A Complete Guide to the Aim Assist/Input Debate : FortniteCompetitive By: Qui_Jon


A Complete Guide to the Aim Assist/Input Debate

TL;DR – The game is balanced just fine. If your opinion is that one input is overall better than another, you are free to switch inputs and receive all the benefits of it. Otherwise stop complaining.

NOW. There are basically three types of Aim Assist (AA):

There seems to be confusion and/or misinformation surrounding this topic, so I want to clarify some stuff. I feel I am qualified to give the facts, as well as my opinion, as I?ve spent extensive time using each input/AA method.

I will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of all three, and how you can counter each one.

  1. Legacy AA This is the one most people complain about. It has been around since the beginning of the game (at least as far as I know). Basically it allows a player to snap the crosshair onto a target by spamming the L2/LT button.


  • Long/Mid range AR

  • ADS shotgun aim

  • First shot accuracy

  • No noticeable recoil WEAKNESSES:

  • Movement is very clunky and inconsistent due to aim acceleration/boost

  • Building/Editing is clumsy (even with Edit Mode AA turned on)

  • Close range non-ADS tracking is inaccurate HOW TO COUNTER: The best counter is to exploit this building/editing slowness. Close the distance between you and the player as fast as possible, and take care not to leave yourself unprotected. If you get this opponent into a box, they will be at their most uncomfortable and disadvantaged point.

  1. Linear/Expo AA This was introduced late in Ch1, and added many sensitivity options for controller, including the ability to change/disable aim acceleration/boost. This version of AA does NOT have snap-on, L2/LT spamming, and does have a stronger auto rotation. Auto rotation refers to the actual moving of your crosshair without input from the controller. This AA has a more ?sticky? feel than Legacy


  • Smooth movement, similar to a mouse

  • Close range non-ADS (especially SMG)

  • Better, consistent control over building/editing

  • No noticeable recoil WEAKNESSES:

  • No snap-on AA, which is considered the biggest strength of a controller

  • No Scoped Sens. option (WHY?) making snipers almost unusable

  • Long/Mid range AR (the AA at long range is extremely weak) HOW TO COUNTER: Fight this opponent at mid/long range. If at close range, keep as many builds between you and them as you can, as be ready for them to spray into your box. A quick shotgun shot as they break your wall, followed by a quick ramp is a fine counter to the close range spray.

  1. None (KBM) If you use a keyboard, you get no form of AA and also have to battle the recoil of the weapon.


  • Mouse provides the best control (flicks, greater range of movement, consistency & muscle memory)

  • Keyboard simply has more buttons for customizing keybinds

  • Fastest, most reliable building

  • Don?t have to deal with a ?switch mode? button to toggle between building/editing/item

  • Instant access to any item or build piece (no cycling, switching)

  • Fastest, most reliable editing (double edits are also more viable)

  • Taking players? builds is more consistent

  • Placing ramps/cones in a player?s box (possible on controller, but not easy or consistent)

  • Scroll wheel (lol)

  • Ability to have secondary keybinds WEAKNESSES:

  • Aim is based on raw input HOW TO COUNTER: Keep your distance. You will most likely get schooled in a box fight. If they do get close, your best chance is to try and barrel stuff them with an SMG or AR (or another spray weapon)

OPINION TIME: As said before, I have used all three of these inputs extensively. So here is my opinion on the matter, which you may take or leave (but please take 🙂 )

KBM is the best option. If you?re really serious about the game, learn KBM. It allows you to do things that are simply not possible on a controller.

I?ve seen clips of the ?aim bot? AA from both legacy and linear, but what no one pays attention to is when KBM players do the EXACT same stuff. They might even laugh it off and be like ?LAZA LAZA LAZARD IM ON CONTROLLAAA? (Mongraal reference)

At the end of the day, it is 100% possible and doable to have crazy ?controller like? aim on KBM. I have seen it and you have to. Yes, you, keyboard player reading this… and you know I?m right (lol)

So my point is this: it is possible for a KBM player to accomplish the same thing is a controller player with AA. It is not possible for a controller player to accomplish the same thing as a KBM player. I mean, no matter how hard you try, you count spam a button faster than you can move that scroll wheel.

Am I wrong tho? Let me know what I missed haha

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