Collect cat food – Fortnite Challenge Guide


Hey everyone, it’s kanga here and this willbe, showing you how to complete the challengeto collect cat food. There are two differentlocations where you complete this challengeand in this video i’ll, be showing them to you. Sofirst off. You want to be coming to corny. Complexwhich is here on the map right where this camerais.

Now then, when you come to this main buildinghere, not the red barn, but this building righthere. This is where you’ll find your first bitof cat food so come inside here and then, when youmake, your way towards the kitchen area, around hereyou will see, with this big container of cat foodand a few smaller trees as well. So that is thefirst occasion for the cat food and the secondone is pretty close by actually it’s gon na beover in dirty docks, so you’ve got down there. Iswhere corny complex is and then dirty dogs isover. Here i am in the storm.

Unfortunately, butit’s still pretty easy to see where they’regonna be, if you come towards this area of dirtydocks, where all these shipping containers areyou can see. Right here is where some morecat food is and there’s even a little bitmore over here as well. Next to where thespaceship spawns. That’S it for this videoif. You guys have any more questions abouthow to complete this challenge feel free, tocomment down below and i’ll do my best to getback on that.

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