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Forsaken World Pet Events Guide by zankou

Dear Community,

Even though it may seem simple for some, its rather hard for others.
Let me point out a few important tips so everyone understands how it works.

What to do before you head to the island?
Before you decide to head for Creekvalley instance (to capture pets), make sure you run to the PET Trainer in the upper left section of town.

Next to him is an NPC which will give you a small quest/tutorial which will instantly reward you with ?Soul capture? skill. Put this skill on one of your hotkeys.

Now another thing that should be done (before u head in), make sure you have enough bag slots! When lucky you will capture about 8-15 Pets in a GO, and it takes some time to hatch them all, so Slots will be filled really fast.

U can go in either with a pre-set group (doesnt really matter to much, unless u hunt for the elite mobs), or press T, and just join the event solo.

Inside the Event:
Once your inside the event, you will spawn on a small island with a NPC standing next to you. Accept both quests (1 is the Soul Quest, the other is just to collect a TRAP).

The next step during this event is to Focus on one type of PET to kill. (there 3 total here).
Reason bee?ing: For example you hunt the Scarabs.
When you ?CAPTURED? 10~ scarabs as a Group (or alone), the elite version will spawn.
Aka Scarab King. If you kill this elite, he will reward you with a random PET scroll.
Same applies for the Wind pets, and the Khonem pets. Best bet is to focus on 1 type of PET with the entire group untill the elite comes out, then move to the other. When it all works out OK, i think u can manage at least 2 Elites before timer expires. (aka 2 scrolls).

What kind of pets can i find in the Event?:
U will find 3 different pets on this island.

Khonem ? DPS Pet with Weaken skill (same as a wolf)
Wind Elemental? ? DPS Pet with Evasion Buff for Master (+6 evasion)
Scarab ? Tank Pet with DEFENCE Buff for master (15% of pet def +5 goes to master)

So take a pick of the one you like most, and start hunting!

How to start?
Well all you have to do, is run to one of the islands, and start killing them!
The pets do have an anoying way of running, hence u have an TRAP to keep em from running. When it dies, you will either See (or not, this is random) a Soul. Capture it with the skill u gained earlier. If u capture it, you will gain an EGG that can be put in the hatch slot.

Egg?s and Difference
So far i noticed 2 Different EGG slots in this place. a White version as we all know it, but also a GREEN version. The green version has a guaranteed green pet, but when the hatching process reaches above 30 minutes,, it will be a blue one.

Eggs can be randomly aquired and its all about luck i guess. The big difference between the 2 Eggs are:

White ? 10 Minutes or higher
Green ? 30 minutes or higher

I was able to get a 1502 rating pet Scarab myself yesterday, and i was pretty happy.
I also found out that someone else (Tata or something), gained a blue one with 2102 rating. Which is of course awesome~!

So people, start hunting already!!
Remember: Dont throw away pets that may seem bad (use them for combining!)

Final verdict
Pets from the event have a ?pet lvl? of 30. (not base lvl). Hence the ratings are a minimum average of 1000 at least. Thus making Wolf/Turtle/Ramsey useless compared to these.
I will try to put some pictures up as well later on when i have some time. In all honesty i havent done much else except testing out the pets. So far everything seems to work rather smooth, and i gotta say: its fun!
If anyone has a question regarding the above mentioned feel free to ask in here!
Just remember, its a Mini guide/Tutorial, not a complete detailed one. Its just a minor summary to help out.



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