Bathe in the Purple Pool at Steamy Stacks – Fortnite Challenge Guide


Hey everyone: it’s kanga here and in this videoi’ll, be showing you how to complete the challengebathed in the purple pool at steamy stacksnow. First things: first, you want to be comingover to steamy stacks. That’S gon na be in topright of the map just here in the top rightthere that steamy stacks. Now at first, you mightthink, you need to be going into those two therebut. It’S not actually those the purplepool is gon na be inside this building hereso.

If i just glide down here, you can goin whatever ways a few doors around thereor. Alternatively, you can just bust throughthe roof like so other way, once you enterthe building, you will see here, there’s this purplepool and then for this challenge. All you have todo is just jump in the pool swim around a bit, andthen that’ll count or be considered as bathing inthe purple pool at steamy stacks. That’S really allthis for this video. If you guys have any questionsabout this challenge or anything else, relatedto fortnite feel free to comment that down belowif.

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