Hello, everybody welcome back into another video today. We are hopping into a game. I’ve been excited for ever since like a 2014 fortnight this game has open world It has building as defense against different waves of enemies zombies attacking us and it is Amazing I am so happy. I’m able to do this and I have an extra amazing offer to share with you guys so if you head on over to the link in the description you can free Registry for a fortnight and if you do what you can actually get my banner in games, that’s right They’re actually putting something of ours into the game So you’ll be able to rock my logo whenever you’re playing the game and maybe when I’m playing I’ll see one of you guys, and I will I don’t know what I do I’d probably like freak out and be like oh my God you have that I this is amazing but enough Shenanigans you can go ahead and do that.

You can also go ahead and preorder the game I will have a link to that as well. You can do that on PC Ps4 Xbox one all through my link and if you do do it through my link, you’re actually directly supporting me so huge Thank you to you guys and speaking of thank you huge Thank you to epic games for sponsoring the video supporting the channel and making all of this possible I’m so grateful for that And it’s amazing but enough Shenanigans atop another game with the ever so lovely dre guest Baron of unless clay and Blitz because we’re about to have a damn good time Oh, is that kind of where wait do these guys have faces is their hood Yeah, no they oh all on the ground.

It looks like they’re humans straight. That’s awful. Where do I get the space hoodie? And jean streak okay, and makin only good. Loot uptime. No you’re missing out on a good Lid down below oh, God It’s cool. They mad they mad, huh? Yeah, sure. I’m just gonna mine. You guys can kill okay. Do not move in there today’s really high make me a better Ding. Yes, please. What does this give us who? Are the Mayonnaise there’s a Christmas? 3000 Brick from them why am I getting bricks from crystals? Ooh Treasure chest no? I Wanted a treasure.

It adds a billion dollars while there’s milk around you baron. I just got milked nice I’m sorry that you guys into witness devlin. Sorry. I’ll get the green loot over here very awkward, but it’s all right Yeah, I’ll skip some metal drew I’m a little bit low on that I’ve got 9 we just kind of scrap cars Yeah Let’s head on over the city. Oh Is that where we need to go though probably? Through the objective looks like over out west we should probably stick together – all right then hurry up you slowpokes, but what you’re doing you know and stuff what if you combine milk, Mayonnaise The bedrooms discuss and call it milk a name Ok call an abomination lays Here look down here here look at all those it’s a temple. I know I fell a campaign oh trade better watch out Magic mushrooms, this is bad Yo, you don’t even look at me bro. I got the Magic mushroom rack You’re really getting records on it all this stuff is bigger stuff ready. Oh, crystals everywhere. You don’t notice them Oh trade reg reg come get this rock dre. You’re gonna love this rock.

No. I already got some here. Oh, okay There’s so much this the problem No, not good thing up there Salvaged the drone. Come on guys. We gotta salvage. It don’t go go. We’re on the clock We got 50 seconds till the drill clashes your own coming at hot Whoo oh my God me Bronx salvage integrity all right. Oh, yeah Yeah, are you down there? Yeah? I’m dead got your brother alright.

Oh my God. There’s so many I’m calling in the Airstrike I can’t All right, I got the shotgun rain. Oh my God. This is bad. This is bad. What did we do the set? So they’re having high explosives What? What it’s doing surprisingly, okay? All I know is lying absolutely. We’re getting pretty Awesome. We got this somehow. I hope I’m going to start building like a floor Yes I’m Gonna get this blue ball to die. Oh Oh, no, I forgot the bombard, Er Can somebody give me five days purple and savage integrity is now looking good. Oh my god. Oh my God. They’re everywhere Thank you. They’re everywhere oh No, oh no, I’m hurt I’m all on bullet. I have died on oh, no, I’ll get you Left or something that thing might still survive though somehow I’m hitting it.

It sounds like 700 health like we might be good I Got again. I didn’t expect a swarm like this. So my guy more buildings. Oh, oh God when the messenger bit I think we’re good come on We did it. Yo? About to go down again can somebody get me I’m down, too are we all down and start oh, no, I got a run We can resurrect in two locations olympics you I got a hundred health I don’t want to dial star. It’s all up to you I’m coming back I’ll get you drink. Oh Thanks. Fine make this roster all work. What’s the plan we’re going to that? We’re we’re going to that white exclamation point Only now yeah, we’re going to the show wait. What’s this thing? That’s blue. Go siphon. We need a mylo. Do we want to do that yet? No oh There’s a some sleepers over here. Yeah We just different let’s go to the dimension point uh about sorry thing boom Yeah The better to get them out the way now. I’m gonna have to deal with them when they’re attacking our base. Oh Man this give me hard to defend its in it.

It’s in a crater Ooh, maybe a shower building from the top of this and then we’ll have again new stuff. We could do that. Is that true? Sounds posible I’ll start doing some traps down here though. Yeah, let’s find this out first snart are so nice man charged I hear All right floors are looking for I feel like they’re gonna come from that way though They got to come down that ramp. Well once we once. We love it. We can put our or Gravy or whatever it is in those things. We will do gravy and then without activating it right. I’m running diagnostics Found one yeah put one in and students Pretty severely yeah pretty severely guys.

It’s real severe. It’s barely Daniel tell us We’re happen on the top on it. Yeah definitely Genuine Garden wall our motion. Oh no. It’s not doing wood. There’s actually get some mud There’s your exclusi bot Steve ott is really hard to see Yeah, now let’s just focus on the shelters only show We got to protect this first before I go to see Bob Bob goes Make sure we find we need to make sure we get indoors.

I got walls all around it, okay Good. Yeah, okay We need if we make ceilings for above floor. We need high quality mats here Yeah, I’m using metal right now for all this okay. I’ll see what the crap sockets are Ken. Oh That’s all I can do with metal wow, okay someone could break I don’t think I Have a good amount of metal. I should be able to help out hold on okay I got a pretty good little fork going here.

We got like the Peso oh no, it says give them more area to storm the fort we got to get rid of them what? Look, oh, I can’t put any traps down guys, but I’m gonna figure out Yeah, go Oh, yeah, that’s right. Oh I Only have healing pads this tough Let’s build on them I Can do wall traps I swear there’s a little wave coming in.

I’ll deal with it. Okay. We’re gonna treat your traps on the Ceiling traps do they go that far I? Don’t know, but we have a look a no they do not we have a there’s a floral topper no the janitors I have an idea up top. I left a hole in the middle and came inside alright So there’s a rate coming in 20 20 seconds already a little rigged. You should get up here guys He’s probably the best view I’m doing some traps down here first I’m holding front line if I die we all die all right all right. We got the traps on the bottom floor I Feel kind of bad first yvonne. It’s all right. He’s a bot. He can’t feel She’s got a whole garage folder. I do feel bad for All right, they’re coming through the north and West old Mama Mine fire now They’re coming other side other side other side wait.

What’s cleaners down man. There’s your patties over there? Hey Roger, we got to deal with some pretty amazing Oh those traps are doing work down here though alright. I’ll let you down here. Let’s try try to defend the bottom oh Get to get some weight back. Yeah. I’m gonna go get the seizure later Yeah, you need to get them quick because they’re Gonna take down the whole place There’s a lot of art. You’re the designated teacher later that oh My dear one right here.

I’m taking a guide Order to hit this out door right in front of it. Oh he just broke in you broke in oh that launchers cheat you Will put this launcher in the basement well done How we looking up top. How’s the shelter all right repair it a bit, but we’re doing okay, okay? That’s good. That’s good You holding the fort? All right, I’m gonna put some wall traps down if I can yep And these guys I actually like how we ended up doing the space. This is nice Yeah, it seems to be working Nice continuing to shoot stuff Down my God there are so many things attached yep. Oh, no, we lost the floor What’s happening? Well, I think it was feed you later somewhere. I’m going after this be on top of the mountain I’m taking them out Someone repairs so they took out my shower. Yeah, they took out some yeah, we need to get that quick. Oh, no Technical guy all right, I’m going to build a wall throw some walls up quick.

Oh Man, oh all in the trap. Oh, we really got to find these modules quick reinforce the shelter Okay, kevon the waves over. Oh no. We had to fend longer nevermind oh my God shelters taking some hits This is none Definitely insane come on. We can hold off quickly lady crazy. Oh No The siege ladies where is she they’re like behind the mountain I think? Bonnie mostly see but okay. There’s a there’s a propane line amount entire. Yeah, I’m trying to shoot us propane tank. Oh nice propane down There still locked down below. Oh, okay, you got to find these modules quick. Oh shelters at 1hp Yes, are you? Watching that In thing can we do middle oh no we lost can you believe how we lose those are one? So I Don’t know and be back okay, so the cute All right hunting bliss. We got to find a van belongs to our that guys are spawning right above us. Oh, that’s not good to the resurrection Should I get it I get it pink did I get any? Watchdog sir searching right, I gotta breath mMM there make this reminds me of Borderlands Look like how much we just like to fight over luke.

Yeah. Hey buddy, whoa? Where’d he come from we’re coming from behind? Vic Nice, wait, do we want to go? Let’s go this way. Oh, so he knows the rare material so I can build a really good gun. Yeah, we’re working on it We got a llama fragment super useful Love anyone wants a llama. I love it You can say guys ready for a ton of fruit you guys ready for a ton of resources come over here Wait wait for me. Yeah, I got the llama fragment. I collect weary all right I’m outside actually there’s like a bunch of guys walking out a door so I don’t know if this is a good time Oh, all right. It’s doing they were trying to Ambush us. We’re ambushing you Okay, you guys ready for the llama come on eat. All right dude. Give me a pinata Break it hit it. I think if we break it all the way we get a bonus Hit those blue squares into the loose circle, which is no squares. They’re squares. Oh, oh he got the Right fare and get the cool stuff. What was the cool one? It was purple.

What was the purple thing it was purple We did it we won. We gotta find we got to find his van Yeah, you know fun is bad to do it yet We probably just gotta explore how there’s like any hints at all. Oh look. There’s a purple door over here. I got it All right barely played with you in caves do Thursday’s Farini are you relaxing care you into rock I got green stuff. I got off air am I oh God You okay? I’m all right. I’m all right He’s a little bit cliff doesn’t even help the cause doing but and we found a cave by the way never mind Came that I was in you dingus. Oh, you’re doing a lot of that. I wouldn’t really consider that a case I don’t know.

There’s metal up here. That’s not Gold Amica. Oh there’s something no, let me have that that’s how I get the llama oh Never mind. We can all have one What we had a church fragment, oh The anomaly Shards so after oh Safe to be in here. No not really um All right, I got one of them Are you looking waiting for a bearing gonna say only outlandish can acquire a fragment look at all this metal. This is great rewards Trigger oh Blue go Hugo my google oh oh god g. Oh, what happened great Right on the track. I hit the gasoline tank and off with you would you expect I? Was just whacking thing there another it was a gasoline tank whacking it goes over here alone Whacking big guys that only creates a limp though It’s on a bed I Trying to tell us something Barrett. I’m on my way buried naked oh Wow, this is like a legit. They can’t get it locked just Don’t wake up all the purple dudes outside.

Woke up all the purple business. Okay. It’s like me. What are you doing blitz? Search in the Bathtub. We can search the Bathtub let’s search it together So what’s the game plan now the purple legs search wakey-wakey? There’s some guy playing this I think he’s pretty bigfoot. Oh God cyclops Get the cyclops level of a cell phone out oh That’s good jacque and rain save the day theme big hard to check lucha. No. I found it first go away Don’t here boys Like arthur got papers. I found a bad two bullet and Baron has triggered an encampment Manet’s I think bared fuck favorite guy, oh Man, you get a boost to get out got a double joe.

Have fun in your little cave. Oh Barney. Oh Here’s a snitch team can’t all know you guys are here You get touched we were late. What don’t you the entire time? Hey look guys it is all by myself How do we knock down this van yet? I? Through and through stars adam. I need you cars. Oh, why are you throwing me? Well, I reckon we gonna go out here. Oh. God.

There’s a lot of rain. I can open my present For where there’s loot Yeah, it’s like clears like kill stuff or just little green things, and he said to do it in booting alright Let’s go watch the shooting. We got to go we’ve We all looked at Louie’s computer terminal over here this looks like what we have. This is promising. That’s down This is a man noise nice That’s the van who’s this guy? I like how it’s another elevator hush umbrella corp confirmed Mr.. Blue go over there What’s we need assistance? Okay, where what’s going on got one blue down running over the van? We did we did friend of it make it happen Oh no tentacle tentacle to the West Don’t activate it yet.

We got a ton to do it’s already dead what? Are we did so the activate let’s activate it something over here well Well, there’s a mini storm. That’s for sure. Oh Bigger than I thought liar, what is what has happened? He’s the devil Yeah problems. Yeah, we have to have multiple fights going on a one tear which one I killed the devil Hey, all right yay on the hill over by us. We can help you if you guys fight an encampment or something Yeah, what’s our decided attack one? I mean it was sleek unusual Yeah, Lord solomon, you did not do it Are so bad news for the band I mean he did it, but he didn’t fully do it Bad news for this van is we’re getting attacked from every side Fortress around it let’s do it. I mean win. When’s the attack coming soon today? Oh, we we queue up this oh All right, you guys mind this trauma – told you there’s a house over here. I’m making some high material stuff here Let’s uh clear out the floor here.

Just an exercise bike in the back. Oh my God honors the weather’s getting man 175 Bills Limit we can build big here. We have two bigger Got a beam being I’m doing some brick floors here. I got a great animal aged water for it because there’s not much metal on this path Nope, I got I don’t hear the 906 very much instant right now Okay, I probably want a roof right Yeah, do we want multiple floors though? It’s kind of hard to see in here. Oh Baby, basically we built a full of thing around the middle and a bunch of traps in the second tier I guess oh I don’t think you can build above it because it’s supposed to like ah Just kick up into space man, all right champ it down traps here I’m just going to keep making this wall ridiculously high then I’m going to go over here And then you guys can put traps on the inside you go and go on Katy video girls going on So making really high walls.

We got to really watch out for those artillery people though That’s like priority numero. Uno. Okay? Yeah, what traps we got? What’s the trap stitch all right? I put some poison gas down below by the healing pad up here. Oh No We had to school got to send the base before we defend it. I did it alright. There’s poison gas like everywhere, we Go as always that what it was is policing. Yeah, I was like running it. I was like. What is this? Little damn okay. I think things are looking good again.

Why is there a hole right here? That’s a ladder But I put it down in a supply drop cut up putting down a shilling pad for us We’re going to point a four launcher right at the front wait now. That’d be a bet again the own Pad Southwest corner We’ve gone All bushes must go we need some more. We need more traps on the south side here 80s anymore Ain’t nobody got time for an RV over here to blow this thing up get rang. Oh, there’s another one I’m going to blow this one up to you so much fuck the wreck Okay, we plug out about 450 before we max out our bubble. I’m in here – keep building structures Yeah, yeah, like we a lot of trash at me 5 that’s crazy Oh are used to wait that makes me think like we’re about to get attacked by yeah. Yeah, like it can get back It’s going to be dangerous soon, okay.

I’m gonna put some my truck. That’s a good plan I’ll put some traps on the outside Okay, I think it’s oh yeah, that’s actually a really good idea Put some of those wall dynamos on the outside. I don’t have anymore unfortunately second. I got a couple up there online Wow, I just gotta butter than up caper. Yeah. What is this thing I? Don’t know. What is that? Patrol ward what won’t read it they accuse patrols away from us. We’re the words Iii don’t know what? Reward okay. I am out of traps lending is for record holy Remember my sister sister. I hope we’re good to go boys Okay, so I think that patrol board it literally just stops bad guys from coming for a little bit It isn’t like a main assault. This is this is a daytime o’clock now Okay, all right. He’s pretty much everything. Are you guys prepared one day if we can do it one day we get the speedruns Let’s do it.

You guys ready to activate Exactly, I think I’m ready. Are you guys back home? I was activating the man In the bed now he oh here they come they’re coming from a lot of ways a Tension is if I’m headshot in the propane man Get the propane there. We go does he have this propane accessories handy dead already. Yeah, I’m getting crap treats All right, oh, God. I got some little bigger fellows guys on the south It looks like south’s going to be pretty out. I’ve got the South corner Okay Looking around oh Yeah, more or less looking around – oh my God. I know I’m already out of ammo. Oh, I like this thing oh my God, I wasn’t gone already a reason strong ah No, I got a healing banner though if you guys need healing come to me And on the map just look out for those red dot red dots or the thing make sure you guys are apparent – It looks like south South’s the most pop inside right now. Wow we got a cyclops – You didn’t happen now nice work.

You guys nothing man dave that van We need to save our traps are pretty good on the west. I think we got to focus on south Yeah, probably going on the yellow Mitchell building on the west side big nasty thing comin up, west what? Malia oh yeah, I said, it’s just it’s huge guys oh my god. Oh, God. It’s running. I mean, that’s it. Oh my God It broke everything or a lot of stuff. I’m shooting them in the butt his butt is vulnerable yeah, but shoot the bud Got a hole my pool. He’s done seriously second you shattered it All right, building Hole fixer-upper We’re not getting bombarded yet, so that’s good a lot of lot of tangos on the south LMG fire suppressing fire Hit the dirt.

Don’t have any ammo this sucker. Oh, no. Well, we faced. We got a glowy face Not annoyed face He thinks repairs things repaired up. Yeah, okay. I think we got this Tray what do you need first only 30 seconds? This is easy metal Iii, don’t even narrow my Jessie easy No, I’m saying easy. I’m getting cocky. Oh big guy that big guys to the temper again. Oh no. Oh no, okay? We got to cut them away from the wall basically and Gonna charge me. Oh Okay, you didn’t charge the walls. Oh, that’s good. Yeah, I I try to Avoid the oh What the hell I got a tesla? Towers wah wah Smart Smart Smart Take us down. Take it down down goes the tank flagged it alright. We should be okay. I put my plate down Alright always put in every birth defense. It’s not accessible. No, it’s what I’m stressful. I Got enough. Are you guys ready for another one throw it in wait wait.

We still need to repair. I don’t think so I think we’re done. How are we okay? No there’s another one Yes storm until everywhere Activate the men all right four more minutes. Can we do it lads I? Believe we can do it. I believe that we will win Trey I can drop you ammo. What do you need um? whatever the Smg uses medium my below we got some beehives. We got some beehives south Take us down I’m trying let’s Where you see? I see. I’m here on the other side hold on that’s a pretty I can drop mo Backpacking a medium. I think so, yes, heavy energy so mutters mediums backpack absolutely nothing Drop right that’s light.

Heavy oh my God. There’s so many of them Okay, yeah, we left. I got the east side there’s 100’s we thank you Yeah, I had that works do we not have any floor trips over here on the east side well I’m a lot of floor traps damn Motor for chefs to I think the amount of for truck will Pam. We’re doing good Walls Doesn’t look too bad from any side There’s a book over here investigating the book book oh, no, it’s plastered Data sample We don’t need no sam light which worth nothing there bought. Oh no watch out Baron steer right watch big guy again alright If he charges you go away from the castle. Oh, it’s organic every time doing – oh I couldn’t we got him his defenses are broken destroy them Yeah, ha down. He goes One more attack in the base. Oh, they’re all through the walls Stop them prepare that wall can’t see oh my God.

This is like helm’s deep Alright, maybe Eastern front Chef say North I got something handy. I wanna see what this thing is let’s talk meats back on the menu boys Hello, Daddy, Macbeth. Huh? What’s wet hold on. What do you see I? Love Bears hacking again. I don’t know we’re giving missile turn. That’s that’s one of my personal abilities. You’ll miss a few more of those Whoa, it’s all the guys are lot more amazed like How it shouldn’t be from feet oh? No, not good What’s an injured? Oh, let’s keep the van health above 80% will get a bonus point. We got 45 seconds. We got this boys I believe it. Oh, no, we got one Northern wall Leroy Jenkins let’s get him get him. I’m going to put the wall back up Okay, building our wall.

These are looking good. Oh, God this guy’s destroying these stairs. What’s wrong with you Why do you hate stairs? Are we gonna have like a epic bombs at the end of this? Oh God? I hope yeah, I’m outta ammo again One side with things are looking ok Here it is. This is beautiful That’s victory lads We did it the studio boys liftoff? Is it actually gonna let them go man go? through the silo oh emerges from the wall, oh Man that rubber stuff down No look trying to pop the balloon guitar solo Hey guys goulding displays on a yeah, man. Yeah, whoa? Oh Man, well, I’m flying in space. I wonder how good the loot is this time because my building was pretty good guys I think we all did good on that good man. You did real good I think on man, how are things looking? special Forces Outrage – all right did it overfilled over now? van lowe got 2 days or less Level 4. I’m on level 5 and we might get sick well, no ah so close to 5 I’m behind you guys on a student I get I think I’ll get this thing.

I think you get different I don’t believe you come on 6 we all get the same amount of points. Oh I got 5 you. Have Richard level fives. I want to open this thing up No, I got was actually baby giraffe actually I Got a baby giraffe congrats yeah, baby extant flowers Oh, you Chris whoo twelves done great and that right there is we’re going to go ahead and wrap it up for me Thank you guys a hold son for watching if you got this far in the video Comment something like I love cookies or like give me a cookie in the comments I don’t see how many of you guys got through this entire video and while you’re at it. Go ahead Let me know what you thought of this because if you’re the sparring you probably got an opinion by now But I’m really excited for this game. I think it’s really fun here you can kind of see Main menu where obviously I didn’t play as much in because you can’t really play just kind of like behind the scenes stuff going on But you can see there’s a store Loot quest skills armoury squads heroes math and on the map.

We choose the mission we hop into and from there We begin all insurance Lanagin’s a lot of which We had but I want to thank you guys the whole sun for watching the video really hope you guys did enjoy it I get a huge a thank you to epic games for sponsoring this video making this possible giving me and giving us the Opportunity to rock an amazing custom banner. We got our own banner in the game which is absolutely amazing for our community I’m so happy for that and if you guys are hype go ahead and Pre-Register, and if you’re even more hype make sure to preorder make sure to do it quick but all the while if you do do any of that it does support me directly if you do preorder through my link you can do that on Xbox PS4 or Pc All of which you can do it through the link along with the pre-registering But I think you just got to make an epic games account or something but other than that the red over me again huge thing About the games for sponsoring this huge.

Thank you to you guys for being an awesome community and because of you guys We got our logo in For tonight. Bye. Epic game to me. That’s the huge accomplishment. It makes me so proud and like I don’t know man That’s obviously the hypest part about all this I’m just like really excited to hopefully one day be playing pop in matchmaking see that thing and be like I love you guys, so I’m like that make sure traveling stop the description and all that and Yeah rapper from each episode a fan-friggin’-tastic day now. I’ll talk to you in the next one.

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