One of the main aspects of fortnight in the way that Epic Games is handling It is the fact that instead of adding new maps all the time They prefer to make slight changes to the map itself to keep things fresh and new while still familiar But just how different has the map gotten how drastic have those changes been it’s pretty crazy to look at the original Fortnight map compared to the current one and today on chaos top tens We’re gonna be counting down the 10 biggest changes to the fortnight Battle Royale map so far So let’s get started. I’m running a huge fortnight 15,000 V bucks giveaway the entire month all you have to do to enter is like this video be subscribed to the channel turn on your Notifications and leave me a comment why you want to win with your Twitter handle attached? The winner will be picked at the end of the month Kicking off our list at number 10 is shifty shafts.

That’s right It’s a popular landing area that is known for its fast-paced action in its close-range combat Shifty shafts is a small underground mining area filled with chests guns and multiple levels for the players to battle in allowing For some pretty interesting engagements during the opening skirmish of a match now Originally shifty shafts was not in the game at all And there was just a handful of weapon spawns in that area where it would eventually be added now That’s not to say that the area was empty because as I’m sure you know greasy Grove was just around the corner However, they felt that there was a little too much emptiness to traverse between greasy and the next major landmarks So they added in shifty shafts to accompany the surrounding houses and spawn. I think it was a good addition a Demur 9 we have the motel by Anarchy a curse This is a pretty hit or miss spot on the map on the east side of d2 on the current map You will find a broken-down motel and a couple broken buildings next to it all of which Have some loot and chess pawns in them what I mean by hit or miss is the fact that it seems like people either fled To the motel area or they ignore it altogether, which makes it a bit of a risky landing spot Especially since the layout of the area is so tight and close quarters that if you don’t get a shotgun immediately you’re probably going to get blown away by the guy that did originally there was no major landmark between anarchy and pleasant part but epic decided to keep things a little more interesting during your journey from Those places to another so they added the motel to spice things up a bit a number 8 We have jump Junction and haunted hills If you look at the original fortnight map, you may notice that the northwest corner is pretty barren.

It’s empty You’ve got Pleasant Park and that’s basically it unless you want to count the surrounding mountains epic quickly realized that there needed to be something else there to make up for the lack of landmarks in this region of the map but rather than just put one in they decided to go for to Junk in a haunted were added to section b2 and b3 respectively but they also Ironic became two of the most unpopular Landing spots in the entire game due to the fact that they’re so out of the way in the surrounding mountains make them pretty difficult To get to unless you get lucky with the party bus despite the fact that junk and haunted aren’t exactly popular I’m definitely glad they were added or else the entire Northwest region would still be dominated by pleasant Park even more than it is already Now number 7.

We have telescope sights up until somewhat recently in fortnight You didn’t land in one of the main name locations on the map You wouldn’t have much opportunity to get chests or loot sure. You could check out the broken buildings But as far as they standalone chest bongos, you were pretty much out of luck Unless you landed nearby one of the main areas earlier this year Epic decided to shake things up a bit and add a bunch of random RVs with telescopes and chests scattered throughout the map to add More Landing options to the players who don’t want to drop right into the fray There’s one on the mountain overlooking Pleasant one on the mountain overlooking dusty Depot one right to the southwest of the racetrack So on and so forth There’s a lot of them definitely a good addition to the game If you ask me not only did it help spread out the landing spots But it also introduced a bunch of extra loot opportunities to the game Unfortunately, the telescope sites were all they were nerfed and removed entirely with the season 4 update but we’ll get into the exact details of that a little later Oh Snobby shores much like haunted hills and junk Junction Snobby shores was an addition that was supposed to spread people out more but it didn’t work because just it didn’t work It wasn’t popular.

In fact it too became one of the least popular areas on the map And unless there’s a challenge for eliminations or chests openings there It’s usually pretty empty snobby is located in section a5 of the map and features a few houses one by one with tons and tons of weapons and chests spawns everywhere despite the hefty Lieut snobby is usually unpopulated due to how out of the way it is as well as the fact that it’s hardly ever actually safe from the storm or from snipers up on the mountains still I’m glad snobby was at it because it keeps the western region of the map a Little more spread out and if you’re not into getting into the mix right out of the gate Definitely go snobby because if nobody else goes you are going to come out of that suburban city, whatever It is fully looted Cracking into the top five today the stadium buy snobby Shores or the soccer field or the gymnasium or the school Whatever you want to call it this is another addition to the western region of the map that was intended to spread people out a bit and it definitely did the job in section c5 of the map You will find an indoor soccer field accompanied by a pool a gas station a basketball court a taco stand and whatever you do land In snobby, the stadium area is usually going to be your first stop after you run out of it It’s also a common place for people to hit after coming out and tilted Tower since it’s just outside of that as well as it Is with Pleasant and greasy the stadium area was a great addition Since not only did it add another potential landing spot in the western region of the map But it also serves as a common battleground for people coming out of all the other major landing spots since it’s dead center of Pleasant tilted greasy and snob number four we have lucky landing tower by Tilted towers newer players to the game may not know that lucky landing is actually a pretty new addition to the map for a long Time the area of the map were lucky now is was just empty for no reason to go there unless you were one of those weirdos who like to drop moisty mire Before lucky landing was added.

There were a few red and white towers scattered around the map with tons eluded him Although they were all removed. Once the official location was added One of the main ones was located just outside of tilted towers and across the river of death of the mountain and you often see It while you’re making your way too salty Springs this tower had four chests spawns And it was a great place to stock up although it was a little risky to land there since you were sitting on the top of a mountain with no real cover in a long run to your next major destination number three We have lucky landing Tower by lonely Lodge Another one of the main lucky landing towers was located just outside of lonely Lodge on that path leading to the exit of it on The west side this tower also has a whopping four chest bones inside it and if you manage to get there first Could totally be stocked up and ready to go before you even step foot in lucky landing Just like the previous entry This tower was removed when lucky laning was added and it was replaced with a standard tower with two Regular weapons spawn all this lucky landing talk and number two Lucky landing.

We’ve been talking about lucky for a while. So we might as well Stop beating around the bush Lucky landing was added to the game on March 1st of this year and it quickly became a pretty highly contested area in a favorite Starting spot for ninja and dr Lupo in doubles lucky landing features tons of weapons and chess pawns and it also has a pretty unique layout compared to the rest of the urban locations on the map Featuring wider and longer roads and courtyards for more a our battles and less shot gun charging Although there are plenty of tighter areas if you want to do that lucky has also had a ton of low middle and high grounds for tons of vertical combat and overall Lucky landing was a great addition in the game and it has some of the most fun and exciting style of gunfights on the entire map And finally, we’re just gonna dump all these into the number one spot.

Okay, it’s the best way to do this season four That’s it. That’s right the massive update that was rolled out not too long ago to kick off season for a fortnight battle royale and season four made a Ton of changes to the map most notably the destruction of dusty Depot or half of it and baby dusty I call it maybe dusty people call it factories It’s completely gone and it was replaced by dusty divot an arena-style Area of the map where you pretty much just go to jump really high and then die season 4 has also brought along plenty of other small changes such as the random craters at certain parts of the map phil would jump crystals and extra loot spawns even the legendary tilted towers wasn’t safe from the season for up data as they may be or ended up smashing into the center of The city although it didn’t destroy the whole thing like some of us were expecting it to but perhaps the biggest change of them all Was the addition of risky reels a drive-in movie theater in the northeast section of the map and up until season 4 There was no denying that the Northeast was pretty barren and unpopulated and risky reals Has definitely changed that up a bit as it actually gives players more incentive to land in that region and there’s others There’s the supervillain Base in the mountain over by snobby There’s the x-men mansion what I call it over on the east side as well.

There are tons of new places So, what did you guys think of the season 4 update? What was your favorite map change out of all of it, or do you think they change too much? There’s also the studio over by moisty Meyer. They made moisty Meyer in actual place People want to drop with the really cool studio. You have the helicopter action scene. You have the green screens everywhere It’s a pretty cool place to drop now and there you have it my friends Those are 10 of the biggest map changes in fortnight so far.

Are we done? Probably not. They are going to keep evolving this map but there’s gonna come a point where it gets too full and either they’re going to have to expunge it or They’re going to give us a brand new map But that is a video that I did the other day. If you guys want to go check it out. Let me know What’s your favorite place to land in 4/9 battle royale is? Check out the playlist below of all the other 4/9 videos and turn on your notifications if you made it all the way this video You are a true supporter of the channel.

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