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Forsaken World Fast Leveling Guide


Forsaken World Fast Leveling Guide by GIJOE

Leveling Guide

Section A Levels 1 ? 10
Section B Levels 10 ? 20
Section C Levels 20 ? 30
Section D Levels 30 ? 40
Section E Levels 40 ? 50


Section A

Lvl. 1 ? 10
Note: absolutely no grinding, as long as you follow the quest line you will level to 10 in less then an hour.

When you enter the game, the first thing you want to do is click the shiny round symbol at the top of your screen. Take all the gear you see and press B to open your bag then right click the gear to equip it.

you will see a box in your inventory. Open it and you will see a special item. In this case for a human it?s a green orb, right click it to equip and you will see a shiny skill in your hot bar. This is your aoe soul skill that can only be used on mobs, it will 1 hit anything at this point so make sure to abuse it as much as possible when your questing.

Now press Q, your quest window will pop up, you will see that you have a quest there, click the quest and quest info data will show up, at the bottom of the quest info you will see an npc name in green, click that and you character will auto run to the npc and open a new chat window. Accept the new quest.

Also when npcs ask you to fight mobs, or look for items, it will also be marked in green

This part is pretty important, at some point you will have to find quests yourself as the story line does not always lead to new quests. In order to find new quests yourself press Q and then click find quests, a new window will pop up at level 10 you will see a large list of quests in there. If you click a quest in the window, the npc name will pop up at the bottom in green, you click the npc name and your toon will auto run to the npc.

Once you hit lvl 5, re open your bag (press B0 and right click your box, you will see a small crystal, this is used to upgrade your aoe skill, press C to open your character info, and unequip your soul skill, right click the crystal. re-equip your soul skill once it has been upgraded.

Before you hit lvl 10 you wil receive a book from the zodiac orb from the top, right click it once it?s in your bag, it will allow you to get better xp and items from clicking the zodiac orb

Finally now that you are lvl 10, you will receive a new aoe skill, equip it and delete the other one. you will also receive a purple bag, that extends your inventory, in order to use it click the icon below

You will receive a quest which will port you to a new map called Freedom Harbor.

Section B



lvl 10 ? 20
Note: Again absolutely no grinding. following main quests, henry?s quests and instance quest.

First thing lets meet our new best friend Henry. Henry will be your sugar daddy until lvl 20. he will give you 30 daily quests, but only 10 of them will give you massive amount of xp. There is a trick to do his quests pretty quickly.

When Henry asks you to bring him alchemy recipes, empty bottles, potions, cooking materials you can get all those things around the corner from him.
There is a grocer named simon and across from him there is a potion dealer and an alechemist that sells recipes.
This is much quicker then following the links he gives you.

He will also give you a quest to find kohaway records, it?s in teh library to the east of him. as the picture inidicated below

Once you have finished 10 quests from henry, press Q and click find quests. you want to get back on track with you main quests as they will unlock job points so you can unlock your crafting. also pick up the instance quests as they will help you level faster.

To queue up for an instance press T and then click the instance you want to go tom then click start and you will go in an invisible waiting list. Your party is randomly generated and there is a possibility that you your party may not get a priest, so be eady to use potions.

When you see a blue crystal that is a teleport device, it shows up as blue crystal, when you click it you can port to anywhere indicated on the map, you can also use it to port to the npc at the docks which will help yoiu complete quests faster.

after you have followed the introduce yourself quest chains you would have gotten 3 job points, which you can use for another main quest cooking, alchemy and botany. botany is a gather skill, allows you to gather plants which you can use for alchemy.

With alchemy you can craft wine that will instantly reward you with xp. I listed the quest below where you can obtain the recipe.

as you follow your main quests you will get a quest to talk to your tutor. This person will be the one that will sell you skills for you class for the rest of the game.

Section C

Lvl. 20 ? 30

Now that your 20, you?ll want to open your box and upgrade your soul skill. you will receive 2 XP scrolls

Right click them and you will notice a sun icon with a play button on the top left corner of your screen, click it and it will turn into a pause button, meaning the XP is paused indefinately until you choose to release it.

The first thing you will want to do is visit Rio and pick up the Mount Quest

Here comes the fun part, press T and you will see a new instance called God?s Trial. God?s Trial will be the main instance you will use to level until 50 and maybe beyond. It can be only entered once a day but only runs twice a day, 1 hour segment at noon and a 3 hour segment at night.
Once you enter the instance release your xp scroll by clicking the sun sign once, beside the sun you may have a blue plus sign, this is your rested xp, click it and unlock your rest xp, this costs some soul coins but not a lot. rested xp can be used in conjunction with xp scrolls. once the instance is over remember to pause your xp scroll.

As you do main quests they will unlock special quests, special quests give a ton of xp, as do the instance quests you pick. However Special quests will not have auto-route options to npcs, mobs or items you need to find. To make this easier I made a Special Quest Guide

Once you hit lvl 25, you will get plenty more quests options. There will be 3 quests as stated before, those three are forms of afk leveling, you pick up the quest, in party or without and you stand in one spot gaining xp, you can buy scrolls at your rep agent which will double the xp gained from these forms of leveling.

Section D

Lvl. 30-40

Make sure to keep up with your main quests as they will unlock job points.
Continue to do god?s trial once a day
Daily quests, and afk quests

ok now lets meet Flynn. Sup Flynn

Flynn can be found in sea of oblivion in the main town. He sells scrolls for 50 silver, one batch for 12 scrolls per day. Each of the 12 scrolls has 4 quests, and xp will be rewarded according to level.
Form a party and go to the north west corner of the map where the librarian is. there are 2 grind spots, one to the left or the pillars and the other to the right of the pillars.
Right click a scroll and you will start a chain.

First quest kill 20 wind golems you will get somewhat low xp reward
Second quest is to kill 20 sandstorms you will get decent xp
Third quest to kill 20 cyclones you will get really good xp
Fourth Quest to kill the red named boss at the back beside the priest.
You will need to turn in the fourth quest into the npc at the front of the pillars.

Every 5 times you hand in the quest you will get a chance to receive a special page in your inventory, once you right click it, it will give you a ridiculous amount of xp, at lvl 37 it gave me 100k xp.

Section E



lvl 40 -50

Same thing, cept this time new map another Flynn,
he will give you new scrolls called WoE-Earth


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