5 Fortnite Tips That I Wish I Had Learned Earlier! (Fortnite Battle Royale Tips & Tricks)


Hey what is going on guys, in this video today we’re gonna be going over 5 Fortnite tips that I wish I knew earlier. I saw another youtuber by the name of geerzy make a video just like this, and I thought it was a really cool idea for something that I could do on my channel. These tips are gonna be kinda situational and for the most part will also be pretty simple to where anyone can use them, but at the same time they should also hopefully contain some information thats new and helpful to a lot of players. So, without further ado, let’s get right into it. So the first tip that I want to cover in this video is the best way to break and replace an opponents walls if you play on controller. I personally believe that this method is the best combination of speed, simplicity, and consistency. I’m guessing this will probably also work on PC as well, but I’ve only done it on controller so that’s what I’m going to be referring to in this tip.

So I’m not gonna lie to you guys and say that the method I’m about to show you works 100% of the time. Especially if you have a high ping, even with this method you may still struggle to consistently break and replace enemy walls. But, like I said earlier, this method is really simple and places the wall almost instantly, so it’s gonna give you your best possible chance. Alright, so for this method to work, you need to make sure that your swing pickaxe button is is the same as your place wall button.

For about 99% of players this won’t be an issue since they’re both defaultly set to RT/R2, but if for some reason you’ve tampered with either of those binds, you’re either gonna have to change them back to the same thing, or this method won’t work. So the first step is that you’re gonna need to make the wall weak enough to where it can be destroyed with a single pickaxe swing. Each pickaxe swing does 75 structure damage, so no matter what material the wall is, you need to make sure it has 75 health or under. Once you have the wall under 75 health, the method is as simple as this. You swing your pickaxe to the destroy the wall, but instead of just pressing RT/R2 which is what people normally do, you want to hold that button down. As you’re holding down RT/R2, the second your pickaxe makes contact with the wall, you wanna double tap B/Circle as fast as you can.

What this does, is that since you’re still holding down RT/R2 from swinging your pickaxe to break the wall, when you press B/Circle, which pulls out your building menu, it will register that you’re holding down RT, and instantly place a wall. The reason why you tap B/circle twice, is because the second time will switch from your building menu back to your pickaxe, and that makes it much easier to switch to a weapon. This method is awesome because it’s a whole button faster than the way controller players normally try to replace walls, and like I said it’s also so simple and consistent. The timing of it is a little awkward, because sometimes you’ll click B too early and it won’t register you hitting the wall, but that isn’t any kind of major problem. And all it should take is a few minutes in creative or playground mode to get the timing down. So here’s a quick clip of me doing it to replace my friends wall, who is turbo building the entire time and has approximately a 10 ping, so not as low as mine, but still very low.

The next tip on our list is a really interesting and fairly simple way to get into an enemies 1×1. Much like you just saw with the wall replace method, this is used to kill a player repeatedly turbo building a wall to keep you out of their box. For this tip I feel like it’ll be easier to show you the clip of the method first, and then briefly explain what happened, even though it’s fairly self-explanatory. So pay attention to whats happening here because it’s only about 15 second long. So here’s a basic summary of how that method works. You place a ramp directly connecting to the wall that you want to jump through, I know it doesn’t make a ton of sense, but trust me that part is necessary.

Then as you saw in the clip, it’s a simple as sprinting, jumping forward, and swinging your pickaxe to break the wall in one smooth motion. Now the timing here is really important so you probably wanna practice it at least a little, and just like any method of beating turbo building, ping is going to play a factor here. But just like the wall replace method, I feel like the best part of this tip is the fact that it’s pretty simple and consistent. For our next tip we have a really easy way to travel considerably faster when using a slipstream. Most people will enter a slipstream and just hold down their forward movement button, thinking that’s the fastest they can go. But it’s actually much faster if you constantly bob in and out of the slipstream while going forward. This was actually hinted in the patch notes at the beginning of season 9 so it’s not like it’s some super secret thing, but I personally just found this out a few days ago, and I don’t see many other people doing it either.

So here’s a clip where I go at normal speed first, and then show you the bobbing in and out method which you can tell is much faster. Moving on, tip #4 is about one of the new points of interest in season 9, neo tilted. It’s one of the most popular towns in the entire game, so even if you don’t plan on landing there, you’ll probably end up in the town fairly frequently when playing any kind of match. Neo Tilted is in my opinion, the most confusing town to navigate in all of Fortnite. It’s a brand new town that contains a ton of super complicated multi-level building, with so many random entrances, exits, and staircases. Because of this, Epic added a cool little feature where in a lot of the most confusing buildings, the doors in the building are color-coded to indicate what’s behind them.

A green door indicates that opening it will take you outside or to a staircase which leads outside, and a blue or non-colored door means you’ll still be inside the building when you open it and go through it. This isn’t the case for every building, as I believe they only bothered to do it for 3 most confusing ones, which are the 3 building right next to each other on the part of tilted closest to loot lake.

So here’s a clip showing how helpful this tip can be. The final tip for this video involves the shadow bomb item in Fortnite. Shadow bombs are incredibly powerful, especially for safe rotations/a get out of jail free card in super chaotic situations. For competitive Fortnite specifically, they’re pretty much just as good if not better than launch pads and rift to go’s in end games. As you guys should know by now, whenever you use a shadow bomb in Fortnite, you can’t build or break any structures. So let’s say you’re turtled up in a 1 by 1, and you wanna use a shadow bomb to either rotate or escape, super common situation there. Since you can’t break walls once you’re in shadow form, what a lot of people will do in this situation is break the wall before they throw the shadow bomb. This definitely works, but you’re obviously running the risk of being shot as soon as you break the wall. So the super simple counter to this is to make a door before using the shadow the bomb.

Since it’s a closed door, you’ll still be totally safe, and then once you enter shadow form you can open the door to escape and rotate, super simple yet very useful. So, I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you watched the entire thing be sure to let me know with a comment down in the comment section below. Which tip in this video did you either find the most helpful or you just didn’t already know? And if you knew them all, you can let me know that as well.

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