Forsaken World Instance Farming Guide


Forsaken World Instance Farming Guide?by Kamjahere

Instance farming is where you repeatedly enter an instance for the purpose of obtaining drops or mats (such as plants and ores).
Instance farming is best done through Manual Entrance.

All instances require a minimum of 3 people in the party ? but not all require all the party to be at the manual entrance in order to begin it.

1 Player at Entrance:

  • ? Fort Rotulor (FR)
  • ? Emperor?s Canyon (EC)
  • ? Fissure: Tomb of Glory (ToG)
  • ? Fissure: Wraith Castle Floor 1 (Wraith)
  • ? Fissure: Wraith Castle Floor 2 (Wraith)

2 Player at Entrance:

  • ? Lost Lighthouse (LH or LL)
  • ? Outer Ancestral Catacombs (OAC)
  • ? Tower of Sorcery Fissures (WP, CoW, HoA, SoL)

3 Player at Entrance:

  • ? Arena of Souls (AoS)
  • ? Welkin Castle (Welkins)
  • ? Ancestral Catacombs (AC)
  • ? Forgotten Prison (FP)
  • ? Aeon Spire (AS)
  • ? Tomb of Kings (ToK)

I don?t know about: GoS. Will update when I can confirm this

Farmable Items

1 Player at Entrance:

Fort Rotulor:
? Peace Lily (Fusion Gem Mat, Alchemy)
? Blue Weapon (level 10 for Anima: Rage xp)

Emperor?s Canyon:
? Anima Gear

Fissure: Tomb of Glory
? Shard of Tytan (Jewel crafter mat)
? Alchemy Mats
? Shards

Fissure: Wraith Castle Floor 1
? Shard of Tytan (Jewel Crafting Mat)
? Shards

2 Player at Entrance:

Lost Lighthouse:
? White Stone (Fusion Gem Mat)
? Whitedrop Stone (Fusion Gem Mat)
? Alchemy Mats
? Anima gears

Outer Ancestral Catacombs:
? Venomfog Mushroom (Fusion Gem Mat, Alchemy)
? Blue Stone (Fusion Gem Mat)
? Bluedrop Stone (Fusion Gem Mat)

Tower of Sorcery Fissures:
? Wineglasses
? Skill Scrolls
? Shards
? Cracked Crystals

3 Player at Entrance:

Welkin Castle:
? Anima gear
? Scavenger gear
? Alven?Shar (Fusion Gem Mat)
? Violet Stone (Fusion Gem Mat)
? Violetdrop Stone (Fusion Gem Mat)

Forgotten Prison:
? Skill Scrolls
? Wineglasses
? Gear upgrades
? Scav Gears
? Glacier Blood (Fusion Gem Mat)
? Crimson Stone (Fusion Gem Mat)
? Crimsondrop Stone (Fusion Gem Mat)

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