Fortnite Battle Royale : Free Items Glitch pc, ps4, xbox1 + Gifts Like Battle Stars, Seasonal gold, 2018 Hey Guys do you know in their second apology, Fortnite is offering some free in-game items, If you want to know more about this news, Subscribe our channel now and watch this video till end. So here we go, Following the recent Fortnite server downtime that caused a lot of frustration for Fortnite fans, Epic Games has now offered a second apology to compensate gamers for being unable to log into the game for a long time last week. Gamers will get a few free in-game items, in addition to already getting a free back bling backpack, after the next Fortnite update as an extended apology for the server downtime. The additional gifts that Fortnite players can enjoy after the server downtime are, No 1, 20 Battle Pass Stars, to use in PvP Battle Royale, No 2, 1600 Seasonal Gold to use in P.v.E Save the World, No 3, The other nice little gesture from Epic is double XP. Starting today and running through the weekend everyone will earn 2XP just for showing up and playing the game.

So that’s cool. These gifts are awarded to all Fortnite players as part of update 3.5, which also offers a new weapon, a fix for a high-frequency crash on Xbox One, and the return of the 50v50 Battle Royale Mode, amongst other things. So how to get these Battle Stars.? In order to Get these 20 Battle Stars. All you have to do is login to the game and you’ll automatically get the gift. For more updates on such free items and Gifts from fortnite, Stay connected with our channel Wiki Tips, Also if you face any issue regarding fortnite, comment below and your issue will be resolved in just 1 hour, Subscribe Wiki Tips channel now, and don’t forget to comment after subscribing, thanks for watching,.

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