be used.

The Mantras:

Mantras are random drops from certain mobs? you will only get white mantras from this, but sometimes the nightfall daily quests also give you mantras as a reward.
I usually get 3x white lesser mantra, but my master got 2 green (strong) yesterday? and the day or two before she got a blue mantra (grand).
For every 10 white mantra, you can upgrade/exchange to get a green mantra. It costs Reputation points and some real gold to do this. 10 greens give a blue, and cost more money. 10 blues give a purple. Please see the section about?Mantra Costs?further down the guide post.

Since it takes a long time to make these mantra, and the costs involved, it is common courtesy to allow the player that used it, to get the drops from it. Sure it is not required by the game engine but that is basically like saying we have no choice and are exempt from how we play because the game is our police? stupid lol

Last note, you can participate in DDT three times a day, and use only ONE mantra per player, per event. A player can trade extra mantras to others to use in the event for them to roll on, if this is accepted by the rest of the party.

Mantra Costs

Thanks go to DeltaTrooper of StormLegion server for the costs of the Mantras

50s to make a green, 2g to make a blue, 8g to make purple
Green 50s
Blue 7g (0.5*10+2)
Purple 78g (0.5*100 + 2*10 + 8 )

Yes really, Purple Mantra is 78g, and goodness only knows how long to collect enough mantras to make it. However as they are tradeable, you can ask for friends to get them for you, buy them off the AH for cheap in bulk, and sometimes folks flute them for free in wc.

Soul Power Gates:

A couple of the gates require the use of Mantras in DDT. They are specific and the gate will tell you which one you need.
One Mantra will apply to ALL players in the party that require it for their gate. This is generally done for the?Purple Mantra, which is 78g to get. The player that made it, gets all the drops and unless previously arranged, the expense of making it, is often not shared between players.
If you are taking advantage of another players purple, please be respectful.

DDT Etiquette

The established etiquette for mantra use, is that during the event of mob spawn, a Summon order will be put in place (by the party, not the instance) so that every one is clear before those final 8 minutes, who is going to use their mantra first, second, third (or not using).

Each player turns off the bot rolls, as its also said every time I have been, that the person using the mantra, gets the items.
(Once I have seen this messed up by the party system roll setting being that party rolls were only for items of Legendary (its like the highest setting for rolls).. so none of the green items (like astral reforges), none of the blue items (like parchments and star crystals) and none of the purple items (like amethyst parchment) could be rolled for by ANYONE and dropped to the ground. Picking these items up, meant random party distribution and every one was already killing a second lord and didn?t see everything they picked up (like with runes which stack on ones you already had).

Every time I have been to ddt (and its probably about 15 or so times now) this has always been done. New players come into parties (or random folks) so re-establishing the rules each and every time you run DDT means you never get mix ups like this.
If you are told the rules and you still roll, then yes you will get trolled and will be called a thief? if you are new or uncertain of etiquette in the event, ASK or pay attention to the party chat.
Using the correct terms for things is important too, and some people suck at teaching lol

Mantra Drop Table

I have not seen everything, but if you?re wondering why its worth going to DDT? Here are some of the reasons.

480-580 soul power per mob (and there?s waves of them) This is level based amounts I think so expect some variation.

For the ?drop table? these are items that I have witnessed (and remembered) so its probably missing a few items.

Drop Table:
This mantra typically drops between 1 rune and 4 runes, usually level 1. I have seen the sapphire parchment only once.
Lesser Blood Mantra (White)
? Level 1 runes (blue, red, yellow)
? Level 2 runes (blue, red, yellow)
? Sapphire Parchment (1) (Uncommon/rare)

This mantra typically drops around 4 or more items, often runes.

Strong Blood Mantra (Green)

? Level 1 runes (blue, red, yellow)
? Level 2 runes (blue, red, yellow)
? Sapphire Parchment (1)
? Scroll of Sapphire
? Scroll of Amethyst (uncommon/rare)
? Star Crystal (uncommon/rare)
? Astral Reforge Charm

This mantra seems to drop 4 or more items also. There is no guarantee that they will be drastically better than those from green, but there is a chance

Grand Blood Mantra (Blue)

? Level 1 runes (blue, red, yellow)
? Level 2 runes (blue, red, yellow)
? Sapphire Parchment
? Scroll of Sapphire
? Star Crystal (uncommon)
? Astral Reforge Charm
? Amethyst Parchment (uncommon)
? Scroll of Amethyst (uncommon/rare)

Deadly Blood Mantra (Purple)

Drops from 1 Purple:

2 Astral Reforge Charm
1 Equilibrium Nature Rune Lv1
1 Amethyst Parchment
1 Equilibrium Fervour Rune Lv1
2 Equilibrium Wisdom Rune Lv1
1 Equilibrium Wisdom Rune Lv2
1 Scroll of Amethyst

The person who this belonged to, failed to roll for their drops and they were picked up by the person who summoned another boss (because they switched on looting to ?All?) so I was able to get a list via screen shot.

The player who had the second boss (also purple mantra) obtained similar drops (but I don?t have a list) which included most of the above items and a Star Crystal. Discussed in the party, Purples are NOT worth the expense, and should only be used when needed to unlock the 70?s Soul Power Gate.

Sometimes you can get more than one of these items on the same mantra beast, which this ?table? will not reflect.

Hope this helps


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