Baby Groot Fortnite – AWAKENING Challenges | Unlock Baby Groot & BATTLE BROTHER Rocket Ride Along Emote Fortnite


Hey everyone, it’s DrogonX and i’m going to help you out with the baby groot fortnite awakening challenges today, and this is the emote that we are going to unlock at the end of all of these challenges, which is the built-in rocket ride along emote that you get with groot. So, there’s a couple of steps that you need to do to unlock this emote and the first is obviously, you guys need to have the battle pass and as you’re leveling up you’re gon na get to the first stage, which is level 32, where you can unlock This sapling groot, which is a really cute back bling

Now i waited until i unlocked groot to do the sapling awakening challenge, but you can do it straight as you get to level 32. So you do unlock groot at this level at 38, but to do the groot awakening challenges and to get his built in rocket ride. Emote. You need to level up a little bit more. So, actually, you need to get to level 46 before you can do the awakening challenges, so you could just wait until you’re at level 46 to do them all or you could do the first bit, which is the sapling awakening challenge before this step at level 32. It’S up to you So for the sapling groot awakening challenge, all you need to do is rescue sapling groot from holly hedges nursery, so i’m heading to holly hedges.

Now – and this is where i’ve marked on the map, so basically just under the middle of holly hedges. I’M heading towards the marker now and as i get closer i’ll show you exactly where you need to land. So you can see there are a couple of plants over here and if you head for this one over here, there is sapling groot. So you just need to rescue him, and that is the first part completed. So now you get this really cute sapling groot as a back bling, which you get immediately in game, so you can play with him, and the next couple of challenges for the groot awakening challenges are to change this sapling root into rocket.

Who then rides along with you, so remember these next two stages are once you reach level 46 to actually do the groot awakening challenges, and this is the first stage to plant a seed on a heart-shaped island as groot, so make sure you are wearing the groot Skin for this challenge – and then you want to head for this island – which you can see, does look like a heart on A4 on the map, so it’s towards the west of sweaty sands and sort of north west of holly hedges. So i’m just heading off the battle bus and towards that heart-shaped island, which is where i need to plant a seed as groot, and basically you just want to head for the center of this island. It’S pretty small anyway, but as you get closer, you’ll see a dark patch in the ground, pretty much where i’ve marked, which is in the middle of this island, and you can head for that area and then plant the seed.

So that is the first stage of the groot awakening challenge completed and you can see there’s a little plant that has grown from the ground and then the second part is to actually do the emote. So you’ve got to emote as groot at a friendship monument, and you might remember i mentioned in one of my earlier videos. There is this really cute little area where the hayman and the pipeman are giving each other a high five, and that’s basically where we need to head to so on the map.

If you look for fort crumpet, which is at A3, it’s just to the right of it between these trees over here so you’re kind of north west of sweaty sands. So that’s where we’re gon na head as groot and then we’re gon na do the emote at the friendship, monument and then the cute little sapling back. Bling is gon na change into rocket. Who then rides along with you, So you can just make out the monument between these trees over here and there it is so there is the hayman and the pipeman, giving each other a high five. So now you can select the battle brother emote, and that is the groot awakening challenge completed and you have unlocked this emote.

Where rocket is now your back bling and if you want to change rocket back to whatever back bling you had on before, like the sapling groot, then you just need to do the battle brother emote again, but you do get to hear groot’s voice when you do The emote, because he does tell you that he is baby groot fortnite!

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