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Advanced Building + Editing Tips & Tricks – Fortnite Battle Royale (Chapter 2)


And be sure to drop a like on this video to show your support, because we really appreciate that we’ve compiled these retakes from watching multiple pearls and expert level wagers. So you could be assured today that this video has exactly what you need. So without further ado, it’s time to sit back relax and I hope you went to the store to get my favorite candy, which is that bunch of crunch – and let’s do this so for the first high ground, retakes we’re gon na be taking a look at raise. Your X and a move that we believe is excellent for creative 1b once this move right here right here tends to mess with your opponent’s a lot and cause great confusion which will help you finish off kills. So this move is best to do when you’re double ramping, so you’re going to initiate the first steps by placing a ramp below and above you as you walk upwards on the ramp for step.

Two you’re gon na want to throw up at the Y folk own. Okay, so, though I fo cone is a series of wall floors and a cone which essentially provides cover and can act as great immobilizers, since they take up a lot of room in the areas of your building. To start that, the white folk home, you want to quickly turn around and place two walls on to either side and one directly behind you now: okay, so put a floor and a pyramid directly on top of these walls. Finally, turn back around and turn and continue going up the ramp now for this specific high ground retakes we’re gon na modify the ending of slide bit. Okay, this time we’re going to attach another pyramid to the one we just place. We want this pyramid to be directly in front of the direction that our ramps are headed towards. Okay now, this is what you want to do guys. Now you want to run up towards the ramp while editing the pyramid and the shape of a ramp. Some of you may be asking: why do we use a cone instead of just placing a ramp in the first place?

That’S a good question. This is because placing a ramp can make it easier for your opponent to cone you or get an angle plus the way you edit, the pyramid, as a lot of you, know, unpredictability to your building, making you more confusing for your opponent now, once you’ve made this First, edit go ahead and run to the top of your ramp and jump off the edge while you’re midair. You want to turn around and place a ramp and a pyramid towards the opposite direction. You’Re headed and then turn 90 degrees to the side and place a floor, and a ramp now crank that Soulja Boy now crank one basic 90 and you should be at the exact level of where you just placed the last pyramid.

This will put you in the perfect spot man if your opponent was trailing behind you giving you an easy shot after pulling off a clean, high ground retake. The next trick was created by beyond one of the pro script writers here at pro guys, man beyond created this after watching wagers and professional 1v1, and paying close attention to how these players play okay. So the thing is this: all right: people who play to win have much different strategies than what you normally see in videos. These players have their own tricks and tactics that most don’t even think of one of the major ones for professional wager. Players like MSF, clicks, Booga and more is the importance of high ground and using 90s to keep it so 90s.

To this day are the most effective way of gaining high ground. There is no faster method of climbing high than cranking 90, so it makes sense that players that are advanced put a lot of attention on it. What beyond did is he created a new way to crank out triple 90s without losing momentum that you normally would from jump fatigue? What he calls this move is the double triple 90. Okay, so how it works is basically cranking out three 90s and then using a rotational movement method that keeps your character moving, while also not being affected by jump fatigue, allowing you to create 90s as fast as possible. So, let’s get right into it of how this is done. First you’re gon na want to go ahead and perform 90s, like you normally would so just make sure guys that you’re doing three 90s instead of the normal to these 90s, can be any style that you prefer.

As long as it is fast and efficient, we recommend using metro style 90s, as these will force you to get used to just cutting off unnecessary distance, and you won’t be hitting the wall on the side overall. Making you do your 90s faster, so doing fully protected 90s are better as they give you more protection, but for the purpose of practicing and perfecting this technique, it’s good to start off with no side. Walls now, once you’ve reached the peak of your third 90. This is where you’re really gon na start feeling the jump fatigue, so the magic in this move comes in the next step. What you’re going to do is extend one ramp out from your third 90 and then jump and build two balls and two floors.

You want one floor below you and one on top of you also place two walls, one directly in front of the action your ramp is facing, and one either to the left or right side, depending on which way you’re gon na be extending out now, once you Place these turn out into the side that does not have a wall and place a floor in Iran, then continue to crank out another set of simple 90s. So, if done correctly, you should be losing little to no momentum on the speed at which you’re running and jumping make sure that you’re really focusing on perfecting that circular motion during this period in between the two sets of triple 90s. To do this move at maximum efficiency, let’s say that you’re going to be extending to the right all right. You want to start by placing the right wall and in the left wall then place the top floor and look down while placing the bottom floor and the connecting floor, which extends out finally place the ramp on top. So, if done correctly, this should feel like a nice circular swivel.

The next trick is a fairly new high ground retake created by booty, clap, Casey yeah. I just said booty. This retake features the classic double 90 pyramid start, but with a great twist. So what Casey does is that he uses some in game mechanics to manipulate placement of pyramids in a way that forces your pyramid to go to the other side of the ramp toning, your opponent, during build fights where people use the old versions of Casey’s trick. They usually do a good job from stopping their opponent from wrapping over them and taking high ground. But the problem with the old version is, is that you know it doesn’t stop the opponent from 90 or simply just turning and continuing to build.

Casey’S new trick allows for you to actually cone your opponent at any time where you’re meeting up so to start you’re gon na want to crank out to 90s. This is different than the last trick. We showed because you’re only doing two now, as you turn to finish your second 90 place, a ramp that extends out and then place a pyramid on its peak. This pyramid should be positioned so that it would stop you if you were to keep running up your ramp now, edit the pyramid on one side that is touching your ramp. If this is done correctly, let me keep Alan. Your friend tell you what’s about to happen. Alright, this you crumble, the pyramid, as it should no longer be connecting as the pyramid is crumbling.

You want to hold your pyramid placement button. What this is going to do is it’s going to form. What’S the pyramid to jump to the other side, which is the side where your opponent wouldn’t normally be running up guys? This is a great trick and it’s very effective in some scenarios. Okay, so you got to do it. The most useful it can be is when you and an opponent are both building towards each other, and it looks like you can have a good chance of meeting up at the same point so be sure to practice this, and you know different situations and fights to Get the hang of it. You can never really go wrong with the classics. Man, especially when the classics are still just as effective today, for this next trick, we’re going to be looking at an older, high ground, retake trick made by parallel counter. This trick features a cool spin off on the classic 90s that provides excellent coverage and can make for an awesome way to confuse your opponent, okay, so how this works is by rotating a ramp, while your double ramping then 19 out of it.

That’S the simple explanation is a little bit more difficult than that. So to start, you’re gon na want to double ramp up and make sure that your top ramp is ahead of your bottom ramp before you perform this move. Okay, now go ahead guys and go into edit mode on the top ramp and drag it over to the right side, run up into the ramp and confirm the edit as you jump up. While you click confirm, you quickly want to go into build mode and place. The wall to catch your ramp, if you don’t place the wall, your ramp will crumble and it’s gon na fall down.

So, what’s great about this move is that, due to the speed at which you have to place the wall and the protection from the ramp you’re, essentially never leaving yourself open to be shot once you successfully caught yourself, go ahead, guys and crank a ninety or two And just like that, you’ve learned another simple, yet effective, high ground retake. Congratulations make sure to practice the rap edit and the placement of that wall, as those will probably need to be drilled a couple times for most people for the final ground retake in this video.

We’Re gon na bring it back to Racer X. His well known side jump technique. Okay, although simple, it is quite effective and can be very hard for opponents to keep track of when used correctly. So what raise your X’s side jump has done? Is it is given an extra layer of height every time you attempt to do a side jump besides his giving you extra height, he also combined it with some other snazzy combos. Oh, I like that word, snazzy, just kind of came out so good about snazzy. That’S new words. So if the Alpha looks good man, you got a snazzy outfit got some snazzy Jordans anyways.

You know I’m still feeling snazzy, let’s get right into it. First, what you’re gon na want to do. It’S placed a wrap and then place a floor and a pyramid on the peak of that ramp. Okay, as you run up to the ramp start running at an angle, so that you’re gon na be able to jump off the edge once you’re close to hitting the bottom of your floor. The trick behind getting this perfect is practiced. There’S just no other way around. It you got ta practice for sure so make sure that you’re attempting this multiple times until you get a good feel of it of how to do it better and better and better. If you don’t time the jump right, it could be a little difficult and you’re, not gon na be able to do it consistently.

So now, once you’ve jumped quickly, look down and place the floor and the ramp. If this is done right, you should have landed on top of the ramp rather than in between the ramp and the floor. Now quickly, look up and place another pyramid on the ramp that you landed on once again perform another side jump, but this time towards the opposite direction. Once you perform this side, jump and count yourself on your second ramp, you completed the move. Congratulations now, alright! So keep in mind that this move is simple, but it does take practice and some time to perfect don’t get hard on yourself. Don’T put yourself down, don’t be disappointed when you fall get back up, you got to keep practicing and don’t be discouraged. Alright, it takes time, but I promise you you’re gon na get it. You will get it alright, so be sure to spend time in the creative lobby, man and cranking outside jumps until you can just do them consistently and do them cleanly. You

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