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10 PRO COMBAT BUILDING TIPS In Fortnite: Battle Royale (Fortnite Building Tips)


What’S happening, everybody, My name is Sxvxn and welcome to a brand new Fortnite video. Now, in today’s video we’re doing another top 10, there was gon na be a different building video going out today, but I’m working on that still right now. So I figured I’d get something out instead, for you guys we’re gon na be talking about some pro tips in regards to combat building. If you didn’t know, a building in four-night is literally the most important thing. If you have terrible aim, you can build and survive longer than someone who has better aim, who doesn’t build so leave you. Some simple tips in number 10 that we’re gon na be taking a look at simply building before shooting in most situations.

The best thing to do is simply shoot after building so build something whether it’s a one by one, whether it’s just simply a ramp and a wall whatever it needs to be. You just have to place some kind of level of defense, but in this game, once you lose your health, you are going to die. We all know with shotguns, double pumps, etc. Sniper rifles traps anything will cause super amounts of damage, so tip number ten is build before shooting now number nine. This is all about the different types of materials. Some of you guys might know this, and I hope that you do if you’re a combat builder of some crazy sort, there’ll be some amazing people out there I’m guaranteeing way better than I am I’m still learning.

But if you look at the actual materials you have wood, brick and metal. Now, wood obviously has the lowest health. Brick has the medium, and then I’ve seen metal has the most so imel’s really useful. If you’re going to be sitting in a standalone town for quite some time or you want like a really strong structure, for example, if you’re you know in a desperate situation, you need to heal. You know you’ve got some time to let the boot generate. Well, then, brick or brick or metal – sorry will be the best material for that, but in actual combat building wood is the most important material if you’re getting shot at the one that generates the 200 health faster out of all three material types is wood, so you Don’T need wood for combat building pick this material over everything else. Even normal and brick have more health over the lifetime.

They don’t generate as fast as what will it does, meaning if you’re getting shot at, which is what happens in the middle of conflicts. You need that wood there, instead the other resource. Hence why, when you see professional players actually fighting, they tend to only use wood unless they know that they’re going against an opponent that isn’t as good as they are, they might want to switch to one of the other materials to kind of save their word. For later on or in the middle of conflict, you might end up running out of your wood, and this is another thing you can actually learn as well from a conflict with somebody. If you see them clearly go from wood, brick all the way to their metal, while you’re in the middle of a build-off with them there’s a high chance, they’ve run out of that material, and we can start using that against them.

Now move it over to number. Eight, this is quite a recent one that I don’t see a lot of people use in, but it’s really worth using it. What you want to do is you want to edit the pyramid and you want to edit so that you raise two sides. This creates a vertical ramp, which is already similar to the ramp that we already have in the gym now. The one difference with this is a lot of people whenever they get stuck in a really sticky situation in conflict or just for example, they built too high, and they need to get down to the ground really quickly. They haven’t got a jetpack. They haven’t got a launch pad. The one thing you wan na do is quickly be able to get straight down now vertical ramps, and you want you want a bit of rotate them now.

Normally, you can just rotate your ramps, but some people might rotate a ramp and then later in conflict. They forget they haven’t rotated it back to the standard default, which is the forward pushing ramp. This causes a lot of problems, meaning people have to waste time to attend, whereas if you change the triangle to add vertical down facing ramp, you’re gon na build a switch between the two. So you have your standard ramp which goes up, and then you have your triangle edited and automatically set to brought down. So at all times you have an up and a down ramp. It will save you so many different situations. Trust me on that one. If you’ve not used, it definitely use it now.

Number seven is all about the edits. You’Re gon na need to know how to do basic edits. The simple edits are simply the corner pieces, the middle and the door, so these are gon na, obviously help you in the middle of conflicts or even just in a standalone chilled situation. Now the most popular ones are taken off the corner pieces, which is removing the bottom three. It’S the center two pieces, which is for the doors it’s the single in the middle, which is, of course also for a window, and then you also have what is looked like a little podium first, second and third place, which then creates a position where you have. This arch, where that’s very open a lot of people, use that as well to avoid incoming rockets, for example, now in it. This is also another useful thing with learning these basic edits, which are very simple, very, very simple: you just got ta master.

The speed nicaya is a great example of someone who can edit incredibly fast and do exactly what you’re seeing on screen right now, but much quicker than I can so editing and actually surrounded an opponent with their own. You know, builds it’s gon na, be a really really important factor. So what I mean by that it’s, for example, if you sky base above someone or you lock them under your stairs, then you have control. It means you can edit in and kill them at any point. You never want to be trapped in there and it positional. Otherwise they can do that to you, so always destroy as much as they can over their stuff and then and it when you place your wrong now.

Moving on to number six but they’ll be looking about how you can take the high ground, there’s lots of different techniques used to do the pushes, but a recent one that everyone uses is the push use and ramps and walls and then floors. Now, of course, you can then incorporate things like the edits that we can do and there’s also many different types of pushes, depending on whether your opponent is, but if they have the high ground, the most important thing to do is just ramped up. Do single one by ones, wall, wall, ramp, wall, wall ramp and, if you’re doing a very quick push and you master the keybinds, then what you can do is something that Tfue does and he’s a god at doing this.

So what you do is you do a ramp, a floor and a wall, so you creating a solidified base where someone can’t shoot underneath to hit you ramp and they can’t shoot straight to hit you around. They’Re gon na have to destroy a wall and a floor before they can take your um town, meaning you’re gon na be able to risk and go a lot higher in the sky in conflict. It’S a very powerful move and it’s very, very cool without a doubt. Now, moving on to number five, when you’re doing the actual push on an if an enemy, but, for example, when doing the push with a pair of stairs, you actually have the you know an a disadvantage. Still so the start point of your stairs didn’t give to you the highest ground advantage. So imagine you’re pushing a mountain. What you want to do is you want to create a wall wall and a ramp, then a wall wall and a ramp, and this allows you to kind of get the high ground really quickly on the spot itself and then allowing you to kind of like a Push higher so you got a better attack, the instant high ground, a lot of people that I actually pick off in game. They tend to have the high ground on me, but I don’t end up building at them and then I have a problem or the verse.

All the way around is that I’m on the high ground, they’re building at me with ramps, but they don’t know how to counter the fact that they’re pushing a mountain on ramps. And so all you have to do is simply press wall wall, ramp, wall wall ramp, and you create this. You know half one by one until you get the high ground and then you continue your ramp push. So it’s a it’s a useful one, and myth talked about that back in November, so yeah old times all times. Moving on to number four, this is the scissors stair technique. This is also really handy for pushing up the side of mountains. This basically means that if there is an enemy up of you – and you can do this – whether you know there’s an enemy or whether you don’t know, there’s an enemy. This covers you, because, basically, what you creating is a roof above yourself in case there is someone actually above you, and you can also use this in the middle of conflicts, but be very wary when you are trying to get the high ground on an opponent when Your scissors turn because if you do too many scissor stairs before row, 10 and building a one by one and then continue like on a like, almost like a v-shape style design, if you don’t do that correctly, the issue you’re gon na come and face against.

Is that the enemy will be able to shoot out your scissor stairs and you’ll fall to your death? It happens too many times so make sure that you don’t get too crazy about it. You only want to build out, maybe one or two wrote it back and then build toward your opponent, so you’re, safe and you’re over the centerpiece of that combat build, don’t lose that whole thing of like. I can do this five times and then get shot down, because that is very saddening when that does occur. Now, when it comes to the actual high ground – and you do have the high ground to prevent enemies taking that high ground, you need to do everything you possibly can now, when you really got a proper high ground on someone.

If you’ve got enough resources, creating some sort of like sky base could really really help, but the other problem with this is, if you don’t, have the resources which I’ll discuss later on you’re, not gon na better cut the players off. So when you have the resources, use them to cut players off just like I’ve done right there. It gives you enough time to build a heal, and it’s gon na also mean that they’re gon na have to use more of their resources, meaning in the long term. You’Re actually wasting a lot of their resources as well as your own, but it can honestly keep you at the high ground and the moderate you have this, the more you can shoot down on them. So definitely use your resources very very carefully and even using things like brick and metal at this point is very useful, because once again it’s edible it edible editable, not edible, don’t eat the matter. Okay, don’t eat the metal so very, very handy great for obviously healing now. Moving on to the the second tip, this one is very interesting.

You see a lot of people using this as a troll factor, and what I mean by this is if you’ve got a lot of resources towards the endgame or even, if you’re, just having a fight on the edge of the storm. You can use the storm to your advantage, so you can create extra damage by simply just using the storm. Obviously, this also means that, if you’re playing the edge of the storm, you also run the risk of obviously damaging yourself and they could be just in the background. I got extremely lucky and I had a jet pack and if I didn’t have, that would have definitely fallen to my death, but by causing extra damage by blocking an opponent out in the storm. They’Re, definitely going to pass away, or at least you’re gon na cause.

More damage to them, meaning you can save more of your ammunition and if it’s in, like a 1v1 situation for a final, which is the case in most situations, you’ve caused that much damage there in that mature panic, they’re, not gon na be able to heal so Use your storm to the advantage, but be careful as well now in the number one slot, the one thing we’ll be talking about is actually, if you run out of materials. Basically what happens if you do run out materials, it’s no longer a combat fighting situation. How do you counteract your an enemy might have the high ground or you might have the high ground, but you know the enemy is clearly healing somewhere. What you wan na do is make sure that whenever you have got in the conflict make sure that you’ve practiced your build so, like I said before, you have most of the material down, so you have the most editable area.

So, for example, if you sky base off you built stairs or boxes or whatever, as long as you place, the most material down, make sure that you practice your edits, because you might end up finding that the enemy might have gone into one of your little rooms And used it it’s very little healing ground. If not, then you’re gon na have to OC push down the build all the way down to the bottom of the combat or any way they possibly can and maybe even add it into your own box to heal up before getting the fight. It’S gon na be a case of literally playing it smart with the movement decide whether the opponent’s gon na be overly aggressive or not aggressive at all. So I hope you enjoyed today’s video. Thank you so much tune in and watching I’ll see you in a future video take care yourself, guys

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