Complete Cosmic Summer Quests – Fortnite Challenge Guide


Hey everyone – it’s kang here and in this i’mtalking about how to complete these challengeshere. You can see here complete cosmic summerquests and you can get three different rulesfrom this you can get a loading screen, a wrap, andan emote. Now, the cosmic summer quest you want tomake sure you’ve got this little alien, summericon selected and here you’ll see all the onesyou currently have available to you at the startof. This event, it’s going to be all these four hereand. You have to play in the bio zone.

Wars, triogame mode got another video talking about how youcan find that, if you’re having trouble with thatand, then you’re going to do these four differentchallenges here you’re going to do damage replaysget, headshot elimination, scan health reply, shieldsand assist teammates and to assist teammatesyou just have to deal Damage to an enemy, playeryour teammate will get the kill, but if you dealdamage, then you get an assist there, which iswhat you need for that challenge. Now you cansee here as the days go on and more and moreof. This is going to come out so in three dayswe’ll get three new challenges for a differentltm, then in six it’s the same thing and then ninedays the same thing as well. In total, it’s gonnabe 14 different challenges here and more will bereleased every three days after i make this videoi might make more videos, then, depending on howdifficult, the challenges are and what the ltmis and stuff like that, if you guys have anymore questions about how to complete Thesecosmic summer quests comment down below and thebest get back from that. If you found this videouseful make sure to leave a like subscribe commentshare.

All these things help me out massively andif you’re supporting me as a creator that’sgoing to go to kanga in the final item. Shopablazo. That’S going to be in for me fornow, and i will see you all next time see ya.

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